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1. For what track and field event did Michael Landon, later famed "Bonanza" actor, set a national high school record in 1954?

Javelin, Discus, Shot put, High jump

2. What university's professor Dr. Rolla Harger patented the Drunkometer in 1936 that determined intoxication levels?

Stanford, Indiana, Brown, Harvard

3. As crossing it twice what's the only river that flows both north and south of the equator?

Amazon, Nile, Congo, Chari

4. Reportedly what did Wild Bill Hickok toss around his bed at night for safety?

Marbles, Eggshells, Crumpled newspapers, Peanuts

5. Which Alabama city is considered as the birthplace of the U.S. space program?

Montgomery, Selma, Huntsville, Birmingham

6. Of these indoor sporting activities which attracts the most participants?

Billiards, Table tennis, Darts, Bowling

7. Which of these entered our vocabulary the earliest, doing so in 1938?

Nanosecond, Nylon, Ninja, Nerd

8. Where is the cotton and grain trade center of Zagazig?

Saudi Arabia, N Carolina, Egypt, Texas

9. What was the nationality of Shakespeare's "Hamlet"?

American, Italian, Danish, French

10. Which "Henry" designed the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC?

Clay, Wadsworth, Bacon, Alexander

11. Whose state flower is the peach blossom?

S Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Delaware

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12. What's a nook of the phrase "nook and cranny"?

Crack, Hole, Corner, Step

13. Whose national capital city is Nuuk?

Greenland, Sudan, Iceland, Ethiopia

14. What is one who speaks through clenched teeth?

Poloist, Scruple, Bibliophile, Dentiloquist


1. Javelin

2. Indiana

3. Congo

4. Crumpled newspapers

5. Huntsville

6. Bowling

7. Nylon

8. Egypt

9. Danish

10. Bacon

11. Delaware

12. Corner

13. Greenland

14. Dentiloquist

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