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1. Before he became an actor, Jason Lee of "My Name Is Earl" fame was a professional ...?

Golfer, Tennis player, Skateboarder, Arm wrestler

2. From the fairy tale after Cinderella found six lizards what were they changed into?

Pearls, Horses, Footmen, Pears

3. Campbell's soup can labels were devised from what football team's red/white colors?

Stanford, Cornell, Louisville, Temple

4. What's the #1 color for women's sweaters because more women think men like it?

Blue, Pink, Yellow, Brown

5. Which of these cities has not been a home to Major League Baseball's "Braves"?

Atlanta, Milwaukee, Boston, Chicago

6. What's the last name of the police commissioner in the Batman comics?

Gordon, Stover, O'Toole, Lukas

7. Where is Millbrook, the only U.S. secondary school with an on-site zoo?


8. What was the most popular name for U.S. baby girls born in the 1980s?

Ashley, Brittany, Jessica, Megan

9. What was the most popular name for U.S. baby boys born in the 1980s?

Joseph, Daniel, Christopher, Michael

10. Kemmons Wilson founded what chain known for its marquee-like sign?

Ryder Trucks, Holiday Inn, Home Depot, Wendy's

11. "Welcome Stranger" is the name of the world's largest ...?

Spider web, Road sign, Gold nugget, Lighted candle

12. Of these choices who wasn't a professed vegetarian?

Einstein, Jefferson, Franklin, Edison

13. How many horizontal rows of stars are on the U.S. flag?

5, 7, 9, 11

14. Where is the International Stunt School?

Seattle, Montreal, London, Nashville

ANSWERS: 1. Skateboarder 2. Footmen 3. Cornell 4. Blue 5. Chicago 6. Gordon 7. NY (Trevor Zoo) 8. Jessica 9. Michael 10. Holiday Inn 11. Gold nugget 12. Jefferson 13.14. Seattle

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