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1. From surveys what's the most popular response when asked to name a movie that's mainly set at sea?

Titanic, Moby Dick, Mutiny on the Bounty, Waterworld

2. What brand of clothes did Lincoln wear to the Ford Theater, the night of his assassination?

Smith Brothers, Packlin Pride, Brooks Brothers, C A Boone

3. What was the nationality of Clifton Hillegass, founder of "CliffsNotes"?

American, Canadian, Italian, Greek

4. Authors Mark Twain and Margaret Mitchell both had fathers who were ...?

Preachers, Inmates, Lawyers, Teachers

5. What's the circus term for a sold out performance?

Stick up, Boiling water, Straw house, Sardine can

6. Who is St. Christopher considered the patron saint of?

Hunters, Travelers, Fathers, Teachers

7. In the "Li'l Abner" comic strip what's Salomey?

Donkey, Goose, Cow, Pig

8. Losantiville was whose original name?

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St. Louis, Detroit, Cincinnati, Louisville

9. What does a horologist measure?

Rainfall, Airflow, Time, Gravity

10. Orion's Belt is made up of how many stars?

3, 7, 29, Millions

11. What are daguerreotypes?

Gargoyles, Knives, Saddles, Photographs

12. Whose airport's original name was Mines Field?

Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Miami

13. What is orography the study of?

Oceans, Mountains, Trees, Landslides

14. Albion was an ancient name for what country (area)?

Germany, Britain, Spain, Italy

ANSWERS: 1. Titanic 2. Brooks Brothers 3. American 4. Lawyers 5. Straw house 6. Travelers 7. Pig 8. Cincinnati 9. Time 10.11. Photographs 12. Los Angeles 13. Mountains 14. Britain

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