Kids and adults can still join libraries' summer programs.

The following books tie in with Rock Island's theme, "Universe of Stories," and Apollo 11's fiftieth anniversary.


Lucille Colandro expands her "old lady" series with "There Was an Old Astronaut Who Swallowed the Moon."


In Jeff Brown's "Stanley in Space," the president sends our flat hero to a faraway planet.

In Marissa Moss's "Amelia Takes Command" and "Luciana" and "Luciana: Braving the Deep," lessons learned at space camp help girls in their everyday lives.


Liesbet Slegers's simple text and childlike drawings teach preschoolers about "Astronauts and What They Do." Young children can learn more in James Carter's "The Big Beyond" plus Kathryn Clay's "Astronauts in Training," 'Living in Space," and "Space Flights."

Intermediate readers will find a wealth of information and illustrations in Buzz Aldrin's "To the Moon and Back" (pop-up book), Andrew Chaikin's "Mission Control, This Is Apollo: The Story of the First Voyages to the Moon" (astronaut Alan Bean contributed), Ben Hubbard's "Space Race," and Richard Spilsbury's "Adventures in STEAM: Space." They can pretend to be astronauts in flight in Mark Brake's "How to Be a Space Explorer" and Susan E. Goodman's "How Do You Burp in Space? and Other Tips Every Space Tourist Needs to Know."


Enhance your reading by making and playing this game adapted from Judith Conaway's "Great Indoor Games from Trash and Other Things."

  • With a pencil, poke a hole in the bottom of a paper cup ("nose" of Apollo's Eagle).
  • Cut yarn or string so it's about 10 feet long.
  • Tie one end to a chair or table leg (moon).
  • Slip the other end up through the hole in the "Eagle."
  • Pull on the string's free end to make it tight.
  • Using small, quick jerks on the string, slide the "Eagle" down toward the "moon."

Stage your own "Space Race." Give others cups and string to attach to other pieces of furniture. Start your "lunar modules" at the same time to see who lands on the "moon" first.


Search http://search.prairiecat.info for "project Apollo (U.S.)," "space flight to the moon," and "space flight training." Adding "juvenile literature" limits hits. Browse 629.4 for nonfiction.


Peek behind the scenes with Robin Cross's "Movie Magic," Don Hahn's "Disney's Animation Magic," Danielle S. Hammelef's "Eye-popping CSI," Jake Hamilton's "Special Effects in Film and Television" (Eyewitness), and Lisa O'Brien's "Lights, Camera, Action!: Making Movies & TV from the Inside Out."

Put on shows with Dee Anderson's "Amazingly Easy Puppet Plays," "Moira Butterfield's "Hansel and Gretel" and "Puss-in-Boots," Jonathan Quijano's "Make Your Own Action Thrillers," "Make Your Own Comedy," "Make Your Own Horror Movie," and "Make Your Own Sci-Fi Flick," and Denise Anton Wright's "One-Person Puppet Plays."

For more, browse numbers 791.3 (circuses), 791.43 (movies), 791.45 (television), and 812 (plays).

Check It Out, covering the world of family literature and written by local librarian Dee Anderson, runs monthly.


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