What a snake!

I was very happy to meet Nim, a darling little ball python cutie.

Torey, his owner, adopted Nim four years ago on June the 9th from a breeder in Bettendorf. It was a dark and stormy day. So she named him Nim, short for Nimbus, the Latin for "dark cloud." She considers June 9th his birthday so that's the day they celebrate.

Torey loves Nim very much. After seeing these two together it is obvious that love goes both ways.

Nim is very colorful and pretty. And yes I was able to touch him. I rubbed his little back. I even found myself talking to Nim. Whether he understood me or not, I am not sure. However, he did stick his tongue out at me, as if to reply. I said, “How cute.”

Meeting a snake, let alone one named Nim was a new experience for me.  My friend Rich introduced us.

The busy little snake lives in his own aquarium. His habitat features a little hammock just in case he wants to relax and swing. Since Nim is a cold-blooded reptile he has a heating pad underneath his aquarium and a light over the top. He wants to feel comfortable you know.

Torey and Austin let Nim stretch out and get some exercise now and then but has to be watched closely. There was this one time when he was out in the living room. Torey turned her back for second and before she knew it, Nim had his head down into her water glass sitting on the coffee table and was drinking away. Well, he didn't feel bad it at all I am sure. You know how pets are, they like to get your attention one way or the other. Nim is no different.

Once Nim was in his aquarium and he managed to get a sticker off the thermostat, and it got it stuck to his head. Well, this triggers a trip to the emergency veterinarian clinic, in Bettendorf. Alls well that ends well, they were able to get the sticker off Nim's head, and he was as good as new. It seems Nim doesn't have to leave his aquarium to get into trouble.

Nim's very alert when it comes to sounds and smells. There is something about the audio from the movie "Lord of the Rings" that really gets his attention. The weirder the sound the more he likes it.

He has cute little eyes, with no eyelids of course.

Nim also loves his "Star Wars" BB-8 pet toy. He wraps himself around the orange and white plush toy getting as close to it as he possibly can. He likes to hang out with his toy. So you see even Nim has a toy to which to cuddle.

There are times Nim just likes to sleep, and rest. But he does give Torey and Austin something to think about.

Of course, Nim sheds often, but he figures what the heck. He looks new all over. Nature has it worked out. Right, Nim? 

I think of Nim and all the creatures, and they all are amazing and special. Nim is loved and treated with kindness. He is a lucky snake and even if he gets into a little trouble now and then. Don't we all.

Thank you, Nim for your interview, and for being in a creature feature. You are funny and a special little pet.

In the meantime, Nim will just continue slithering along.


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