Best of my knowledge: Fran Riley made the day better
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Best of my knowledge: Fran Riley made the day better

To the best of my knowledge:

  • In a conference call roll call you can quickly find out who the annoying kids were growing up.
  • It's all fun and games until someone posts a photo from when you were in seventh grade.
  • If stress were electricity I'd be powering the entire country these days.
  • I'd give it all for Gordon Ramsay to be the voice of Alexa or my car's GPS.
  •  It bothers me and my 23 dependents that people cheat on their taxes. (a text from my accountant)
  • It's always the person that's never been outside Iowa that always responds "Ciao.''
  • We all know that one dude who would get road rage from a stationary bike.
  • It might be a good time to replace Dr. Fauci with Chuck Norris and end this struggle.
  • There should be a constitutional amendment outlawing the dipping of a french fry in a milk shake. These are the same people who put ketchup on steak and pineapple on pizza.
  • In case you struggle with social distancing accuracy, remember that six feet is the average size of your target receipt.
  • I have been part of some great journalistic moments in 35 years, but the effort of my peers over the last four week has been above and beyond in trying to keep you informed and interested in all that is happening in our world. From journalists in the honeymoon stage of their careers to grizzled vets who still get a rush from the chase of a good story, they all have excelled under circumstances none of you out there will ever understand. Hats off.
  • The local television station that boasted about having more in-studio weather staffers during the recent severe weather — with what the world is going through — should be embarrassed. 
  • No one loves Whitey's Ice Cream or has more respect for the Tunberg family than me, but we were informed it was only going to be a month without it. The way people carried on last week making sure they enjoyed all that is Whitey's one last time before it shut down for a month is a sad indictment on society. It reminded me of the guy with the two grocery carts of toilet paper and paper towels as we began to shut things down to fight COVID-19. It was, Quad-Cities, not your finest moment.
  • Never has there been a more kind and compassionate journalist than Fran Riley, I had the pleasure of being around him for four decades as a player, a coach and someone in the same business. He was a man of great faith, wonderful spirit and a thirst to learn. If a world filled with phony, Francis was transparent about his faith and his kindness. Any chance I had to be around Francis was a chance I took, because time with him made the day — and me — better.

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