A trail cam is a low-cost home monitoring solution
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A trail cam is a low-cost home monitoring solution

Trail Cam


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Want to keep an eye on your home without breaking the bank on expensive smart home cameras? A trail cam, traditionally used by hunters, could be the low-cost home monitoring solution you’ve been looking for. Here’s why you should consider it to secure your property:

High Quality Picture All Day and Night

Since trail cams are used by hunters to capture deer and other wildlife, they’re designed to stand up to the elements and capture clear picture no matter the quality of light. This mini trail cam captures HD 1080P video and 12MP photo in color during the day and black and white at night. It’s also waterproof and durable enough for winter weather.

Quicker Motion Detection

Since few of us want to monitor our homes all day, motion detection is essential for any home monitoring solution. Trail cams nail motion detection since they’re designed to capture quick moving wildlife. Want to catch a package thief or raccoons rooting through your garbage cans in the act? A trail cam is the perfect solution.

Affordable and Discreet

Unlike many smart home monitoring systems that can run for hundreds of dollars, a trail cam is a low cost solution at under $40. It’s also camouflaged so it’s even more discreet than bright white plastic cameras that might alert burglars that you’re watching.

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