A 5 minute workout while you watch Netflix
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A 5 minute workout while you watch Netflix


Everyone loves a good Netflix binge, but all those hours planted on the couch aren’t exactly productive. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to sneak in a workout while you watch your favorite shows. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or avoid the gym at all costs, the Activ5 can help you build strength in minutes. Additionally, ActivBody is offering $20 off with coupon code TWENTYOFF for those who are trying to adopt a new home workout routine.

How It Works

The Activ5 by ActivBody is about the size of a hockey puck, but it can help you build as much strength as a trip to the gym. To use the Activ5, you simply press the device between your palms and use isometric strength to target arms, pecs, shoulders, and more.

A Personal Trainer in a Puck-Sized Device

Not sure where to start when it comes to home workouts? The Activ5 acts as a personal trainer. The smartphone app contains more than 100 exercises and games to target specific muscles, and the built in sensor tailors workouts to your level of strength while guiding you through proper form. The app will track your progress as you gain strength. You can also sync the device with your Apple Watch to see results with your daily fitness data.

Low Impact, Big Results

The Activ5 isn’t just for daily gym goers. It’s also a great way to build strength for the first time or recover from injuries. The 5 minute workouts are tailored to be challenging but not impossible no matter your fitness level, and the isometric exercises are easy on joints. You can boost your metabolism, increase circulation, and build bone density while you watch Netflix or work from your home office.

For a limited time, ActivBody is offering a $20 off Activ5 when coupon code TWENTYOFF is entered at checkout.

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