Yoga, massage therapy, and Pilates are all things which can help you better deal with the stresses of daily life.

But, to have all those things and more under one roof, can really simplify the process of de-stressing.

Michele Dorbeck, of East Moline, had that goal in mind when opening a multi-purpose therapeutic center that could also help to empower and unite people.

Revive & Renew Wholistic Therapies opened this month at 4360 Kennedy Drive in East Moline. “Revive includes many aspects to feed the soul and the person,” Dorbeck said. “The focus in our wellness center is to help people heal their body, mind, and soul and to help them find their life purpose.”

Helping others was a goal and a dream for Dorbeck. “I opened Revive & Renew Wholistic Therapies and Revive Cafe to help people relieve stress and help heal their body, mind, and spirit,” she said.

Open to all, Dorbeck also wanted a place where women could come together to empower each other as well. “Life is very stressful, and women need a place to go to find others who can relate to them and release stress, anxiety and feel good about themselves.”

The Center offers massage, thermography imaging, yoga, Pilates, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, mindful eating meditation, sound healing, and energy medicine.

A massage therapist herself, Dorbeck strives to make people feel better by helping them cope with stress through the therapies offered.

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“These modalities are specialized to meet the needs of people in a group or private healing situations,” Dorbeck said. “There is a self-developing aspect of Revive & Renew that will offer healing through gatherings, ceremonies and empowering experiences.”

Dorbeck’s describes Revive & Renew as “a friendly, supportive, and healing atmosphere with an open-door impression to help people live their life purpose.”

Revive Café is located next to the wellness center and offers high quality, healthy menu items made up of produce organically or sustainably grown.

“Our menu includes a variety of specialized fresh juices, smoothies, salads and dressings made in house, wraps, veggie bowls, soups, fair trade coffee, locally produced tea, and cleanse programs only to mention a few choices,” Dorkbeck said. “Customers can order menu items at the cafe, phone ahead pre-order pickup and online ordering for the convenience to support a healthy lifestyle.”

Healthy foods, coupled with the therapies offered makes people feel better, according to Dorbeck. “Food has a lot to do with the way we feel about ourselves,” she said.

“I opened the wellness center and the cafe to help empower people, help them find their life purpose and live healthier lives.”

If you are looking for a one-stop therapy and empowering center, with good healthy food next door, check out Revive & Renew Wholistic Therapies and the Café next door.


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