Just in time for summer, crop tops for men are coming into style

Just in time for summer, crop tops for men are coming into style


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Grin and bare it, guys.

Midriff-revealing crop tops are all the rage this season, according to the popular shopping site ASOS.

The trend was picked up on by ABC News in Philadelphia, which dug up a photo of gutsy Eagles receiver Jason Kelsey opting for a half-shirt over his football uniform, joking, "I needed more freedom."

This isn't the first time crop tops have made news in the Pennsylvania area since the weather started warming up. Late last month, a woman named Sueretta Emke posted on Facebook that she had been kicked out of a greasy spoon for dressing "too provocatively" and posted a selfie of herself in a crop top and shorts.

"I've never owned a crop top before and I was nervous at first about wearing it but my husband loved the way it looked on me and encouraged me to wear it since I liked it so much," she captioned her photo. "I really felt cute in it and now I never wanna wear that shirt again even though it was the first time I ever wore it and I felt good about my self in it."

The eatery, Golden Corral, told CBS News "We strive to make all of our guests feel welcome and comfortable, but it appears we didn't meet the mark in this situation."

The restaurant where the incident occurred reportedly apologized to Emke and sent her gift cards.


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