A day at the John Deere Classic is a day full of food, fun and maybe even a little golf. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to try something new, or a first-time attendee with no idea where to start, The Times has got you covered with our concession stand superlatives.

The classic choice

“Pork Chop Hill” is a thing for regular attendees of the Classic — the pork cutlet sandwiches easily outshine more traditional concession fare, like hamburgers. Seasoned pork chops are grilled dozens at a time behind the 16th hole. After resting for a few minutes, they’re tucked into a regular hamburger bun. The chop is succulent and juicy, and while it’s perfectly fine on its own, we recommend condiments and toppings to add to the rather plain bun. $6

Most underrated option

While the pork chop cutlet sandwich is the cult favorite, Pork Chop Hill sells brisket sandwiches too, and in our opinion, they’re even better. It's the same bun, but there’s more meat, more juice and more flavor, for only $1 more. Our favorite condiment was the vinegary stone-ground mustard, which cuts through the fatty cut of meat. $7

Safest bet for kids

The main concessions tent serves a variety of basic meal options such as hotdogs and hamburgers, but they also have another fan favorite, mac n’ cheese. The spiral shaped pasta, served in a small bowl, is covered in creamy cheese and bread crumbs. It is sure to please a hungry child as they watch the pros, without as much of a mess as hand-held foods. $6.50

Best vegetarian pick 

Most of the meal options at the Classic are meat-based, limiting options for vegetarians. The main concessions tent offers mac n’ cheese and salads, while at “Pork Chop Hill” spectators can get a paper cone filled with seasoned French fries. For those wanting more traditional concession options, we recommend the fries. The fries have a seasoned salt coating them, and are quite soft — they aren’t for someone looking for a crispy fry. $5

Most unique

Spectators can also try pork rinds and queso at the main concessions tent if they’re craving something different. We had never tried pork rinds before, and were pleasantly surprised by the crispness and light meaty flavor. The pork rinds had a seasoned salt on them, similar to the fries. The queso — which is truly queso, not unnaturally-hued nacho cheese — had a little kick to it, complementing the flavor of the pork rinds nicely. $7.50

Most dependable dessert

Whitey’s ice cream is a go-to after a long, hot day walking around the golf course. Stands are set up throughout the course for fans to get their ice cream fix. Whitey’s has chipper sandwiches, pre-packaged shakes, the cherry ace (a cherry slushie with vanilla ice cream) and the mocha latte ace (frozen mocha with vanilla ice cream). $5 for either ace



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