The Rev. Jerome Green and his wife, evangelist Cynthia Green, of Anchored in the Lord Ministries Church in Rock Island, invite area residents to join them Friday, Aug. 23, at the “Miracles in the Land Healing Crusade” and Saturday, Aug. 24, at Word of Life Church in Rock Island.

ROCK ISLAND — Two area churches are teaming up to bring evangelist Nicole P. Turner to the area to share her message of hope and healing.

Anchored in the Lord Ministries Church, served by the Rev. Jerome Green and his wife, evangelist Cynthia Green, and Word of Life Church, served by the Rev. Tanner Payton and his wife, Amy Payton, are hosting Turner, of Memphis, Tenn., at the “Miracles in the Land Healing Crusade” at 7 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 23, and at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 24, at Word of Life Church, 1804 7th Ave., Rock Island.

Turner is returning to the Quad-City area after presenting a revival last October at Anchored in the Lord Ministries Church in Rock Island. Her visit to the Rock Island church was the result of Green having met Turner at a conference she attended in Clinton, Iowa.

“During that revival in October at our church many people came and were blessed,” Green said. “We heard a lot of feedback.”

The revival at Anchored in the Lord Church was attended by Lynda Sargent, associate pastor at Word of Life Church.

Turner told Green she felt called to return to the Quad-City area and offer a healing crusade, and Turner then contacted Sargent about holding the healing crusade at Word of Life Church so it could be in a larger facility.

In a telephone interview with Turner, she said: “God performs miracles whenever I minister and wherever I go. The Bible talks about spiritual gifts, and one of those spiritual gifts is the gift of healing as referred to in 1 Corinthians 12:9-10, and that gift of healing is what I minister from.

“I have been a partaker of God’s miraculous healing in my own life,” she said. “I have had many illnesses and I am healed, and medicine did not do it, God did it.”

“God has done countless miracles by my hands,” Turner said. “In Memphis, Tennessee, a young woman who had a stroke was partially paralyzed on one side of her body and walked with a cane and she was healed — As I prayed, God healed her and she began to walk normal with some assistance. In Rock Island, a man who had cancer hadn’t been able to eat a full meal and keep his food down, and he was strengthened in his body. After the revival the family told me that he was eating again and getting stronger.”

Turner said many people came to the revival in the Quad-Cities last November with the use of canes and walkers and “left the service walking normal without assistance,” she said. “In Lexington, Tennessee, several people with knee pain were healed and began jumping and dancing around the church.”

Turner was born in Natchez, Miss., and raised in Chicago, where she enlisted in the United States Navy and served for 20 years.

In her 20-year career, she traveled and served in various areas of ministry. After retiring from the military, she worked for seven years in corporate America before retiring and entering full-time ministry.

She is the founder of Greater Works Ministries and said the mission of the ministry “is to minister to people whose lives are consumed with sickness, darkness and despair.”

Her ministry has taken her to England and Africa and various locations in the United States.


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