At the movies: Dec. 6, 2019

At the movies: Dec. 6, 2019



Rave Cinemas, Davenport: "Dark Waters" (PG-13), "Playmobil: The Movie" (PG), "Honey Boy" (R), "Waves" (R)

Regal Cinemas, Moline: "Dark Waters" (PG-13), "Playmobil: The Movie" (PG)


"Queen & Slim" (R, 132 min.). A man and woman on a first date end up on the run after a police encounter goes bad in one of the best and most important movies of the year. Filled with keenly observed social commentary, it also finds time for some soaring moments of inspiration, a little bit of comedic relief, and a red-hot romance. Rating: Four stars.

"Waves" (R, 135 min.). This beautiful and pensive and heartbreaking drama begins with perfect little moments, all designed to immerse us in the world of a high school wrestler, his sweet little sister and their father and stepmom. But soon we begin to see signs of the tidal wave of trouble ahead. Rating: Four stars.


"Hustlers" (R, 110 min.). A grounded and natural performance by Constance Wu, as a strip-club dancer working with her mentor (Jennifer Lopez) to fleece their wealthy clients, anchors this slick and sharp and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny crime story, based on real-life events. Rating: Three and a half stars.

"It Chapter Two" (R, 169 min.). The kids of the Losers' Club reunite 27 years after the nightmare of the first film and again are haunted by the supernatural clown Pennywise. Maybe because they're adults now, the impact is relatively muted, but still, this is a solid, extremely well-crafted, great-looking and occasionally quite chilling film. Rating: Three stars.

"Once Upon a Time In Hollywood" (R, 159 min.). In a movie filled with sparkling acting, Brad Pitt dominates as the best friend and former stunt double of a fading TV star (Leonardo DiCaprio). Quentin Tarantino's deeply personal, darkly funny period piece, set in 1969, brilliantly and sometimes outrageously mashes up real-life events and characters with pure fiction. Rating: Four stars.

"Ready Or Not" (R, 95 min.). In a warped and audacious and absolutely ridiculous slapstick gorefest, Samara Weaving plays a bride forced to battle her groom's family in a homicidal wedding-night game of hide and seek. It's like "Crazy Rich Asians," only much, much crazier. Rating: Three and a half stars.

"Ad Astra" (PG-13, 122 min.). An astronaut (Brad Pitt) is sent on an interplanetary mission to dissuade his father (Tommy Lee Jones) from carrying out a mad plan that could destroy Earth. Admirably daring, bold and ambitious and sure to be polarizing, it's one of the most beautiful films of the year, even when it makes little sense. Rating: Three and a half stars.

"Don't Let Go" (R, 107 min.). A police detective (David Oyelowo, fierce and focused) gets a call from his teenage niece (Storm Reid), which is weird because she had been murdered a few days earlier. After a crackling start, it becomes one of those movies where you laugh even when you're not supposed to laugh, because come ON. Rating: Two stars.

"Official Secrets" (R, 112 min.). Keira Knightley plays a real-life British intelligence specialist/translator who was put on trial after going public with memos revealing a blackmail scheme by the U.S. government leading up to the invasion of Iraq. It's difficult to become immersed in a film in which far too many characters sound as if they're reciting talking points and not delivering authentic dialogue. Rating: Two and a half stars.



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