Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Carrell, Bradley W. and Melissa R., to Mulderink, Timothy J. II and Calleena R., 29 White Pine Road, Geneseo; $176,000.

Matuszyk, Margaret E. and Jane M., Culver, Marianne J., Leathers, Joan M. and Matuszyk, Paul J., to Witte, Adam K., 907 N. Walnut Street, Kewanee; $47,500.

Graham, Gary G. and Dianne E., to Johnson, Melissa and Ryan L., 1415 5th Street, Orion; $119,500.

Mason, Ruth M., to Hovey, Jeffrey C., 300 Hamilton Street, Atkinson, 310 Causemaker Drive, Atkinson; $125,000.

Dana, Ashley, to Ensley, Chad, 409 N. Jackson Street, Kewanee; $115,000.

Nordstrom, Martin E., to Purchase, Jason and Melissa, 12 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Galva, 18 N.E. 2nd Avenue, Galva; $23,000.

DeGroot, Jamie R./ Monroe, Jamie R./ Saletzki, Jamie R., to French, Frank D., 406 Elliott Street, Kewanee; $38,500.

Galli, Tricia E., to Burns, Patrick 809 Columbus Avenue, Kewanee; $44,000.

Specht, Mary Margaret, to DeGrave, Luann and Daniel, 404 N. Washington Street, Atkinson; $135,000.

Lathrop, Michell M. and Thomas H., to Lesthaeghe, Deanna N., 315 N. College Avenue, Geneseo; $123,500.

Underwood, Markus D. and Monica, to Jacobs, Matthew and Beverly N., 101 Amber Lane, Geneseo; $130,000.

Specht, Karla J., to Minnaert, Shawn P. and Christina L., 120 N. Spring Street, Geneseo; $50,000.

Owen, Heidi I., to Swanson, Ryan C. and Renee and Rutherford, Janice C., 10135 U.S. Hwy. 6, Geneseo; $55,000.

Sheldon, Troy M. and Susan M., to Miller, Jason R. and April R., 203 W. South Street, Cambridge; $82,500.

Murray, John K., to Cook, Lee A. and McDermott, Rachel S., 730 S. Chestnut Street, Kewanee; $130,000.

Meyer, Mary Lynn, to Faber, Steven Paul and Peggy Ann, 1 Ridge Road, Kewanee; $157,500.

Charlson, Alfred W., Anderson, David D., Anderson, Larry D., Cook, Glen, Anderson, Kathleen L., Cooper, Patricia M. and Schroeder, Pamela R., to Graham, Dianne and Gary G., 1313 4th Street, Orion; $70,000.

Wells, Sean T. and Cassondra J., to Wall, Lucas M., 22456 N. 2200th Avenue, Geneseo; $188,000.


Cary, Mary Kay, Silvis, to Mooney, Robert, and Macedo, Maribel, East Moline; 435 31st Ave., East Moline; $136,000.

Minder, Ryan, Davenport, to Seibert, Lori, Moline; 3815 15th St., Moline; $98,000.

Emery Jr., William, Mesa, Ariz., to Peterson Brothers Real Estate, Matherville; 116 4th St. W., Milan; $60,000.

U.S. Bank National, Owensboro, Ky., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington; 734 30th St., Rock Island; $100.

Newberg, Michael, Moline, to Ater, Jared, Moline; 3146 11th Ave., Moline; $153,900.

Marchese, Thomas P., Davenport, to Bisby, Nicholas and Shenae, Milan; 11616 Ridgewood Road, Milan; $140,000.

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Banfield, Melanie L., trust, Moline, to Stimpson, David L. and Patricia J., Rock Island; $196,000.

Portillo, Patricia, East Moline, to Bollin, Sean, Hampton; 510 8th Ave., Hampton; $153,900.

Saucedo, Sofia E., Colona, to Saucedo, Kathryn M. and Isaiah J., Rock Island; 3710 4th Ave., East Moline; $25,000.

Favri, Harry W., trustee, Favri, Harry William, trust, Milan, to Favri, Brian L. and Carolyn A., Coal Valley; $40,000.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Newberry Jr., Joseph E., Silvis; 415 15th St., Silvis; $45,100.

Wilson, Philip A. and Patricia J., Moline, to Swirski, Linda A., Moline; 2320 3rd St., Moline; $130,000.

The Mozelle O. Cope/Beem Family Limited Partnership, and the Beem Family Limited Partnership 1, Alton, Ill., to Banyen Trading, Rock Island; 8110 42nd St. W., Rock Island; $260,000.

Ransom, JoAnn C., East Moline, to Ransom Jr., Robert, East Moline; 315 16th Ave., East Moline; $52,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta, Ga., to Murcia-Ome, Elkin, Moline; 1717 14th Ave., Moline; $28,000.

Powell, Sherry and Quist, Betty, Milan, to Powell, Ricky, Milan; 10910 Ridgewood Rd., Milan; $230,000.

Batter's Box Sports, Milan, to Devolder Properties, Moline, 7.32 acres, vacant lot, part of Northwest Quarter of Section 23, Township 17 North Range 2 West, of 4th Principal Meridian. Milan; $30,000.

Donner, Alberta L., Milan, to Future Capital, Davenport; 432 18th Ave. and 532 21st Ave., Rock Island; $50,000.

Flatten, Erik J., Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Smith, Clark, Moline; 3555 49th St., Moline; $158,500.

Koeppel Family Trust, Orion, to Powell, Sherry, Rock Island; 9105 Highland Ct., Rock Island; $240,000.

Swiatkiewicz, Hannelore M., Moline, to Estrada, Jose, Moline; 3727 4th Ave., Moline; $20,000.

Ledezma, Gregory, East Moline, to Hudson, Naomi, Carrollton, Texas; 2219 and 2223 8th Ave., East Moline; $63,000.

Willers, Randy C., Davenport, to Devolder, Glenda, Moline; 1225 35th St. Dr., Moline; $85,000.

Hawkins, Larry R. and Rebecca L., Center, Mo., to Schumann, Eric, and Voelker, Julie, Hillsdale; vacant land, 5.02 acres, 301st St. N and Rte 2, Hillsdale; $49,900.

Willis, Marisa A. and Cranston, Bettendorf, to Rumberg, Molly, Rock Island; 2054 32nd St., Rock Island; $97,500.

Mealman, Michael A. and Amy R., Rock Island, to Salas-Cisneros, Mario, Moline; 1946 23rd St. A., Moline; $70,000.

Stoner, Michael O. and Carole A., East Moline, to Strupp Hirst, Mary Ann, East Moline; 472 43rd Ave. Ct., East Moline; $203,000.

Randolph, Connie O. and Helen J., trust, Reynolds, to Anders, Kyle M. and Roxane R., Reynolds; 23.98 acres, vacant land, Reynolds, part of south half of southwest quarter of Section 27, part of Northwest Quarter of Section 34, all in Township 16 North, Range 4 West of fourth Principal meridian; $59,950.

Graf, Matthew A. and Matthews, Courtney, East Moline, to Victory Baptist Church, East Moline; 4611 11th St., East Moline; $75,000.

Milan Conservancy, Milan, to GSA Construction, Inc. and Illinois Corporation, Geneseo; 3723 Savanna Circle W., Milan; land/lot, 3813 Savanna Circle W., 3821 Savanna Circle W., Milan; 3823 Savanna Circle E., Milan; 3816 Savanna Circle E., Milan; 3721 Woodland Ct., Milan; $10,800.

Smith, Bradley, Coal Valley, to Easton, Abigail J., Rock Island; 1532 28th St., Rock Island; $124,000.

Riexinger, Steven E., Rock Island, to Velthoff, Susan E., Rock Island; 1616 18th Ave., Apt. 31; $46,000.


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