Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


U.S. Bank Trust, to Newman, Corrie and Randy, 524 Fifth Street, Andover; $61,000.

Geneseo Prairie Developments, to Betsworth, James D. and Lisa M., 721 Dragonfly Lane, Geneseo; $32,000.

Downey, Jesse J. and Jessie Ng Wanqing, to Jungwirth, James S., Lot 21 in Block 5 of Green River Heights, a subdivision of a part of the NE quarter of Sect. 15, Township 17N, Range 1 East of the 4th Principal Meridian, lying north of the center of Green River, now situated in the county of Henry and state of Illinois; $20,500.

Woodward, Todd M., to Turner, Erick J. and Eads, Rhiannan D. 313 N. First Street, Alpha; $45,000.

Park, Joshua R., to Proehl, Becca J. and Adam M, 52 Sunny Hill Drive, Orion; $136,000.

VanOpdorp, Holly J. and Scott G., to Boone, Donavon P. and Lacey J., 66 Wild Rose Drive, Geneseo; $216,000.

Siamantouras, Peggy, to Bryant, Eric M., 500 Commercial Street, Kewanee; $25,000.

Johnson, Ronald, to Gregory, Jackie L. and Patricia A., 508 W. Division Street, Galva; $47,000.

Mundt, Gary D. and Cathleen M., to VandeVoorde, Jeffrey G., 3 Timber Brook Lane, Geneseo; $177,500.

Woolley, Elma G., to Ward, Rodney L. and Helen G., 5899 N. 900 Avenue, Lynn Center; $40,000.

Snider, James M. and Crystal L., to Fisher, Tina M., 115 Roosevelt, Kewanee; $10,000.

Leigh, Daniel F. and Gretchen A., to Schaaf, Steven W. and Samantha J., 22643 Longbrook Drive, Geneseo; $458,000.

Creekside Properties, to Osborn, Jacob W. and Sara E., Elk Street and Wells Street, Geneseo; $230,000.

Toland, Robert Jr., Robert L., Jolinda, to Miller, Jacob D., 706 First Avenue, Colona; $164,000.

Diehl, Daniel and Kristina, to Kiefer, Rhiannon M., 418 N. Vail Street, Geneseo; $138.500.

Buysse, James and Rebecca, to Osborn, Sally S., 931 Cleveland Road, Colona; $67,000.


Quinn, Jerry, estate, Reynolds, to Vallee, Matthew E., East Moline; 323 40th Ave., East Moline; $79,500.

Bergren, James C. and Joan S., Moline, to Smith, Robert G. and Martel, Stacie, East Moline; 29th Ave. and 41st St., Moline; $92,000.

Waddell, Dennis, Rock Island, to Harned, Austin, Rock Island; 2213 42nd St., Rock Island; $45,000.

First Financial Group, Bettendorf, to Hatter, George Kevin Lyle and Danyelle Nicole, Rock Island; 2400 20th Ave., Rock Island; $141,299.

Kronfeld, James and Rosemary, Moline, to Smith, Ian and Nicole, Moline; 3403 14th St., Moline; $198,500.

Hungerford, Roger and Elizabeth, Moline, to Leone, Frank R. and Janet M., Moline; 2805 - 32nd Ave. Dr., Moline; $218,500.

3407 Properties Partnership, Milan, to Zydeco Investments, Cedar Rapids; 3407 78th Ave. W., Rock Island, industrial building; $361,249. 

3300 Property Partnership, Milan, to Zydeco Investments, Cedar Rapids; 3300 78th Ave. W., Rock Island, land/lot; $25,000.

Bayview Loan Services, Coral Gables, Fla., to JMR Real Estate, Moline; 340 16th Ave., East Moline; $50,000.

Radosevich, Kerry R. and Cynthia L., Grove, Okla., to Davis, William S., Rock Island; 1618 35th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Radosevich, Kerry R. and Cynthia L., Grove, Okla, to Davis, Williams S., Rock Island; 545 20th Ave., Moline; $32,000.

DeCrane, Christine, Coal Valley, to Essary, Jason M. and Rachael, Sherrard; 5021 46th Ave. Ct., Moline; $42,500.

Short, David C. and Lisa M., Milan, to Quad City Hindu Temple, Rock Island; 8804 19th St. W., Rock Island; $146,000.

Whitmire, Robert, Hampton, to Sawtelle, Andrew, Hampton; 807 2nd Ave. Ct., Hampton; $125,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, Frederick, Md., to Basala, Joshue Douglas, Moline; 2753 11th Ave. C., Moline; $51,807.

Allen, Benny and Calderon, Christopher, Rock Island, to Holland, Paul and Marcia, Rapids City; 1618 18th Ave. #24, Rock Island; $29,000.

Hirst, Rod and Sharon, Rock Island, to Erickson, Joel and Marian, Moline; 2018 44th St., Moline; $235,000.

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DeJonghe, Marcella, Milan, to Skelton, Jared, Milan; 510 E. 4th Ave., Milan; $65,000.

Larson, Cameron D., Orion, to Witherspoon, David M. and Lindsay A., Moline; 3428 50th St., Moline; $177,000.

Halcyon Properties, Pasadena, Calif., to JMK Properties, Mequon, Wis.; 1718 9th Ave., 1728 9th Ave., Moline, 34 unit apartment building; $1,755,000.

Nelsen, J. Christopher and Vicky L., Moline, to Schlapia, Matthew and Dawn, Moline; 2414 23rd Ave. B., Moline; $170,000.

Reed, Douglas W. Nocona, Tex., to Martin, Jeffrey R. and Anika J., Rock Island; 3432 31st Ave., Rock Island; $137,000.

Greim, Dorothy M., trust, Waukesha, Wis., to Broadway, Roudy, Moline; 3101 46th Ave., Moline; $47,000.

West, Trent E., Rock Island, to The Blue Falcon, Rock Island; 915 35th Ave., Rock Island; $45,000. 

NgDung, Gregory and Debra K., West Burke, Vt., to Smith, Cameron and McGuire, Savanah; 1415 40th Ave., Rock Island; $143,500.

Gonzalez, Douglas, Wilmette, Ill., to Islas, Antonio, Moline; 1520 12th Ave., Moline, land/lot; $8,500.

Morrow, Lanisha A., and Hearn, Lanisha A., Rock Island, to Allen, Benny, Rock Island; 711 13th Ave., Rock Island; $56,756.

Wildermuth, Sheila, trust, Hampton, to Kidwell, Larry and Dawn, Port Byron; 1417 Lakeside Drive, Port Byron; $294,000.

Holmes, Arthur C., trust, Moline, to NexGen Development Corp., Port Byron; 1601 - 1603 5th Ave., Moline, retail establishment; $185,000.

Moore, Dallas E. and Gale, Salt Lake, Utah, to Grchan, Michael W., Milan; 3524 Meadow Circle East, Milan; $265,000.

Kerr, Shawn and Amy, Milan, to Rinnels, Jacob and Holly, Andalusia; 909 8th St. E., Andalusia; $302,000.

Freymann, Emily, Moline, to McCallum, Brandon, Moline; 4817 52nd Ave., Moline; $113,000.

Golt, James H., estate, Rock Island, to Duncan, David A., Coal Valley; 10003 Route 150, Coal Valley; $85,000.

Skinner-Lindell, Marlene J. and Lindell, Daniel D., East Moline, to Badejo, Adedamola O., East Moline; 4715 11th St., East Moline; $105,000.

Polaschek, Thomas V., executor, Polaschek, Vincent H., estate, Garland, Texas, to Herrera, LeRoy M. and Rogue Agustiniano, Alejandra, East Moline; 2105 8th St., East Moline; $88,000.

Breiby, David K. and Sandra L., Bettendorf, to Warner, Terry, Rock Island; 9012 33rd St. W., Rock Island; $144,001.

Petrie, Donna D., trust, Moline, to Cardenas Lopez, Leobardo, Moline; 3612 15th Ave. Ct., Moline; $98,000.

Robert Lindahl Realty, Mendota Heights, Minn., to Watson, Alexis, Rock Island; 2808 27th St., Rock Island; $133,000.

De Volder, Kelly, Moline, to Nino, David, Moline; 1802 10th St., Moline; $68,500.

3D Visionz Inc., Rock Island, to The Jackson Group, Rock Island; 431 6th St., Rock Island; $28,000.

Rosenthal, Sheila, trust, Rotonda West, Fla., to Peterson, Jody, Moline; 1507 36th Ave., Moline; $115,000.

Cowan, William R. and Gila J., Erie, to Mueller, Andrew L., Hillsdale; 541 Johnson St., Hillsdale; $14,000.

Johnson, Sarah, Rock Island, to RAYMAC Properties, Rock Island; 2506 23 1/2 St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Daack, Steven J., Rock Island, to Dayrell, Paul L., Rock Island; 2929 43rd St., Rock Island; $117,500.

Ziegler, Don and Rebecca, East Moline, to Holm, Thomas and Kelly, Coal Valley; 7319 106th Ave., Coal Valley; $240,000.

Nieman, Nathaniel A. and Dora, Rock Island, to Brashears, Meranda P. East Moline.

Camlin, Wade W. and Dawn M., Rock Island, to Eagle Property Holdings, Moline; 1520 26th Ave., Rock Island; $86,000.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Atlanta, Ga., to Cederoth Properties, Moline; 531 16th Ave., Moline; $53,000.

Bewley, Adam and Hilary, St. Paul, Minn., to Plantbar, Charles H., Moline; 3725 10th Ave., Moline; $72,000.

Sackfield, Gary L., trust, Escondido, Calif., to Sullivan Hanson, Alaina M., Coal Valley; 5601 120th Ave., Coal Valley; $123,000.

Horton, Scott L., Carbon Cliff, to Horton, Scott L., Carbon Cliff; 502 2nd Ave., Carbon Cliff; $5,500.

The Village At Deer Meadows, Moline, to Gary Hodge, Inc., Moline; 3412 14th St. Ct., Silvis; $46,000.


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