Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Transitions, Rock Island, to ReMax Centre, Bettendorf; 900 36th Ave., Moline; $54,350.

Paulsen, Andrew Werner, Davenport, to MMP Diamond Development, Davenport; vacant land, Moline, South Moline Township; $10,000.

Miller, Diane E., Seguin, Texas, to Jones, Joshua, Reynolds; 511 N. Williams St., Reynolds; $21,000.

Blunt, Chad A. and Gretchen M., Moline, to Corvelli, Michael and Melinda, Coal Valley; 513 W. 15th Ave., Coal Valley; $203,000.

Finch, Tracey C., trustee, Finch, Frances P., trust, Moline, to BE2, Milan; 753 Hill Crest Road, Milan; $75,000.

Yelm, Sheldon and Erica, Norwell, Mass., to Kronfeld, Robert and Jessica, Port Byron; 6103 N. 230th St., Port Byron; $245,000.

Davis, James J., Beaver Dam, Wis., and Brillon, Sally, Salem, N.Y., to Schwab, Robert, Rock Island; 4215 44th St., Rock Island; $208,000.

Vogt, Alice M., independent executor, Unakis, Roy R., estate, Moline, to Sedlock, Jason and Carmen, Moline; 3210 15th St. C, Moline; $60,000.

Jennings, Ryan P. and Carrie L., Manteno, Ill., to Marine, Benjamin and Lora, Moline; 2330 11th St., Moline; $237,000.

Seng, Mary B., trustee, Davenport, to Murray, Landon C., Moline; 2616 7th St., Moline; $127,000.

Moorhusen, Daniel J. and Jacklyn, Cordova, to Stipanovich, Charles Edward and Maria Angela, Hampton; 733 10th Ave. Court, Hampton; $269,000.

Hudson, Beth N., estate, Milan, to Elliott Apartments, Rock Island; 715 44th St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Pendleton, Gary, Newport, Tenn., to Orduna, Angel and DeLeon-Diaz, Maria, Silvis; 1210 2nd Ave., Silvis; $60,000.

Sheley, Michael K. and Lani L., Moline, to Future Capital, Milan; 2323 33rd St., Moline; $56,000.

Teeter, Stephen and Kathleen, Rock Island, to Walker, Leslie D., Rock Island; 1417 43rd St., Rock Island; $10,500.

Babers, Robert C. and Teresa, Rock Island, to Macon, Verdier and Anna, Rock Island; 932 13th Ave., Rock Island; $45,000.

Bank of America, Plano, Texas, to Rodriguez, Luis Fernando, Moline; 1124 11th Ave., Moline; $17,000.

Teigland, Molly C., trust, Rock Island, to Rivera, Armando and Salinas, Adriana, Rock Island; 2611 24th Ave., Rock Island; $8,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Columbus, Ohio, to Fitzpatrick, Mike, Silvis; 4716 48th St. A, Moline; $60,209.

Johnston, Aaron, Danbury, Conn., to Cartus Financial Corporation, Danbury; 2234 Oakwood Court, East Moline; $137,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation, Danbury, Conn., to Adamson, Ethan A., East Moline; 2234 Oakwood Court, East Moline; $137,000.

Dave Prochaska Construction, Bettendorf, to Brown, Jacquelyn, Moline; 7319 35th Ave., Moline; $285,959.

Lyon, Michael, Milan, to Schroeder, David, Norfolk, Neb.; 2047 36th St., Rock Island; $50,000.

NRZ REO VI Corp., St. Petersburg, Fla., to Ed Holdings, Bettendorf; 4041 30th St., Rock Island; $80,000.

A&J Real Estate Investments Corp., Coal Valley, to ILCV Candle MHP, Cedaredge, Colo.; 1503 W. 1st Ave., Coal Valley; mobile home park; $5,250,000.

Evans, Timm R. and Deena M., St. Louis, Mo., to LeBlanc, Bruce D. and George M., Rock Island; 1603 2nd Ave., Unit 8, Rock Island; $81,000.

3100 Avenue of the Cities, Bettendorf, to Brower Holdings, Moline; 3100 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, apartment building, 27 units; $975,000.

Edson, Scott, Independence, Mo., to Rogers, Kenneth W. Jr., Port Byron; 1613 20th Ave., Moline; $3,000.

Rogers, David J. Reed, Colona, to Rogers, Kenneth W. Jr., Port Byron; 1613 20th Ave., Moline; $3,300.

Rogers, James W., Bettendorf, to Rogers, Kenneth W. Jr., Port Byron; 1613 20th Ave., Moline; $3,300.

Freking Zhang, Hong-Yan and Freking, John Allen, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Waddell, Dena, Rapids City; 1102 Deer Run Road, Rapids City; $198,000.

Lane, Brett, Tuscaloosa, Ala., to Berggren, Michael, Coal Valley; 103 W. 19th Ave., Coal Valley; $135,960.

Ray, Tammy R., Lyle, Minn., to Christensen, Bill, East Moline; 331 40th Ave., East Moline; $56,000.

Miller, Earl and Jenny, Silvis, to Future Capital, Milan; 1121 11th St., Silvis; $38,900.

Damhorst, Lucille B., Carbon Cliff, to Bustos, Jessica, East Moline; 2695 9th St., East Moline; $140,000.

Breckling, Roberta B., Silvis, to Nees, Tamara J., Silvis; 2410 11th St., Silvis; $73,500.

Thompson, Sandra K., Puyallup, Wash., to Schaffner, Patricia Anne, Moline; 2418 18th Ave., Moline; $78,000.

Barrera, Pedro, Moline, to Barrera Lopez, Julio A., Moline; 2401 5th Ave. aka 417 24th St., Rock Island, commercial building; $120,000.

U.S. Bank, Owensboro, Ky., to Castle Rock 2017, White Plains, N.Y.; 2422 1st St., Coal Valley; $15,000.

Duncan, Jane and Ropp, Brian W., West Fork, Ariz., to Atmosphere Properties, Annawan; 224 and 226 E. 4th St., Milan; $110,000.

Woodthorp, Zachery, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Macomber, Guy, Taylor Ridge; 8026 W. 149th St., Taylor Ridge; $268,000.

Eckmann-Allred, Jason and Eckman, Chad Anthony, Rock Island, to Michl, Nancy A., Moline; 1701 40th St. Court, Moline; $137,500.

McKelvie, Daniel, Mission Viejo, Calif., to Sedlock, Jason, Colona; 724 30th St., Rock Island; $36,750.

Scottish Rite Cathedral Association, Moline, to Windmill Farm Investment, Milan; 1800 7th Ave., Moline, commercial building; $500,000.

Vavrosky, Joseph M. and Marguerite, Milan, to Smith, Timothy, Rock Island; 1 Foxwood Court, Rock Island; $174,900.

Lacefield, Kim T., Rock Island, to Future Capital, Milan; 1520/1522 8th Ave., East Moline; $13,000.


Johnson Rentals of Geneseo, LLC, to Stebbins, Brandon J.; 303 N. State St., Atkinson; $77,000.

McBee, Shane S. and McBee, Kimberly K., to Caldwell, Thomas J. and Clair N.; 310 W. Main St., Geneseo; $157,000.

Weimer, Jr., Darrell G. and Meagan L., to Brandon, Curtis R.; 311 E. Main St., Atkinson; $81,000.

VanGetson, Jeane M., to Seabloom, Stephen R.; 205 E. 3rd St., Woodhull; $12,000.

Reilly, Mary M., to Brocket, Cleus Ann; Spain, Cynthia, and Shapiro, Laurie; 112 W. Upper St., Cambridge; $75,000.

Oliver, George D. and Janice F., to Adams, Joshua R. and Uhrich, Elizabeth A.; 1023 14th Avenue A, Orion; $220,000.

Firth, Paula J., Moline, to Heritage, Brian D. and Stephanie N., East Moline; 555 36th Ave., East Moline; $255,000.

Saunders-Powell, Sandra, Marshall, Minn., to Abed, Auday, Moline; 2419 23rd Ave. B, Moline; $114,000.

Kerr, Brittany R. and Roland, Rock Island, to Randolph, Jennifer, Rock Island; 2025 44th St., Rock Island; $136,000.

Brady, James Tucker II and Earline, Temple, Texas, to Paschal, Nibizi and Claudine, Tuyishimiye, Rock Island; 1641 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $79,900.

Bierman, Timothy J., Moline, to Wells, Shiya, Rock Island; 1600 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $48,130.

Herrmann, George A., trust, and O’Melia, John P., trustee, Rock Island, to Firth, Ronnie L. and Paula J., Moline; 930 8th St. Drive, Moline; $232,000.

Lock Partners, LLC, to Kruger, Brooke; 514 N. Spring St., Atkinson; $1,275,000.

Kleinau, Richard A. and Diane K., to Bolt, V, Clifford C.; 14891 E. 900 St., Osco; $118,000.


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