Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Smith, William M. and Peggy J., to Jurich, Patricia K., 622 Edwards Street, Kewanee; $44,000.

Bugos, Roger M. and Susan, to Schmitz, Susan M. General Trust, 1347 N. 600th Avenue, New Windsor; $160,000.

Klotz, Rosemary F./Klotz, Rosemary G., to Usrey, Beverly J., unit #8 and G-8 in Church Place Condominium as delineated on the survey of the following described parcel of real estate: replat of Lots 4-10 in Block 2 of Russell's Addition in the NE ¼ of Section 16, Township 17N, Range 3E of the 4th Principal Meridian, City of Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois; $122,000.

Goodman, Michela J., to Kelley, Harold Duane, 815 Wilson Street, Kewanee; $35,000.

Sherbeyn, David and Barbara, to Henry Hospital District, 203 Melvin Lane, Geneseo; $45,000.

Bolduc, Brian G. and Elizabeth N., to Grimm, Katherine A. and Bean, Colton J., 596 Lake Drive, Woodhull; $130,000.

Johnson, Lois E., to Sauer, Amber M., 429 East Street South, Kewanee; $84,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, to JS & KG, 311 S.E. Fifth Street, Galva; $31,000.

Swanson, Georgia J. and Tyler S./Underwood, Georgia J., to Burden, George J. and Eva R., Lot 23 of Skinner's Addition to the village of Colona, now the city of Colona, situated in the County of Henry and State of Illinois; $80,000.

Reed, Alice J., to Hymes, James M. and Joy L., 515 N. Holmes Street, Cambridge; $75,000.

Toutant, Amy L., to Lee, Patrick R. and Chelsea R., 621 E. Prospect Street, Kewanee; $120,000.

Goodman, Michela, to Stoner, Doyle, 722 Gilbert Street, Kewanee; $27,500.

Wendell, Jeffrey S., to Johnson, Brett E. and Justine R., 125 Hillcrest Drive, Geneseo; $178,000.

Maertens, Brad D. and Jennifer J., to Betcher, Ival, 108 W. North Street, Cambridge; $60,000.

Betcher, Barbara A. and Melby, Constance E., to Schmidt, Jacob A., 139 Sherwood Drive, Geneseo; $159,000.

Branham, Michael S. and Julianne, to Attwood, Kelly R., 405 W. Second Street, Atkinson; $136,500.

Reuter, Donna A. and Donald/Kyser, Donna A., to Wetzell, Michael J. and Hawk, Sarah E., 29656 Ropp Road, Geneseo; $80,000.

Palmer, Glenna L., to Yenor, Lisa M. and Harlen D. Jr., 212 S. Pleasant Street, Cambridge; $27,000.

Frakes, Margie A., to Koeppel Family Trust, Unit 1 in Park Place Condominiums, Orion, situated in the County of Henry and State of Illinois; $155,000.

Paxton, Stephanie I./Whittington, Stephanie I., to Oleson, Brandon S. and Johanna L., 9 Crestview Drive, Geneseo; $152,000.

Loehr, Michael E. and Jill M., to Paxton, Stephanie I., 205 Park Court, Geneseo; $174,500.

Bauwens, Rose Marie, to Rugland, Maxwell and Touchet, Emily, 315 S. Stewart Street, Geneseo; $116,000.


U.S. Bank National Association, Hopkins, Minn., to Schmidt, David P., Coal Valley; 133 W. 2nd St., Coal Valley; $55,285.

City of Moline, Moline, to DHC, Eldridge, Iowa; 316 17th St., Moline; $450,000.

Sanders, Debera K., Silvis, to Selby Enterprises, Moline; 717 Greenwood Ct., Silvis; $20,277.

Lohnes, Sharon, executor, Pauley, George H. estate, Pekin, to Grabeel, Hunter L., Milan; 8810 Knoxville Rd., Milan; $85,000.

Fortin, David A. and Debra J., Moline, to Thieme, Uriah X.C. and Sarah J., Moline; 5341 7th Ave., Moline; $105,000.

MidAmerican Energy Company, Davenport, to Lance Machine, Rock Island; 2336 24th St., Rock Island; $2,500.

Costello Construction, LeClaire, to Ball, Jarod, Port Byron; vacant land, Port Byron; $10,000.

Williamson, Jamie, Atkinson, to Lyon, Colin and Whitmarsh, Kylie, Carbon Cliff; 107 4th St., Carbon Cliff; $76,900.

Arnold, Peter M., trust, Albuquerque, N.M., to  Richardson, Daniel and Susan, LeClaire; 18513 Route 84 N., East Moline; $152,000.

WIM FMB Portfolio Owner, Charlotte, N.C., to 2222 41st St., Moline. LLC C/O Lane: Wattemen Davenport; 2222 41st St., Moline, commercial building, bank; $1,350,000.

Nationstar Mortgage, Coppell, Texas, to Rade, Timothy P., Moline; 1863 35th St., Rock Island; $34,200.

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Jacobs, Dennis L., and Janet G., Coal Valley, to Graf, Matthew, East Moline; 4212 3rd St. A., East Moline; $168,250.

Parson, Erica, Davenport, to Mojica, Ruben, Rock Island; 1545 25th St., Rock Island; $70,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Carrollton, Texas, to Trevino, Marisol, Moline; 4208 30th St., Rock Island; $18,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon, Coral Gables, Fla, to Addicted 2 Rehab, Bettendorf; 916 6th St., Hampton; $75,600.

Fuller, Susan E., Moline, to Dochterman, Rhonda L., Rock Island; 1131 23rd St., Moline; $58,500.

Morton Drive Partners, Silvis, to Iowa Interstate Railroad, Cedar Rapids; Route 92 & 2nd Ave., Carbon Cliff; $186,512.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta, to E & E Estates, Sherrard; 418 W. 28th Ave., Milan; $53,000.

Sorensen Properties, Milan, to Hubbard, Carl, Jr. and Miller, Kristin, Moline; 2319 31st St. A., Moline; $125,000.

Lantz, Carrie, Milan, to Trevino, Diana R., Moline; 1647 24th Ave., Moline; $95,000.

Performance Realty Homes, Moline, to Bein, Mary M., Silvis; 613 12th St., Silvis; $117,000.

Khatib Haffar, Maya Al, Bettendorf, to Foster, Nicholas D. and Trista L., Sherrard; 1205 11th St., Moline; $102,000.

Bessert, Jeff and Amanda, Port Ritchie, Fla., to Rosenthal, Cindy A., Milan; 126 2nd Ave. E., Milan; $98,500.

Woodward, Ryan W. and Kimberly A., Geneseo, to Premium Investments, Bettendorf; 2414 9th Ave., Moline; $66,000.

Dickerson, Barbara J., Moline, to REJD, Port Byron, Ill.; 1506 N. High St., Port Byron; $89,000.

Knox, Lucas and Alexa, New Boston, to Sandholm, Jason, East Moline; 2148 Lincolnwood Dr., East Moline; $158,000.

Midwest Bank, Monmouth, to Frick, Tyler, Bettendorf; 3716 33rd St., Moline; $19,000.

Quillin, Cynthia, Milan, to Hahn, Carole, East Moline; 4204 180th St. N., East Moline; $122,000.

Anders, Boyd C., estate, Moline, to Kastelic, Kevin M., Silvis; 1010 4th Ave., Silvis; $86,400.

Schmidt-Kellogg, Virginia E., estate, Rittenhouse, Don and Pat, co-executors, Moline, to Arana, Luis and Alma; 5309 34th Ave., Moline; $136,000.

Hoover, Barbara E., Silvis, to Kessel, Briale, Moline; 1408 28th Ave., Moline; $85,000.

French, Willie M., East Moline, to Atlas Real Estate, West Branch; 2006 7th St., East Moline; $120,000.

Vermost, Rosemary K., Moline, to Bruning, Lyle R. and Lizlie, Coal Valley; 703 E. 5th St., Coal Valley; $228,000.

Future Capital, Davenport, to Ray-Glo Dairy, Gill, Colo.; 715 24th St., East Moline; $90,000.

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta, Ga., to Rosas, Antonio, Silvis; 2321 10th St., Silvis; $47,000.

Abarca, Julio and Themis, Moline, to Ogbebor, Christian, Moline; 2619 6th Ave., Moline; $90,000.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Keener, Mykaela S., Rock Island; 2822 27th Ave. Rock Island; $100,000.

Stahr, Debra, Coal Valley, to Schickert, Kyle, Coal Valley; 505 E., 22nd Ave., Coal Valley; $129,000.

Rambo, Marsha, trust, Cochran, Ga., to Willis, Neil, Rapids City; 6 Eagle Pointe Pass, Rapids City; $320,000.

Reamy, John B. and Lydia S., trust, East Moline, to Beard, Colton and Cheyenne, Moline; 4809 45th Ave., Moline; $125,960.

Hartrich, John and Katie, Fort Levenworth, Kan., to Haddick, Kyle, Moline; 5328 34th Ave., Moline; $183,000.

Crouse, Danny E. and Jenifer K., Moline, to Kramer, Matthew J., Moline; 2370 30th St., Moline; $105,000.

Bashaw, Delrae L., Rock Island, to Tin, Mu, Rock Island; 573 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $65,000.

Phares, William T., trustee, Turner Trinidad, Rosemary, trust, East Moline, to Oakes, Rhea J., East Moline; $31,000.

Bruder, Theodore and Angela, Osage Beach, Mo., to Doh, Essi and Vande Yayra, Moline; 2424 16th ave., Moline; $140,000.

McBee, Shane, Geneseo, to Hart, Krista, Moline; 2640 37th Ave., Moline; $62,500.

Harker, John B. and Giles G., Glasford, Ill., to JC & Karma Properties, Charlotte, Iowa; 3953 49th Ave., Moline, land/lot; $5,000.


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