Real estate transactions for Sunday, June 21, 2020

Real estate transactions for Sunday, June 21, 2020


Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Morelos, Fortino, to Howard, Angelica F. and Zachary P., 28453 2400th St., Prophetstown; $145,000.

Lassuy, Maribel and Loren and Johnson, Maribel, to DeFauw, Jamie K., 21 Lake of the Hills, Orion; $165,000.

Curry, Steven W. and Brenda K., to Martens, Benjamin and Michaels, Kyla, 16158 Co. Hwy. 16, Osco; $198,500.

Leading Edge Development, to Wells, Sean T. and Cassondra J., Lot 8 in Miller subdivision extension No. 3, a subdivision of a part of the northwest quarter of Section 10, Township 16 N, Range 5 East of the 4th Principal Meridian in the village of Annawan, Henry County, Illinois; $9,000.

J.K. Mickley Properties, to Carton, Mathew A. and Whitney G., 16196 E. 1900 St., Atkinson; $379,500.

Cambron, Robert H. Jr., and Jeanette S., to Martinez, Juan, 903 Railroad Ave., Kewanee; $1,000.

Gemax and Jorgensen, Mark J., to JS & KG, 426 West South St., Kewanee; $160,000.

Firestone, Sandra C./Bloomberg, Sandra C., to DeKezel, Austin J., 111 N. West St., Cambridge; $130,000.

Peer, Aaron M and Megan A., to Delapo, David and Christy, 235 Cleveland Road, Colona; $191,500.

Griseta, Keli S. and Mario Jr., and Terrell, Keli S., to Jacobsen, Katelyn N., 719 W. Elk St., Geneseo; $154,000.

Rist, John C. and Terry K., to Day, Samantha E., 543 Edwards St., Kewanee; $59,000.

Corral, Guadalupe, to Gutierrez, Gustavo, 706 S. Washington St., Kewanee; $27,000.

Torres, Maria R. and Benitez, Eduardo, to Sotelo, Victor, 824 Madison Ave., Kewanee; $7,500.

Cranbrook Farms, to Sand Ridge Pork, 28414 N. 2200 Ave., Annawan; $400,000.


Anders, Steven W., Colona, to Sedlock, Jason and Carmen, Colona; 408 44th St., Moline; $63,000.

Roman, Brian and Tabitha, Silvis, to Huntley, Blake, and Lawson, Rachel, Silvis; 2322 8th St., Silvis; $129,900.

Mendoza, Jolene A., Moline, to First Financial Group, Bettendorf; 3923 13th St., Moline; $47,500.

Bowden, Aron, Moline, to Phanhlathy, Khaalliyah, Rock Island; 17 Knoll Ct., Rock Island; $105,000.

EXR, Haverstraw, N.Y., to Gaffney, Thiesia, Norcross, Ga.; 708 25th St., East Moline; $8,300.

Young, Charles W., Port Byron, to Gibson, trust, Port Byron; 125 N. Main St., Port Byron, heating and air commercial building; $55,000.

Arnold, David, estate, Moline, to Freeman, Jr., Carl, Silvis; 3305 67th Ave., Moline; $30,000.

Campbell, Marcus P., Bettendorf, to Brasel, Austin, Hampton; 603 13th Ave., Hampton; $104,000.

Varadachari, Madhavan K., and Gopalan, Radhika, Coal Valley, to Bassford Construction, Moline; 512 E. 15th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $200,000.

Smith, Barbara R., Moline, to Knapp, Zachery A., Port Byron; 418 S. Main St., Port Byron; $88,500.

Kongkousonh, Ametta A., East Moline, to Daniel, Jay J., Layai, Moline; 435 21st Ave., Moline; $105,000.

McCoy, Eric L., Moline, to McFadden, Derek and Alisha, East Moline; 3031 10th St., East Moline; $144,200.

Patrick Family, trust, East Moline, to Hull, Melissa A., Moline; 2018 15th St., Moline; $105,660.

McLaughlin, Kathleen J., Moline, to Howard, James and Gayla, Milan; 105 W. 24th Ave., Coal Valley; $26,000.

Howard, James and Gayla, Milan, to McCaulley, Grant O., Bettendorf; 105 W. 24th Ave., Coal Valley; $68,000.

Kuehling, Jimmy J. and Lois M., Moline, to Paup III, Lester, and Reed, Julie A., Moline; 818 34th Ave., Moline; $220,000.

Bertsche, Allen and Laura, Rock Island, to Bousselot, Carol, Rock Island; 1537 24th St., Rock Island; $87,000.

Hanson, William and Michele, Maple Park, Ill., to Menge, Leo, Rock Island; 1905 15 1/2 St., Rock Island; $110,000.

West Wind Corners, Sherrard, to Carlson, Travis, Moline; 3110 11th Ave. C., Moline; $70,000.

Brenny, Dianna, East Moline, to Martinez-Lopez, Enrique, and Castaneda-Valdez, Edith, Moline; 718 19th Ave., Moline; $86,000.

Jones, Denise D., and Benson, Phillip M., Rock Island, to Benson, Rebecca Lynn, Rock Island; 2057 33rd St., Rock Island; $40,000.

Neyens, Robert T. and Patricia D., Buckeye, Ariz., to Melin Agencies, Moline; 1415 15th St., Moline; $165,000.

Marin, John and Alice, Emporia, Kans., to Kies, Kenneth H. and Frances P., Silvis; 802 8th Ave., Silvis; $160,000.

Selby Enterprises, Moline, to Phillips, Katrina, Rock Island; 1504 44th St., Rock Island; $81,800.

Sanderlin, Christopher P. and Laura M., Menomonee Falls, Wis., to Miller, Nicholas S., Coal Valley.

Phillis, Kathryn J., and Christian, Joyce A., Apopka, Fla., to Dalton, Justin A., and Young, Ashley M., Moline; 1159 33rd St. Ct., Moline; $180,000.

Cromer, Gretchen L., Tomah, Wis., to Garrison, David and Martina, Moline; 2301 15th Ave., Moline; $156,900.

Miller, Cassandra J., Palm Coast Fla., to Valle-Riestra, Christopher and Gretchen, Carbon Cliff; 319 Cliff Drive, Carbon Cliff; $104,900.

The City of Rock Island, Rock Island, to 20th St. RI Loft's, Rock Island; 2011 4th Ave., Rock Island; $25,000.

RDD Holdings, Moline, to TSLW Corp. and Quad City Engineering, East Moline; 3650 Morton Dr., East Moline, industrial building; $1,000,000.

Nelson, Sharon, Harlingen, Texas, to Harrison, Ben and Brooke, Bettendorf; 718 Hillcrest Rd., Milan; $85,000.

Nelson, Sharon, Harlingen, Texas, to Harrison, Ben and Brooke, Bettendorf; 720/722 Hillcrest Rd., Milan; $130,260.

Ontiveros, Christopher G., Longboat Key, Fla., to Stephens, Charles E., Milan; 513 Bruce Ave., Milan; $71,315.

Newberry, Jr., Joseph E., Rapids City, to Ramriez, Jennifer N., Silvis; 415 15th St., Silvis; $83,300.

Adams, Jessica D., Erie, to Zellmer, Madison, Hampton; 510 3rd Ave., Hampton; $97,500.

Uelk, Lawrence H., and Redito Uelk, Maria Cristina, Greenfield, Ind., to Dayton, Amanda, and Black, Cody, Moline; 3428 45th St., Moline; $171,000.

Vallejo, Jessie T., estate, Silvis, to Vallejo, Felix B., Moline; 513 8th St., Moline; $35,000.

Melody, Randall W., Rock Island, to Kiser, Aaron R., Taylor Ridge; 9431 W. 108th St., Taylor Ridge; $339,500.

U.S. Bank National Association, Hopkins, Minn., to Johnson Bros Realty, Rock Island; 3020 47th Ave, Rock Island; $215,000.

Richmiller, Elsa L., Moline, to Future Capital, Davenport; 560 19th Ave., Rock Island; $16,250.

Nguyen, Toan and Trang, Coal Valley, to Pham, Vuong, Davenport; 3135 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, nail salon; $220,000.

Depaola, Geraldine, estate, Rock Island, to Hicks, Shawn, Milan; 107 State St., Carbon Cliff; $30,000.

Carlin, Alan and Melinda L., East Moline, to Selby Enterprises, Moline; 515 17th Ave., East Moline; $10,000.

Held, Elvin, estate, Davenport, to Doug Strand Holdings, East Moline; 3613 10th St., East Moline; $45,000.

Farnsworth, Deborah J., trustee, Coal Valley, to Goodnight, Jeffrey R., Reynolds; 113 S. Williams St., Reynolds, 4 unit apartment building; $35,000.

Christiansen, Craig W., Geneseo, to Burkhalter, Brock, Silvis; 513 8th Ave., Silvis; $83,500.

MidWestOne Bank, Newport, Minn., to May, Douglas C., Rapids City; 12 Frontier Ct., Rapids City, 2.39 acres land/lot; $10,000.

MidWestOne Bank, Newport, Minn., to May, Douglas C., Rapids City; 11 Frontier Ct., Rapids City, 2.5 acres land/lot; $10,000.

Hart, Lawrence L., and Nina J., trust, Milan, to On Track Properties, Rock Island; 443 2nd Ave. D. and 447 2nd Ave. D., Silvis, 6 unit apartment building; $150,000.

Winter, Joan B., trustee, Winter, Dale R. and Joan B., trust, Rock Island; 2321 31st St. A., Moline; $93,500.

Freeman, Dustin and Anna C., East Moline, to Hunter, Timothy and Amy M., Moline; 3606 74th St., Moline; $286,500.

Davis, William and Kelly, Moline, to Klein, Jacob and Rebecca, Moline; 1029 25th Ave. Ct., Moline; $148,560.

Early, Scott, Davenport, to Lodico, Joshua and Allison, Moline; 2116 3rd St. and 2120 3rd St., Moline; $125,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta, Ga., to JPTP, Moline; 2431 33rd Ave., Rock Island; $34,800.

Dick, Joanne, Westfield, Ind., to McCoy, Eric and Rachel, Moline; 4713 11th Ave. D., Moline; $162,000.

Rowell, Kristina, Florence, Ore., to Dietz, Kristin, and Kopcho, Marc, East Moline; 1316 23rd Ave. Ct., East Moline; $129,500.

Foster, Mary C., estate, Rock Island, American Bank & Trust, to Hicks, Shawn, Milan; 2521 15th St., Rock Island; $117,500.

Schuldt, Pamela, Moline, to Harris, DeWayne, Moline; 2317 32nd St., Moline; $130,500.

Hamerlinck, Martin; Hamerlinck, Daniel, and Afeld, Nancy, Rock Island, to McCollum, Sean Kevin, and Johnson, Abbey Lee, Milan; 11622 3rd St., Milan; $130,000.

The Salvation Army, Illinois Corporation, Peoria, Ill., to Cabor, Cody, East Moline; 2715 8th St., East Moline; $135,000.

Rozek, Paul and Stephanie, and Ray, Charles and Julie, Cordova, to Bussert, Michael T. and Anjanette L., Port Byron; 199 Rt. 84, Unit 2, Cordova; $110,000.

Sim, David H., estate, Swim, Frederick E., administrator, Bettendorf, to Perez, Jorge, East Moline; 203 19th St., East Moline; $25,000.

Boyer, Linda, LeClaire, to Coil, Alyssa, Moline; 1109 37th St. Ct., Moline; $90,000.

Coussens, James F. and Violet L., trust, Moline, to Montgomery, Russell and Lois, Moline; 312 33rd Ave., East Moline; $81,000.

Anderson, Rosa, LeClaire, to Kettering, Amanda R., Moline; 2314 48th St., Moline; $80,000.

Ramos, David, and Skinner, David, Milan, to Flores, Alexis E. and Ashley E., Silvis; 1422 18th Ave., Silvis; $158,000.

Nutt, Wesley V., trust, Hampton, to White, Reginald and Dee, East Moline; 5512 11th St., East Moline; $110,000.

VanZuyt, Sharon R. and Richard L., Moline, to Ford, Isaiah Alan, and Ford, Dennis, and Ford, Kimberly, Port Byron; 400 Oak Boulevard, Port Byron; $80,000.

Sacco, Nicholas J. and Heather, Bettendorf, to Evans, Dustin J. and Jennifer Ethridge-Evans; 1905 12th St., Silvis; $155,000.

Garcia, Gema, Moline, to Gritton, Lindsay, Moline; 1804 17th Ave., Moline; $85,900.

CCF 2, Minneapolis, Minn., to 3D Visionz, Davenport; 519 4th St., Moline; $52,500.

Holgersson, Mikael and Megan, Coal Valley, to Wilson, Kyle, Rock Island; 3213 14th St., Rock Island; $119,000.

Wright-Meko, Nancy B., trust, Davenport, to Barker, Devin and Lynn, Moline; 4412 River Rd. #105, Moline; $195,000.

Sutton, June A., trust, Port Byron, to Warner, Paul K., and Julia F., Port Byron; 23010 94th Ave. N., Port Byron; $295,000.

Staley, Violet I., Colona, estate, to Melin Agencies, Moline; 11510 15th St. Ct., Milan; $50,000.

Hunt, Thomas E. and Janet A., Rock Island, to The Hunt Family, trust, Rock Island; vacant land, East Moline; $14,000.

The Hunt Family, trust, Rock Island, to Martin, Cynthia M., East Moline; 1141 36th Ave., East Moline; $134,000.

Abend, John, Bettendorf, to Campbell, Alejandra, East Moline; 3003 10th St., East Moline; $114,000.

Rothschild, Heather D., Erie, to Miller, Joel and Jennifer, Aledo; 489 44th Ave., Ct. #6, East Moline; $58,000.

Gustafson, Elwood L., trust, Moline, to Birdsall, Marlo R., Milan; 225 E. 4th St., Milan; $43,500.

Heartland Park Elderly Living Center, LeClaire, to RICHFC Heartland, East Moline; 1424 36th Ave., Moline; 100 unit apartment building, $4,760,000.

McCallister, Lionel and Kristine, Erie, to Hoste, April, Rapids City, Ill.; 1708 1st Ave. A., Rapids City; $129,900.

Harring, Michael A. and Lois D., trust, Chicago, to Haines, Stephen R. and Molly, Moline; 3711 77th St. Ct., Moline; $271,000.


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