Real estate transactions for Sunday, July 21, 2019

Real estate transactions for Sunday, July 21, 2019


Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Rothzen Ag Services, to Martens Pork Farms, rural route, Cambridge; $88,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, to Lopez, William Jr. and Noemi, 1304 Pine Street, Kewanee; $10,500.

Nimrick, Douglas A. and Tressa A., to Reyes, Alexis M. and Kristoffer M.T., 304 E. South Street, Cambridge; $121,000.

Nathanson, Joseph and Sara, to IL RS Postal, 1012 4th Street, Orion; $50,500.

Altepeter, David W., to Hartman, Robert P. and Jessica H., 1009 Merchant Street, Hooppole; $5,000.

Kashner, Alex N. and Laura K., to DeBaene, David D. and Susan J., 54 Deer Path Court, Geneseo; $190,000.

Hull, Gary D. and Lynette M., to Erwin, Bruce and Jenny M., 23174 E. 880th Street, Geneseo; $115,000.

Johnson, Christopher M. and Tammy A., to Wagoner, Thomas R. and Cindy K., 924 Aspen Drive, Colona; $107,000.

Schenk, John E. and Margery A., to Fields, Kathryn L., 1403 6th Street A, Orion; $109,000.

WSP, to Johnson, Brian D. and Lori A., 402 Meadow Brook Lane, Colona; $237,500.

Hood, Pamela J., to Hood, David A., 8671 Timber Road, Kewanee; $92,500.

Amundsen, Joy R., to McNamara, Tracey E. and Jones, Jeffrey A., 4502 E. 1670 Street, Bishop Hill; $115,000.

McDonald, Kathleen L., to Brooks, James T., 202 S. Scandia Street, Alpha; $66,500.

Amundsen, Joy R., to McNamara, Tracey E. and Jones, Jeffrey A., 4502 E. 1670 St., Bishop Hill; $115,000.

McDonald, Kathleen L., to Brooks, James T., 202 S. Scandia St., Alpha; $66,500.


Klauer, Kay, East Moline, to Anderson, Wendilyn, Milan; 8303 47th St., Milan; $215,000.

VanDeVelde Family, trust, Colorado Springs, Colo., to Leonhart, Debra A., Moline; 3723 22nd Ave., Moline; $107,500.

Bisland, Robert M., Taylor Ridge, to Robacker, Daniel and Mary, Davenport; 99th Ave. W. and 175th St., Illinois City, vacant land, 24.332 acres +; $125,000.

Orange Rock Illinois, Schomberg, Ontario, Canada, to McVietty, Traci, Moline; 2921 13th Ave., Moline; $58,900.

DeClerk, Joseph M., East Moline, to Lovett, Danny, East Moline; 4116 3rd St. A., East Molne; $110,500.

Francque, Jason, Moline, to Thomas, Jeffrey and Teresa L., Moline; 3133 15th St. C., Moline; $107,000.

M. Sidote Capital, Barberton, Ohio, to Derby, Scott, Bennett, Iowa; 581 20th Ave., Rock Island; $15,000.

Villegas, Francisco, Green Bay, Wis., to Munn, Jeanine, East Moline; 602 29th Ave., East Moline; $116,000.

Peterson, Barbara L., Port Charlotte, Fla., to Farnsworth, Deborah, Coal Valley; 113 S. Williams St., Reynolds; $55,000.

Camp, Beverly A., Moline, to Pairrett, Leann K., Moline; 3324 Park 16th St., Moline; $81,000.

Conner, Jerry, Port Byron, to Coers, Bruce, Hillsdale; vacant lot, Hillsdale, Zuma township; $5,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Carrollton, Texas, to Ed Holdings, Bettendorf; 1410 25th St., Rock Island; $32,500.

Orr, Jeffery H. and Jeanette R., Carbon Cliff, to Pickett, Eric E. and Tracey L., Taylor Ridge; 84th St. Ct. W., vacant lot, Taylor Ridge; $35,000.

HUD, Atlanta, Ga., to Woller, Fred, Rock Island; 2009 38th St., Rock Island; $47,000.

Hudson, Donna, Moline, to Knapton Enterprises, Janesville, Wis.; 1042 N. Shore Dr., Moline; $25,000.

Leaf, Michael L. and Lizabeth D., Moline, to Peterson, Jacqueline I., Moline; 920 17th St., Unit 34, Moline; $100,000.

Behrens, Grant D., Colorado Springs, Colo., to Lambert, Michael, Rock Island; 2844 8th Ave., Rock Island; $98,700.

Newman, Clifford L., Cedar Rapids, to Jackson, Todd S. and Laura M., Port Byron; 1413 Lakeside Dr., Port Byron; $310,000.

Sprague, Victoria, Portland, Maine, to Arp, Charles P., Moline; 70th St., South of John Deere Road, Moline, farm; $75,000.

Dodge Prince, Julia, Crownsville, Md., to Arp, Charles P., Moline; 70th St., South of John Deere Road, Moline, farm; $5,000.

Dodge Ennis, Lisa, Crownsville, Md., to Arp, Charles, Moline; 70th St., South of John Deere Road, Moline, farm; $5,000.

Doge, Christopher, Minneapolis, Minn., to Arp, Charles, Moline; 70th St., South of John Deere Road, Moline, farm; $5,000.

MidFirst Bank, Oklahoma City, Okla., to Secretary of HUD, Oklahoma City, Okla.; 1717 14th Ave., Moline; $34,270.

Mills, Michael C., East Moline, to H&H Real Estate Investment, Rock Island; 4315 9th St., Rock Island, storage buildings; $365,000.

Weeks, Stacy, Davenport, to Byrd, Randall and Sara, Moline; 1008 29th St., Moline; $83,000.

Boyd, Linda G., executor, Criddle, Christine, estate, Rock Island, to Hoke, Owen, Rock Island; 2519 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $44,000.

Future Capital, Davenport, to Arnold, Michael and Angela; 2515 7th Ave., Moline; $123,000.

Kite, Sean L., Ursa, Ill., to Isenberger, Benjamin S.A., Rock Island; 2411 27th St., Rock Island; $117,000.

Schoffstall, Jordan J. and Candice M., Moline, to Porter, April, Rock Island; 1834 23rd St., Rock Island; $92,000.

Wood, Eric D. and Amanda J., Rock Island, to Acosta, Helbert and Tara, Moline; 8 Hickory Ct., Rock Island; $20,000.

Givens, Iris W., trust, San Diego, Calif., to Laermans, John E., Port Byron; 240 16th Ave., East Moline; $52,500.

Colona Homes, Bettendorf, to Weber Auto Group, Silvis; 1309 and 1313 1st St., Silvis, mobile home park; $140,000.

Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf, to Macke Properties, Bettendorf; 936 35 1/2 Ave., East Moline; $61,000.

Phares, Paul W. and Stephanie L., Rock Island, to Nystrom, Kirk, Rock Island; 2246 38th St., Rock Island; $80,500.

Stone, Stanley L., League City, Texas, to Valadez, Jessica and Javier, Moline; 3408 36th St. A., Moline; $112,000.

Kopel, James W., trust, East Moline, to Friedline, Luke and Lezlie, Moline; 1127 54th St. A., Moline; $145,000.

Falline, James E. and G. Mardelle, trust, Moline, to Falline, Marsha A., Littleton, Colo.; 3411 44th St., Moline; $144,000.

Paul, Seth M. and Katja C., Hampton, to Wilson, Karla, Hampton; 607 11th Ave., Hampton; $139,000.

Morris, Rhonda S. Bettendorf, to Flesch, Tyler, Hampton; 1302 8th St. Ct., Hampton; $105,000.

Sheal Properties, Bolingbrook, Ill., to Russell, Jacob, Rock Island; 2452 20th Ave., Rock Island; $71,000.

Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind., to Vargas Hernandez, Obdulia, Silvis; 332 16th Ave., Silvis; $62,000.

Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind., to Luckey, Carolyn C., East Moline; 589 Oaklawn Ave., East Moline; $80,000.

Alejo, Juan, Matherville, to Mora, Moises, Moline; 413 21st Ave., Moline; $107,500.

Hillyer, Brian D., East Moline, to DeClerk, Joseph, East Moline; 4452 9th St. Ct., East Moline; $201,500.

Geist, Daniel, LeClaire, to Dotterer, Andrew, Taylor Ridge; 5827 93rd Ave., W., Taylor Ridge; $174,900.

Blythe, Philip L., trust, Port Byron, to Rutledge, Adam W. and Valarie M.; 24100 101st Ave. N., Port Byron; $500,000.

Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind., to Brown, Evan and Kaylie, Moline; 963 40th St., Moline; $75,000.

Fortin, Derek, Bettendorf, to Arnett, Jillian and Eric, Moline; 1616 40th St. Ct., Moline; $169,000.

Reynolds, Christopher I., Milan, to Busch, Elwin and Jane, trust, Cross Plains, Wis.; 24.382 acres farmland, Milan, Bowling Township; $380,000.

Carroll, James, Geneseo, to Madrigal, Artemio, Rock Island; 2021 9th St., Rock Isalnd; $20,000.

KBR Real Estate, LeClaire, to George, Phillip, Rock Island; 1324 44th St., Rock Island; $93,100.

Morford, Sephen L., Bettendorf, to Morford, Ryan, Taylor Ridge; 6013 93rd Ave. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge; $104,000.

Federal National Mortgage, Dallas, Texas, to Sheriff, Donald J., Reynolds; 414 N. Williams St., Reynolds; $75,500.

Enders, Jeanne A., Davenport, to McGuire, Jacob K. and Michelle M., Rock Island; 3312 25th Ave., Rock Island; $68,400.

SFCBB, Silvis, to 2Mar Roe Property, Silvis; 608 22nd Ave., Silvis, restaurant; $1,225,000.

Anafy Real Estate Solutions, Bettendorf, to Dream Real Estate Investments, Moline; 6922 92nd Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $121,450.

Hines, Jr., Ronald D., Milan, to Schomer, Terry and Tracy, Milan; 11501 22nd St., Milan; $45,000.

Otto, Cathe J., Summerville, S.C., to Christensen, Katherine M. and Timothy F., Silvis; 1219 33rd Avenue Circle, Silvis; $166,000.


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