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Real estate transactions for Sunday, July 26, 2020

Real estate transactions for Sunday, July 26, 2020


Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Lauritzson, Warren L. and Deborah L., to Koning, Zachariah J., 26500 Jinx Road, Geneseo; $215,000.

McCarty, Ralph, to Lutrell, Barbara J., 1019 15th Avenue, Orion; $169,000.

Central Bank IL, to Osborn, Jacob and Sara, 637-639 W. Wells Street, Geneseo; $135,000.

Plumb, James A. and Mable A., to Croegaert, Charles E. and Kassandra J., Lot 1 Riverside Acres, Geneseo; $45,000.

Cawthon, Joshua D. and Alaina L., to Retherford, Brent A. and Tammera P., 202 W. North Avenue, Annawan; $145,000.

DeFauw, Robert E. and Amy E./Katschnig, Amy E., to Knoll, David Richard, 423 N. State Street, Geneseo; $180,000.

Leathers, Joan M., to Jones, Codey L. and Cart, Brittney L., 727 S. Tremont Street, Kewanee; $50,000.

Janysek, Michael J., to Langman Construction, rural route, Geneseo; $1,233,500.

Summy, John W. and Autumn P., to Gerard, Shawn M., 1470 N. East Street, Kewanee; $130,000.

Murray, Michael N. and Linda J., to Sauer, Shelli and Carson, 1108 Holiday Lane, Kewanee; $35,000.

VanAcker, Wendy M./ Anderson, Wendy M., to Emerick, Troy C., 613 E. Exchange Street, Geneseo; $30,000.

Wendt, Alan D. and Melissa, to Slocum, John R. and Laloni L., 308 N. Yates Street, Alpha; $68,500.


Dave Prochaska Construction, Bettendorf, to Cain, William and Linda, Rapids City; 1001 14th St., Rapids City; $311,900.

Hemmen, John P. and Adria L., Moline, to Heisler, Mitchell G. and Elizabeth S., Coal Valley; 307 W. 6th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $300,000.

Peacock, Shawn C., Heyworth, Ill., to Copperline Properties, Eldridge; 5434 10th Ave., Moline; $50,000.

Hanley, Sean and Carlee, Moline, to Meyer, Robert, Moline; 702 25th Ave. Ct., Moline; $124,900.

Peters, Kyle R. and Bridget R., Geneseo, to Ortiz, Corey, Rock Island; 5516 30th Ave., Moline; $150,000.

Carlson, Cynthia M., Rock Island, to Mindrup, Kristi S. and Mindy Diaz, Rock Island; 14 College Hill Circle, Rock Island; $280,000.

Marrari, Rocco, Davenport, to Hlah Thun, East Moline; 1409 18th Ave., East Moline; $51,500.

Schnitzler, Debbora A., trustee of Kolwey, Virginia, trust, Golden Valley, Ariz., to Bik, Bawi, East Moline; $125,000.

John, Brendan P., Moline, to John, Patricia A., Moline; 3106 26th Ave. Ct., Moline; $200,000.

Markin, Shane M., Moline, to Rasche, Adam J., Moline; 1832 37th St., Moline; $99,000.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Scheckloth, Estela, Rock Island; 2103 18th Ave., Rock Island; $50,000.

Wagner, Sharon, Dixon, to JPTP, Moline; 2523 41st St., Moline; $70,000.

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., to Polhill, Lynn, East Moline; 256 16th Ave., East Moline; $65,000.

Mitchell, Lisa, Franklin, Wis., to Vanherzeele, Janet, Moline; 1531 44th St., Moline; $83,000.

Kalhor, Sepehr and Brittany, Rock Island, to Peh, Tah, Rock Island; 3316 12th St., Rock Island; $74,500.

Arsenal Properties, Chicago, to Hay-Grumadas, Nicole, East Moline; 1167 46th Ave., East Moline; $97,000.

Voyage Real Estate Investors, Davenport, to Mason, Christopher, Rock Island; 1816 39th St., Rock Island; $82,750.

Future Capital, Davenport, to Little Big House Investment Group, Hammond, Ind.; 1602 15th St., Rock Island; $110,000.

Future Capital, Davenport, to Langford, Thomas, Marshall, N.C.; 1229 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $125,000.

OHP 5, Davenport, to Hurtado, Gabriella, and Cervantes, Patrick, East Moline; 1532 10th Ave., East Moline; $44,500.

Hebbeln R., Angela R., trust, Coal Valley, to Burkle, Teresa, Silvis; 526 15th Ave., Silvis; $69,000.

Stoehr, Thomas and Peggy, Bettendorf, to Hoppe, Dennis L., Coal Valley; 501 E. 14th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $235,000.

Johnson, Michale P., executor, of Johnson, Rita J., estate, Hillsdale, to Alba, Roberto, Moline; $59,500.

Duhm, Kenneth, Moline, to Sullivan, Kristy, Moline; 3401 11th Ave., Moline; $225,000.

Cord, Theodore H., East Moline, to Petrick, Sharon L., Rock Island; 2004 32nd St., Rock Island; $102,000.

Barhm, Kenneth and Jacqueline M., trust, Moline, to Rumph, Sandra K. and Robert Steven, Moline; 4305 18th Ave., Moline; $84,134.

Laird, Susan L., Moline, to Matherly, Kurt T., and Cirivello, Jill A., Milan; 3614 Avian Ct., Milan; $40,000.

First Midwest Bank, estate of, Verkruysse, Kenneth P., Moline, to McCunn, Jeffrey C., Cordova; 1320 2nd St. S., Cordova; $123,000.

Cousino, Kenneth and Teresa, Eldridge, to Singh, Jaswinder, Moline; 1408 8th St. and 1410 8th St., Rock Island; $125,000.

Lancial, Scott T., Coal Valley, to Serykh, Dmitriy, Taylor Ridge; 16311 84th Ave. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge; $175,000.

Riexinger, Colin, Rock Island, to Deminsky, Argyri, Rock Island; 1624 18th Ave. #20, Rock Island; $30,000.

Green, Michele L., LeClaire, to Pinger, Gary and Kathleen, Moline; 2718 18th Ave. Ct., Moline; $127,000.

Mangelsdorf, Margaret Ann, by Morse, Katherine M., attorney, Fort Wayne, Ind., to Etzel, Gregory and Laurel, West Peoria; 3717 40th St. Pl., Moline; $75,000.

Brown, Gregory B. and M. Connie, Decatur, Ill., to Davis, Darin R., Silvis; 1345 33rd Ave. Circle, Silvis; $204,000.

DeBaillie Trust, Donald E., Cordova, to DeBaillie Farms, Cordova; farm ground, Cordova; $465,000.

Priest, George Wayne, Silvis, to JPTP, Moline; 1539 11th Ave., East Moline; $40,000.

Robinson, Travis L. and Emily, Cedar Rapids, to Brokaw, Kurt, Rock Island; 3404 9th St., Rock Island; $67,000.

Eifler, Lynn Marie, estate, Rock Island, to Cheshier, Eric, Coal Valley; 10810 95th St., Coal Valley; $127,000.

Espejo, Joaquin and Rose, Milan, to Hoskins, Dan and Lisa, Coal Valley; 3700 Blackhawk Rd., Rock Island; $200,000.

Dragolovich, Elizabeth K. and Jerry L., Silvis, to Dragolovcih, Spencer, Silvis; 1275 33rd Ave Circle, Silvis; $150,000.

Gosa, Ned L., Moline, to Gengler, Daniel E. and Jeanie M., Coal Valley; Lot 2 River View Acres First Addition, vacant land, Coal Valley; $5,000.

Georgetown Investments, Moline, to Cashen, Logan, Rock Island; 1626 15th St. Rock Island; $63,500.

Dowd, Greg and Rebecca, Rock Island, to McNesby, Monique, Milan; 208 E. 4th St., Milan; $78,900.

Reistroffer, James E. and Irene, Davenport, to Young, Rory, Port Byron; 215 N. High St., Port Byron; $139,900.

McDermott, Peter, Moline, to Sims, John and Brigitte, Moline; 1121 33rd Ave., Moline; $163,000.

Willemarck, Bruce W., trust, East Moline, to Hlah Thun, East Moline; 749 - 751 18th Ave., East Moline; $72,500.

Vercautren, Jennifer B., trustee of Baily, Robert and Theresa, trust, Silvis, to Roberts, Kenneth and Victoria, East Moline; $172,900.

Skinner, Shawn and Kristine, Burlington, to Natarelli, Lee Annette, Rock Island; 1608 29th St., Rock Island; $79,900.

Macke, Dirk and Kathleen, Illinois City, to Oceanside50Five, Moline; 823 W. 10th St., Milan; $50,000.

Waterman, Milton J., Milan, to Waterman, Belva L., Milan; 1619 116th Ave., Milan; $75,000.

Eiting, Patchouli B. and Brant, Rock Island, to Selby Enterprises, Moline; 1621 14 1/2 St., Rock Island, $12,000.

Sundvall, Jerry A. and Toni L., Silvis, to Heady Properties, Port Byron; 24802 94th Ave. N., Port Byron; $220,000.

Horton, Shawn, Milan, to Kaecker, Brittnee, Moline; 3529 36th St., Moline; $166,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Carrollton, Texas, to Rhoads, Ricky L., Rock Island; 3923 14th St., Moline; $20,150.


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