Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Ford, William and Nancy, family trust, Geneseo, to Taylor, John and Jill, East Moline; 3000 17th St. Ct., East Moline; $149,900.

Chellos, Richard W. and Jean M., Hampton, to Mooney, Terry, East Moline; 574 Oaklawn Ave., East Moline; $124,500.

Langheim, Teresa, executor, Langheim, Elizabeth A., estate, to Jones, Danielle M., Rock Island; 2909 31st St., Rock Island, $85,900.

Augsburger, Randall, Moline, to Meersman, Stephen, Moline; 3723 16th St., Moline; $70,000.

Frey, Michael E., Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Venhuizen, Vernon D., Cordova; 510 S. 4th St., Cordova; $213,000.

Ott, Robert E. and Martha H., Quincy, to Reed, Bambie and Mack, Edith, Rock Island; 1423 35th Ave., Rock Island; $200,000.

McAdam, Rollin and Tamara, Coal Valley, to Navarro, Michael, Moline; 8985 1st Ave., Carbon Cliff; $11,000.

Harris, Susan D., Henderson, Nev., to Rogers, James, Silvis; 512 10th Ave., Silvis; 122,000.

Villanueva Garcia, Angelica, Rock Island, to Nieman, Nathaniel A. and Dora, Rock Island; 1824 22nd St., Rock Island; $175,500.

Hoegner, Chad P., Moline, to Ramirez, Taylor, Rock Island; 2505 21st Ave., Rock Island; $102,500.

Krutsinger, Robert D. and Susan M., Coal Valley, to Fiscella, Zackery and Phillips, Marissa, Moline; 511 21st Ave., Moline; $152,000.

Frett, Leo and Kathy, Moline, to Hampson, Matt and Sydney; 1410 9th St., Moline; $108,800.

Future Capital, Milan, to Shelton, Sharon, trustee, Informed Property Solutions, Elk Grove Village, Ill.; 914 25th St., Moline; $105,000.

T.R. Holding, Davenport, to EDL Properties, Dubuque; 4200 46th Ave., Rock Island, land/lot; $152,000.

Elangovan, Siva, Chicago, to Bennett, Chad/D, Moline; 2535 13th St., Moline; $320,000.

City of Silvis, Silvis, to McGehee, James Alex, Silvis; 1040 1st Ave., Silvis; $88,000.

Malmstrom, Helen, East Moline, to Anderson, Gary J. and Ronda S., Port Byron; 3212 214th St. N., Port Byron; $135,000.

Ortiz, Jr., Francisco and Linda S., Scottsdale, Ariz., to Pascucci, Michael and Chanda, East Moline; 2116 3rd St. B., East Moline; $135,000.

Ringer, James A., Davenport, to Karstens, Nathan and Kelly, Milan; 11725 29th St. W., Milan; $97,500.

TBK Bank, Bettendorf, to Stopuolos, John and Mary, East Moline; 734 15th Ave., East Moline; $30,000.

Bank of America, Chandler, Ariz., to Torres, Cristian Ivan, East Moline; 438 Jackson St., Hillsdale; $79,800.

Goode, Richard B. and Doris Mae, Aledo, to Martin, Zachariah S., Taylor Ridge; 17105 168th St. W., Taylor Ridge; $185,000. 

Asche, Jill E., Parkersburg, Iowa, to Villanueva Garcia, Angelica, Rock Island; 1410 32nd Ave., Rock Island; $147,000.

Luna, Jacquelyn M., Aurora, Colo., to Folker, Marvin and Paula, East Moline; 3504 3rd St. C., East Moline; $84,000.

West Gateway Partners, Moline, to Community Health Care, Davenport; 1102-1106 4th Ave. and 1025 5th Ave., Moline, medical/dental clinic; $2,100,000.

West Wind Corners, Moline, to Martinez, Gabriela, Moline; 427 49th St., Moline; $85,000.

Austin, Terry L., Moline, to Blaser, Daniel Edward, Moline; 3726 10th Ave. Ct., Moline; $68,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortage, Carrollton, Tex., to Stephens, Mike, Davenport; 28 184th St., Barstow; $36,000.

Diaz, Mindy, Silvis, to Rogers, David, Rock Island; 3601 30th St., Rock Island; $145,000.

Brumbaugh Family, trust, Cambridge, to Davis, Tyler L., Moline; 3220 11th Ave., Moline; $134,000.

Cook, Courtney F. and Eleanor P., Rock Island, to Jennings, Donald Richard, Moline; 2611 1st St. Ct., Moline; $141,000.

Zelnio, William J. and Laurel L., Ft. Myers, to McCooley, Desiree C. Grace and John D., Moline; 7220 37th Ave., Moline; $267,000.

On Track Properties, Rock Island, to EJH Properties, Chicago; 1222 19th St., Rock Island; $45,000.

Johnson, Terrie S., estate, Louisville, Ky., to Caparula, Francis R., Hampton; 608 13th Ave., Hampton; $104,500.

Find N Homes, Bettendorf, to MHB 1, Eldridge; 2323 11th St., Moline; $75,000.

Riordan, Mary L., trust, to Timmer, Richard L. and Marie C., trust, Moline; 5510 18th Ave. Ct., Moline; $252,000.

Duncalf, Robert, trust, Taylor Ridge, to Foutch, Guy and Janet, Taylor Ridge; 10121 136th St. W., Taylor Ridge; $262,000.

Erickson, Paul M. and Marion, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Dailing, Cody and Elizabeth; 2331 46th St. Ct., Rock Island; $166,000.

Feller, Robert S.; Feller, Melissa A. and Feller II, Robert S., Hampton, to Feller, Jenna M., Silvis; 1414 7th Ave., Silvis; $100,000.

Johnson, Elihue, Rock Island, to Win, Sein, Rock Island; 2103 9th St., Rock Island; $72,000.

Mander, Mark, Rock Island, to Palmer, Jack and Christine, Milan; 11728 6th St., Milan; $179,000.

Lum, Jaymie and Erik, Bettendorf, to Homan, Kyle and Anna, Rock Island; 3911 29th St., Rock Island; $123,000.

West Wind Corners, Moline, to Mack, Craig A., Hampton; 431 E. 7th St. Ct., Milan; $35,000.

Homan, Kyle E., Rock Island, to QCPM, Moline; 4526 8th Ave., Rock Island; $48,000.

Mitchell, Wayne V. and Theresa L., East Moline, to Bruce, Evan, East Moline; 731 10th Ave. Ct., Hampton; $20,000.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to Timely Property Solutions Capital Holdings, Manalapan, N.J.; 2323 33rd St., Moline; $119,000.

Verbeke, Daniel J. and Glenda L., Milan, to Meyers, Lyle L. and Marianne, Milan; 15715 29th St. W., Milan; $337,500.

Champagne, Gregory S. and Annette, Northbrook, Ill., to Lambert, Kristen, Rock Island; 1722 86th Ave. W., Rock Island; $153,500.

SENB Bank, Moline, to Laermans, John E., Port Byron; 1127 11th St., Moline; $42,000.

Shelton, Henry T., estate, Tucson, Ariz., to Powell, Deborah, Rock Island; 1921 10th St., Rock Island; $53,000.

Downing, Douglas J. and Linda C., Knoxville, Tenn., to Hilgenberg, Fred, Rock Island; 3800 32nd St., Rock Island; $150,000.

Vize, Susan M., Rock Island, to Eagle Properties Holdings, Moline; 2822 27th Ave., Rock Island; $38,000.

Schroeder, Karl, Davenport, to Malone, Daniel and Chris, Cleaveland, Ill.; 3900 4th St., Rock Island; $5,000.

McRoberts, Edward, Milan, to Verbeke, Daniel and Glenda, Milan; 320 Bruce Ave., Milan; $174,000.

Henriksen, John A., trustee, Henriksen Family Trust, East Moline, to Duh, Van, East Moline; 155 40th Ave., East Moline; $105,000.

Engstrom, Todd D. and Julie K., Chesterfield, Mo., to Thoms, Jordan and Amy, Rock Island; 1810 85th Ave. W., Rock Island; $154,900.

Francis, Daniel, Davenport, to Carlson, Kathy J., Rock Island; 1725 25th Ave., Rock Island; $117,700.


Oltman, Joel M. II, to Havemann, Kenneth L. and Tammy, 6128 Dayton Corner A Street, Colona; $165,000.

Johnson, Brian D. and Lori A., to Yearby, Lori A. and Sesamir/Sesamir H./ Yearby Mandalena D./Santiago Mandalena Yearby/Yearby Mandalena Santiago, 13 Hickory Hills, Geneseo; $226,000.

Shreeves, Jerry A. and Angela Estate and McArthur, John Jr. and Shreeves, Christopher and McArthur, Lacey, to Cone, Phillip B. Jr. and Rebecca R., 18703 IL Hwy. 81, Cambridge; $100,000.

Hudson, Doni S., to Jackson, Nathaniel P., 118 N. Williams, Geneseo; $97,000.

Timmerman, John T. and Jackie L., to Heller, Brandon W. and Mandy M., 24763 E. 1200 Street, Geneseo; $375,000.

Geneseo Prairie Development, to Anderson, Joshua, 100 Dragonfly Circle, Geneseo; $36,000.

Lindsey, Paul F. and Colleen K., to Joseph, Alexander and Kelly, 1001 Cherry Drive, Geneseo; $217,000.

Begner, Scott J. and Mia, to Bognar, Ronald G. and Elizabeth A, 219 Regina Court, Kewanee; $162,500.

Hunter, Shirley A., to Chandanais, Keith and Amber, 426 Willard Street, Kewanee; $63,000.

Johnson, Bradley D. and Valerie A., to Faherty, Brian C. and Denise J., 502 15th Avenue, Orion; $150,000.

Anderson, Duane E. and Ann C., Hardin, Wendy D. and Hodge, Chad, to Bartlet, Jill and Nelson, Marc, 210 Hillcrest Drive and 205 W. Payson, Kewanee; $60,000.

Printy, Richard L. Trust and Printy, Barbara J. Trust, to Anderson, Michael and Elizabeth, 17552 N. 2550 Avenue, Geneseo; $169,000.

Schwinn, Kevin S. and Theresa A., to Hessman, Matthew P. and Alison R., 1107 12th Avenue, Orion; $190,000.

Halouska, Ginger, to Bishop, David L. Jr. and Gonzalez, Alejandrina, 910 N. Walnut Street, Kewanee; $14,000.

Siemers, Robert K., Mahaffey, Luann M. and Siemers, Delores D., to Lewis, Itecha A., 607 Cambridge Road, Kewanee; $30,000.

Lin, Joseph X. and Sen T., to Hedgwood, Rosemary, 533 Willard Street, Kewanee; $59,000.

Griffith Investment Group, to Lester, Carrie L, Mark and Keri E., 325 South Park Street, Kewanee; $44,500.

Brown, Betty L., to Daniels, Angela L., 414 N. Ridge Street, Cambridge; $82,000.

Pennymac Loan Services, to Loibl, Jerry L., 111 S.E. First Street, Galva; $27,000.

Carlson, James A. and Lanette A., to Beam, Jason Jr., 412 N. East Street, Cambridge; $77,000.

Kelly, Shirley A., to Dunn, Joshua M., 316 N.E. Sixth Avenue, Galva; $25,000.

Brown, Corey and Denise, to Kelly, Ryan Jule and Amanda, 503 Rivermist Drive, Colona; $225,000.

Schaefer, Dean and Muriel, to Diaz, Salvador Martinez and Marina, the north 100’ of Lot 4 in Block 5 of Blish’s Addition to the town, now city of Kewanee, situated in the county of Henry in the state of Illinois; $19,000.

Diaz, Salvador Martinez and Marina, to Rocha, Horacio Leon and Rodriguez, Carina L., 317 E. Central Blvd., Kewanee; $25,000.

Webster, David Scott and Sarah A/Sarah Ann, to King, Paul I., 23009 IL Hwy 78, Annawan; $102,000.

Timmerman, Michael F., to Timmerman, Jonathan F., 403 4th Street, Colona; $40,000.

Krebs, Nathan A. and Gilmore, Lesley A., to Graham, John W. and Lauri J., 471 West Court, Colona; $140,000.

Dillon, Verna E., to Chapman, Curtis L. and Terri A, 1011 May Street, Kewanee; $106,500.

Peterson, Kyle R. and Stacia Nicole Cundiff, to Woodruff, Samantha J., 105 S. Vail Street, Geneseo; $95,000.

Cooper, Kyle and Nikole, to Milroy, Jeremy and Jennifer, 310 N. Pleasant Street, Cambridge; $77,000.

Halldorson, Patricia A. and Valley, Angela L., to Bowman, Dwaine D. and Tamara J., 212 N. Russell Avenue, Geneseo; $162,500.

Quayle, Bruce A., to Quayle, Richard G., the south 66.63' of Lot 6 of Lot 19 and the north 2' of Lot 5 of Lot 19 except the east 71' hereof; all located in the original town, now village of Cambridge, situated in the county of Henry in the state of Illinois; $20,000.

Salter, Ronald A. and Barbara J., to Young, Scott K. and Marie L., 118 Rustic Lake Drive, Colona; $236,000.

Knox, Peter T., to Williams, Alexis and Dustin, 410 Oakwood Circle, Coal Valley; $155,000.

Hannah, Martha A., to DeSplinter, Rhonda J., 14482 E. Wolf Road, Geneseo; $185,000.

Westefer, Gerald E. and Constance S., to Sturtevant, Sonya D., 1122 W. Prospect Street, Kewanee; $45,500.

Manthe, David M. and Rhonda S., to Venema, Grant J. and Erica L., 27019 Ebenezer Road, Geneseo; $335,000.

Young, Eric R. and Michele J., to Cox, Nathan W. and Molly Jean, 27 Crestview Drive, Geneseo; $183,000.


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