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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020

Real estate transactions for Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Imes, William E., to Imes, Scott, 117 W. 13th St., Kewanee; $80,000.

Jourdan, Larry G., to Pan De Vida, 833 S. Grove St., Kewanee; $44,000.

Woodhull Cemetery Association, to Youngren, Casey A. and Evan L., Illinois Highway 17, Woodhull; $46,500.

Greiner, Thomas M., to Kooi, David D., 300 S. Main St., Kewanee; $15,000.

VanVooren, Ronald C. and Marvel V., to Kolb, Brody D., 419 E. Palace Row, Geneseo; $136,000.

Geneseo First United Methodist Church, to Avey, Steven D., 20736 County Highway 14, Atkinson; $1.00.

McReynolds, Dana R. and Carol L., to Nichols, Michael D. and Paula L., farmland, Kewanee; $25,000.

Dubin Investment Company, to Perez, Alejandrina, 812 N. Tremont St., Kewanee; $11,500.

Highsmith, Jacqualine E., to Sproston, Shawn Eugene and Michaela Anne, 410 E. Chestnut St., Geneseo; $145,000.

Schultz, Jeffrey Douglas, to McManus, Kyle J. and Martin J., 370 S.W. 5th St., Woodhull; $295,000.

Sloan, Arlo Bradley R., to Alpha, village of, 115 W. F St., Alpha, $8,000.

DeBruine, Alphonse A. and Leora J., to Thomas, Kyle and McKeag, Natasha L., 512 Cleveland Rd., Colona; $85,000.

Lang, Michael E. and Darcy Ann, to Currie, Andrea E. and Garcia, Jorge, 731 George St., Kewanee; $30,000.


Braet, Adrienne and James W., Silvis, to Sandoval, Celia E., Silvis; 2303 10th St., Silvis; $111,400.

Quiet Capital, Davenport, to Pasion, Arlynne Maneja, Honolulu, Hawaii; 2204 6th Ave., Rock Island; $80,000.

Reinke, Mary Ann, estate, Akron, Iowa, to Future Capital, Davenport; 1229 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $29,250.

Illinois Housing Development Authority, Chicago, to Calsyn, Zachary M., Milan; 2929 14th Ave., Rock Island; $35,000.

Leone, Mario J., and Patricia A., Davenport, to Alonso, Miguel A. and Joluma Y., Rock Island; $194,000.

Manasco, Lora, Moline, to Russell, Tyler, Moline; 240 39th St., Moline; $62,500.

Sutton, Collenette, Moline, to Burnage, Theresa, Moline; 2033 12th St., Moline; $124,900.

Quinn, Gregory A., Eldridge, to Watchtower Real Estate, Rock Island; 2512 17th St., Rock Island; $44,000.

Reagan, Joseph Francis, Moline, to Palafox, Louis R., Moline; 4115 17th Ave., Moline; $152,000.

Kirkland, Martha B., estate, Muscatine, to Mattingly, Joey Lynn, Taylor Ridge; 13514 137th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $80,000.

Ryan, Neal T., and Kristen M., Moline, to Van Dusen, Julie A., Rock Island; 2604 27th St., Rock Island; $192,500.

Tchoryk, Sue M., Houston, Texas, to Livermore, Danielle E., Moline; 1814 53rd St., Moline; $52,000.

Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf, to Big River Investments, Silvis; 825 48th Ave., Rock Island; $26,000.

DeCoster, John A. and Mary E., Aurora, Colo., to Erickson, Don, Moline; vacant lot, Moline; $2,000.

Edwards, Robert L., Silvis, to Strickly Southern, East Moline; 815/A 1st Ave., Silvis, apartment building; $20,000.

Prine, Matthew and Morgan, Coal Valley, to Soltow, Aaron J., Rock Island; 1445 98th Ave. Ct. W., Rock Island; $189,900.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Castillo-Varela, Adan, Moline; 1124 11th Ave., Moline; $65,000.

Johnson, Ryan S. and Nicole L., Davenport, to Armstrong, Virginia, and Servine, Nancy, East Moline; 4106 Morton Dr., East Moline; $127,900.

Depoorter, Barry J. and Jean L., Rock Island, to Davis, Rita, and Zulu, Stanley, Rock Island; 1148 39th St., Rock Island; $144,500.

Southerland, Greg and Yolanda, Moline, to Davis, Jessica, Moline; 1021 19th Ave., Moline; $80,800.

Pearce, David, Rock Island, to Lian, Suan, and Nuam, Hoih, Moline; 1823 47th St. Ct., Moline; $125,000.

Oswalt, Muriel, trust, East Moline, to Shepherd, Debra, and DeVoss, Dean, Coal Valley; 8522 49th St., Coal Valley; $130,000.

Johnson, Judith A., estate, Milan, to Rashid, Rita R., Moline; 920 17th St. #26, Moline; $49,900.

Sherwin, Mararet J., Davenport, to Park, Daniel, and Jones, Havalah D., Moline; 1511 28th Ave., Moline; $106,000.

Friedrichsen, Sandra, Erie, to Bell, Andrew and Miranda, Hillsdale; 28029 122nd Ave. N., Hillsdale; $123,000.

Alvarez, Martina S., Rock Island, to Alvarez, Jaime, Rock Island; 2513 29 1/2 St., Rock Island; $95,000.

Blackburn, William M. and Brandy S., Richmond, Ky., to Shewell, Tracy, Rock Island; 3616 34th Ave., Rock Island; $147,000.

Gray, Jesse and Rose, Greentop, Mo., to Fisher, Thomas and Cynthia, trust, Milan; 10815 50th St., Milan; $170,000.

Moncrief, Allen D. and Kathleen M., Moline, to Fobert, Jeff and Abby, Coal Valley; 1305 E. 7th St., Coal Valley; $260,000.

Webb, Joshua P., Davenport, to Mooney, Andrew, Moline; 4504 21st Ave., Moline; $110,000.

Pike, Louis A., Milan, to Future Capital, Davenport; 1133 35th St., Rock Island; $41,000.

McNichols, Linda S. and Bryon, Sherrard, to Harris, Jeremy M., and Cross-Harris, Laina M., Rock Island; $113,500.

Orange Rock Illinois, Schomberg, Ontario, Canada, to JLJP, Moline; 1917 15th St., Moline; $36,000.

Sisul, Leona E., trust, Milan, to Washington, Carnissa B., East Moline; 1299 48th Ave. #2, East Moline; $59,000.

Clark Family Trust, Sherrard, to Jones, Ronald and Bonita, East Moline; 4028 4th St. A., East Moline; $279,500.

Gauger, Anita, Moline, to Frame, Grafton Lee, Moline; 3202 2nd St., Moline; $140,000.

Graham, John and Lauri J., Colona, to Fritsch, Albert, Milan; 448 5th St. E., Milan; $77,500.

JP2 Properties, Moline, to Molapo, Tsooane, Moline; 3435 52nd St. Ct., Moline; $201,000.

Johnson, Russel E. and Mary Jean, Rock Island, to Mac’s Building, Davenport; 3529 12th Ave., Rock Island; $220,000.

Carpathian Capital, Minneapolis, to Sellers, Ashley, East Moline; 128 16th Ave., East Moline; $65,000.

Head, Jacinda L., Moline, to Foley, Michelle, Moline; 2349 29th St., Moline; $65,500.

Allison, Bradford J., Virginia Beach, Va., to Clark, Joshua, East Moline; 3800 178th St. N., East Moline; $169,000.

Morgan, Douglas, Seminole, Fla., to Schmidt, David, Coal Valley; 1911 1st St., Coal Valley; $166,000.

Atteberry, Jodie L., Burlington, Iowa, to Reagan, Joseph F. and Laura J., Moline; 1808 45th St., Moline; $179,000.

Keys, Jonathan and Tyra, Chester, Va., to Trask, Jeffrey and Shea, Taylor Ridge; 6018 92nd Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $170,000.

Karzin, Connie L., Davenport, to Guzman-Armenta, Juan, Rock Island; 2428 11th St., Rock Island; $69,200.

Dreher-Hardesty, Betty A., Silvis, to Coverdill, Ruth, and Riley, Herschell, Colona; 2415 48th St., Moline; $56,500.

Killingsworth, Diana M., trust, Rock Island, to Darc, Ndimaritse Joseph, and Vwamahoro Jeanne; 3833 17th St., Rock Island; $127,900.

Zeitler, Drew M. and Jessica, Taylor Ridge, to Feik, Garrett L., Reynolds; 514 N. Posey St., Reynolds; $115,000.

Price, Charles and Christine, Port Byron, to Vanoverberg, John, Cordova; 22002 Barstow Rd., East Moline; $40,000.

Craig, Daniel and Mary, Lexington, Ky., to Varadachari, Madhavan, and Gopalan, Radhika, Coal Valley; 1512 E. 5th St., Coal Valley; $255,000.

Rinehart, Cheryl, Bettendorf, to Beals, Mary, Rock Island; 2100 Stadium Dr., Rock Island; $85,000.

Yodts, Kevin D. and Heather, Moline, to Gunter, Ryan, Moline; 5017 47th Ave., Moline; $99,900.

DeKeyrel, Chase, Taylor Ridge, to Alongi, Patrick, Andalusia; 120 6th Ave. W., Andalusia; $88,500.

Gunnare, Mary Jeanne, trust, East Moline, to Tomey, Rex M. and Deborah A., Wilmington, Ill.; 607 E. 6th St., Coal Valley; $225,000.

Herrera, Paul P. and Susan M., Moline, to Tucker, Christopher and Danielle, Milan; 5004 116th Ave., Milan; $250,000.

McNeal, Peter, estate, Hardeeville, S.C., to Hernandez-Moreno, Juan Manuel, Moline; 210 19th St., East Moline, land/lot; $7,750.

Chisholm, Jeffrey S. and Kayla, Milan, to KPH Land, Paoli, Pa.; land/lot, solar energy facility, Village of Milan; $40,000.

Future Capital, Davenport, to De Leon, Jr., Francisco, Chicago; 228 4th Ave. W., Milan; $90,000.

Killian, Rachel and Joseph, San Tan Valley, Ariz., to Owens, Rachel, East Moline; 1712 36th Ave., East Moline; $88,000.

Sommers, Oscar R. and Sandra J., trust, Eldridge, to Chu, Quoc, Moline; 3524 9th Ave. Ct., Moline; $165,000.

Pithan, Larry C., trust, Andalusia, to Carius, John K. and Pamela S., Moline; 3708 Avian Ct., Milan; $9,000.

Duyvejonck, Karen L., Moline, to Barbara Horton Special Needs Trust; Egert, Judy, trustee, Moline; 439 41st St., Moline; $72,500.

Mack, Wah Chiu and Jing Shu Zhu, Rock Island, to Looney L.C., Rock Island; 219 17th St., Rock Island; $110,000.

Ryckaert, Barbara, Moline, to Rennison, Kevin, Taylor Ridge; 6001 92nd Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $290,000.

Vermeulen, Kristine A. and Stephen M., Moline, to Burnett, Erica and Nick R., Moline; 1636 32nd St., Moline; $106,500.

Hoegner, Gary and Kathleen, Moline, to Paulson, Matt, Moline; 3000 26th St., Moline; $199,900.

Hanna, Steve and Karen, Moline, to Hassler, Kathleen, Rock Island; 4437 46th Ave., Rock Island; $108,000.

Stapleton, Albert and Cornelia, Rock Island, to Kantor, Phillip J. and Lisa R., Rock Island; 2052 3rd Ave., Unit C., Rock Island; $160,000.

Quad City Bank and Trust Company, Davenport, to WWRD, Bettendorf; 1156 33rd Ave., Moline; $45,000.

Weymark, George, trust, Moline, to Walker, Lee Ann M., Moline; 1810 53rd St., Moline; $45,000.

Covemaker, Kyel and Ryamme, Rapids City, to Erickson, Amy and Christian, East Moline; 235 29th Ave., East Moline; $53,500.

Markley, Norman S., Moline, to Fennesy, Kenneth J. and Rosalind, Coal Valley; 305 W. 5th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $297,500.

Petrick, Justin P., Milan, to Szopinski, Katie L. and Daniel J., Moline; 1121 24th St., Moline; $107,900. 

Whitten, Rosetta G., Moline, to Whitten, Curtis R., Moline; 4627 50th Ave., Moline; $130,000.

DeYoung, Samantha, Milan, to Markin, Devan, Moline; 1734 28th Ave. Place, Moline; $84,000.

Kinetic Redevelopment, Des Moines, to Wisely, Reed, Moline; 3823 15th St. B, Moline; $117,900.

Silversmet, Jr., James A., Coal Valley, to Kraklio, Kaitlin H., Moline; 1918 12th St., Moline; $138,000.

McAdams, Driesst, Moline, to Aukee, Nathan, Moline; 2355 Avenue of the Cities, Moline; $43,000.

Corwell, Diane L., trust, Sterling, to Foster, Steven E. and Jackie L., trust, Dixon; 26 Villa Dr., Hampton; $370,000.

Clemmons, Edmond, trust, Moline, to McKee, Shari Turner, Fort Myers, Fla.; 2311 18th St. B, Moline; $72,000.

Turner McKee, Shari, Fort Myers, Fla., to Harned, Austin, Moline; 2311 18th St. B, Moline; $83,500.

Sieminski, Jeanette S., Chicago, to Griffin, Rodney, Silvis; 1408 5th Ave., Silvis; $165,000.

Mattecheck, Roger, Moline, to Waeyaert, Timothy R., Moline; 6141 - 6147 34th Ave., Moline; $293,800.

Brown, Connie; Moskaloff, Kenneth; Nesbitt, Nancy, and Nylin Nesbitt, Shellee, Milan, to Macke Properties, Bettendorf; 834 E. 3rd Ave., Milan; $69,000.

Gning, Diokel, Moline, to Future Capital, Davenport; 185 Hero St., Silvis; $18,000.

Womack, Kathie J., Moline, to Edwards, David O., Springfield, Ill.; 1509 N. Shore Dr., Moline; $63,000.

Hanson, Wanda E., Urbandale, Iowa, to Keck III, Thomas A., Rock Island; 1 College Hill Ct., Rock Island; $285,000.

Walcott Trust and Savings Bank, Walcott, Iowa, to Kelley Properties, Bettendorf; 3930 15th St. B., Moline; $75,000.

Fecht, Joseph and Alta A., Moline, to Stevens, Maximus, Moline; 3107 12th Ave., Moline; $162,000.

Kovacs, Claire, Johnson City, New York, to Bates, Kyle Earl, Rock Island; 2128 31st St., Rock Island; $130,000.

Walcott Trust and Savings Bank, Walcott, to Kelley Properties, Bettendorf; 474 29th Ave., East Moline; $97,500.

Rudsell, Ross, Rock Island, to Lonergan, Michael W., Cordova; 18814 River Rd. N., Cordova; $180,000.

Soltow, Aaron, Rock Island, to Rasso, Terry L., Moline; 3155 18th Ave., Moline; $132,500.

Wolter, Denise, Moline, to Zyla, Marc, and Price, Rachel L., Rock Island; 2153 14th St., Rock Island; $137,000.

Stengel, Charles H. and Bridget A., Sarasota, Fla., to Hoegner, Gary and Kathleen, Moline; 1722 56th St. Ct., Moline; $320,000.

Forward, Jenna, Rochester, Minn., to Alicic, Adil and Fatima, Moline; 3069 4th St., Unit 6, Moline; $58,000.

Winstead, Daniel L., Galt, Ill., to Neppl, James and Diane, Milan; 2201 Lesmik Ct., Milan; $310,000.

Neppl, James and Diane, Milan, to McCreight, Mark and Kimberly, Milan; 2201 Lesmik Ct., Milan; $305,000.

Miller, Brandon, Hobe Sound, Fla., to Future Capital, Davenport; 922 5th Ave., Moline; $90,000.

Chance Living Trust, East Moline, to Fullerlove, Ronald E. and Georgette K., Sherrard; 631 W. 10th Ave. & 641 W. 10th Ave., Milan, restaurant; $100,000.

Bagatelas, Karen M., Bettendorf, to Vermeulen, Stephen and Kristine, Moline; 2610 31st St., Moline; $180,000.

Morris, Phillip Craig, and Annette, Milan, to Brant L.L.P., Milan; 528 W. 2nd Ave., Milan; $6,500.

Spriggel, Mark W. and Olga V., Moline, to Bender, William D. and Joyce E., Sigourney, Iowa; 4022 River Dr., Unit 2C, Moline; $261,500.

Dundy, Michael D., Colona, to Williams, Wendy, Silvis; 2308 9th St., Silvis; $90,000.

Desmet, Jeffrey, Moline, to Cano, Ove, Milan; 7501 50th St., Milan, commercail building; $140,000.

Torrence, Lyle, Rock Island, to Nino, David, Moline; 1320 25th St., Rock Island; $34,500.

Speer, Donald B. and Barbara J., trust, Silvis, to Johnson, Jordan, Port Byron; 109 Bluff St., Port Byron; $120,000.

Walcott Trust and Savings Bank, Walcott, to KelLines, Bettendorf; 1889 22nd Ave., Moline; $30,000.

Hockaday, Kenneth J., Moline, to Pitra, Julie A. and Brian D., Geneseo; 1511 25th St., Moline; $97,000.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Quad Cities Properties, Port Byron; 1535 44th St., Moline; $20,000.

Anthony, Lucille, Peoria, to Future Capital, Davenport, to 1521 14th St., Rock Island; $10,985.

Carlson, Joanne E., estate, Moline, to JLJP, Moline; 2324 18th St. B, Moline; $69,000.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Hitchcock, Rick and Shelby, and Parrish, Kathy, Andalusia; 2343 39th St., Rock Island; $55,000.

Holladay, Henry, Milan, to VanOpdorp, Adam, Coal Valley; 8407 51st St. Ct., Coal Valley; $187,500.

Vanacker, Nicholas A., Sarasota, Fla., to Clean Energy Renewable, Moline; 1005 N. Shore Dr., Moline, salvage commercial building; $349,000.

Bost, Kathleen M., trust, Reynolds, to Ostrom, Drake, Milan; 12006 35th St. W., Milan; $290,000.

McClanahan, Robert J., Davenport, to Del's Metal, Rock Island; 101 6th Ave., Rock Island; $175,000.

Miller, Christopher and Sherry, Aubrey, Texas, to MacDonald, Michael and Kimberly, East Moline; 3905 178th St. N., East Moline; $223,000.

Carr, Judith, estate, Savoy, Ill., to Edwards, Samantha, Milan; 9020 27th St., Milan; $99,900.

Parchert, Genevieve, Aledo, to Parchert III, William F. and Deanna L., Illinois City; various unimproved tracts of farm land, Taylor Ridge, Buffalo Prairie Township; $296,800.

HNK 3, Bettendorf, to Beale, Drew, and Wheling, Paige, Silvis; 1209 8th Ave., Silvis; $149,500.

DeVore, Diane J., trust, East Moline, to Long, Daniel R., East Moline; 3422 12th St., East Moline; $166,000.

Mendoza, Abraham G., Galesburg, to Acosta Leon, Antonio, and Garibay Mendoza, Moline; 5330 32nd Ave. and 3203 53rd St. B, vacant lot, Moline, South Moline Township; $66,000.

Chapman, John, Davenport, to Chapman, James, Moline; 1812 43rd St., Moline; $65,000.

Tretkoff, Ethan, Athens, Ohio, to VanZandbergen, Daniel G. and Sandra K., East Moline; 1800 7th St., Unit 4B, East Moline; $49,000.

Iams, Wendell, East Moline, to Future Capital, Davenport; 4307 10th St., East Moline; $26,000.

Siddone, Harold S. and Ruth A., trust, Sherrard, to Taylor, Matthew S., East Moline; 604 20th Ave. Ct., East Moline; $133,000.

Spence, Nathan and Angel, Camanche, to Wilson, Nicole, East Moline; 2856 7th St., East Moline; $113,500.

VanSpeybroeck, Rhonda L., trust, Rock Island, to Rooted Holdings, Davenport; 850 36th Ave., Moline; $260,000.

King, Ellen M., Concord, N.C., to Dusiyorov, Sherali, and Sanakulova, Mekhriniso, Moline; 4303 34th Ave. Place, Moline; $110,000.

Dubree, Douglas J. and Cynthia A., Rock Island, to Patterson, Danielle, Moline; 2115 13th St., Moline; $136,000.

Serre, Richard W., trustee, Deahl, Carolyn H., trust, Moline, to Brown, Mary Christine and Carol, Moline; 5301 16th Ave., Moline; $159,900.

Tubbs, Dorothy A., Coal Valley, to Windmill Farm Investments, Milan; 1430 11th St. A, Moline; $53,000.

Wayne, Virginia R., trust, Rock Island, to Taylor, Kimberly Noel, Moline; 1337 21st Ave., Unit 7A, Rock Island; $92,500.

Rogers, Mike and Elizabeth, East Moline, to Coreline Investments, Bettendorf; 2431 - 2433 5th Ave., Moline; $65,000.

Gorgal, Allan, Moline, to Smith, Jamie, and Viaene, Jake, Moline; 2424 4th St., Moline; $118,500.

Anders, Boyd C., estate, Colona, to Wier, Logan and Marisa, Moline; 4915 49th Ave., Moline; $92,500.

Hamilton, Edward W. and Roxanne A., Davenport, to Rodriguez, Kelia, Port Byron; 2114 Woodgate Circle, Port Byron; $415,000.

Bornhoeft, Betty, trust, Bettendorf, to Spurgetis, Roxanne, East Moline; 54- 26th Ave. Ct., East Moline; $173,000.

Hensley, Jason, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Shaffer, David, Moline; 2108 13th St., Moline; $114,500.

Mueting, Courtney E., Colona, to Johnson, Matthew H., Moline; 2403 45th St., Moline; $87,000.

Eller, Brian M. and Kori B., Frankfort, Ill., to Mendoza, Ben and Deanna, East Moline; 3633 8th St. Ct., East Moline; $140,750.

Romkey, Michael, Rock Island, to Dane, Calvin, Rock Island; 913-915 23rd St., Rock Island; $113,500.

Walcott Trust and Savings Bank, Walcott, to Kelley Properties, Bettendorf; 3311 15th St. Ct., Rock Island; $89,193.

Tubbs, Dorothy, Coal Valley, to Pauwels, Christopher T., Rock Island; 2501-2503 24th Ave., Rock Island; $185,000.

McCormick, Dawn J., executor of estate of McCormick, William, Kansas City, Mo., to Saucer, Francis, trust, Moline; 1118 2nd St., Moline; $135,000.

TC Homes, Schaumburg, Ill., to Cederoth Properties, Coal Valley; 1430 36th St., Rock Island; $55,000.

Sebben, Kyle M. and Susan K., Moline, to JPTP, Moline; 409 W. 11th Ave., Milan; $149,000.

Popp, Carla, administrator of Morse, Douglas, estate, Davenport, to Debus, Antonio, Milan; 8718 W. 78th W., Milan; $120,000.

Young, Bernard, estate, San Francisco, Calif., to Young, Patrick F., Rock Island; 2112 28th St., Rock Island; $56,000.

Madson, Erik and Candice, Milan, to Malmstrom, Timothy C., Moline; 3808 10th Ave. Place, Moline; $67,000.

AJB Apartments, Moline, to Carman Properties, Bettendorf; 2111 35th St. and 2117 35th St., Rock Island; $415,000.


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