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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021

Real estate transactions for Sunday, Feb. 21, 2021

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Minnaert, William R., to Koning, Zachariah J., west half of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 20, Township 18 North, Range 3 East of the 4th Principal Meridian, Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois; $125,000.

Ostrowski, Nikki L. and Michael, to Bergland, Zachary J., 9170 N. 1700th Avenue, Osco; $183,000.

Ellis Renovations, to Bolio, Amber, 115 E. High Street, Cleveland; $162,500.

Delair, Matthew V. and Hannah M., to Diaz, Laura and Edwin, 626 Cherry Court, Colona; $194,000.

Clark, Michael W. and Constance S., to Clark, Alexandria J., and Wright, Taylor W., 121 S. Russell Avenue, Geneseo; $70,000.

Land Associates, to Reese, Carol D. Trust, 19069 Bluff Road, Geneseo; $225,000.

Tucker, Chad W. and Kristen, to Wikle, Sarah Katelyn, 303 4th Avenue, Colona; $104,000.

Bealer Donald R. Family Limited Partnership, to Heckenkamp, Michael W., Lot 22 Oak View Estates First Addition to the Village of Coal Valley, Henry County, Illinois; $90,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, to Osborn, Jacob William, 206 N. State Street, Annawan; $68,000.

MidAmerican National Bank, to Murphey, Ronald L., 345 S. Park Street, Kewanee; $40,000.

Boland, Ellen, to Boland, F. Donald L./ Donald; Pamela L./ Pamela, 205 W. 4th Street, Woodhull; $19,000.

Rogers, Chad A. and Ashley J., to Anderson, Gary and Halee Rose, 9455 Rock River View, Colona; $203,500.

Cochran, Sandra J., to Bermes Properties, 245 N. 1800th Avenue, Coal Valley; $50,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association, to Moore, Andrew Richard and Jessica Diane, 110 E. 8th Street, Kewanee; $26,500.

Sutton, Nancy J., and Whitmer, Douglas A., to Frail, Mike V., Lot #12 in Block #1 of Currier's subdivision of Block #11 of John Fischer's subdivision of the northeast quarter of Section 34, Township 15N, Range 5E of the 4th Principal Meridian situated in the City of Kewanee in the County of Henry in the State of Illinois; $37,500.

Shawgo, Jerry Allen and Lorry Kay, to Saint John Investment, 510 11th Avenue, Orion; $450,000.


Voley, V A, trust, Taylor Ridge, to Zimmer, Adam P., Andalusia; 14814 78th Ave. W., Andalusia; $195,000.

Neidlinger, Matt, and Heckmann, Kris E., Carmel, Ind., to Kupresin, Brenda S., Port Byron; 416 S. Main St., Port Byron; $101,000.

Shaw, Milton B., Davenport, to Vercautren, Donald, Rock Island; 925 24th Ave., Rock Island; $58,000.

Brien, Timothy A., Rock Island, to First Financial Group, Bettendorf; 4510 7th Ave., Rock Island; $117,500.

Atkisson, Bonnie S., Geneseo, to Polzin, John M., East Moline; 1139 48th Ave., East Moline; $90,000.

Wandrey, JoAnn, trust, Spring Hill, Tenn., to Black, Charles, Silvis; 3408 14th St., Silvis; $300,000.

Hill, Bryce and Nealie K., Aurora, Ill., to Leatherman, Joshua, Rock Island; 1517 9th Ave., Rock Island; $124,900.

Secretary of HUD, Atlanta, Ga., to Calsyn, Zachary, Milan; 1410 36th St., Rock Island; $35,100.

Fite, Justin, and Roman, Stacy, Winchester, Calif, to Dunn, Morgan, Coal Valley; 1814 E. 3rd St., Coal Valley; $156,500.

Westpfahl, John R. and Patricia E., Milan, to Rudsell, Kelly, Milan; vacant land, Milan; $192,250.

Heilwagner, Miriam, estate, Milan, to Hary, Scott, Taylor Ridge; 209 E. 4th St., Milan; $77,500.

Monk, Denise C., executor for Brockert, Karen S., estate, Illinois City, to Eckstein, Randy and Shawna, Illinois City; 22005 154th Ave. W., Illinois City; $200,000.

Stohl, Donna K., administrator for Morns, Carol F., estate, Geneseo, to Jacks, Danny A., Rock Island; 2804 40th Ave., Rock Island; $96,000.

Enriquez, Eulogia P., trust, Las Vegas, Nev., to East Moline 76, Farmington, Mich.; 4000 Archer Dr., East Moline, 76 unit apartment building; $2,475,000.

Reed, Todd M. and Tarrah A., Coal Valley, to DeBlaey, Cole, and DeTaeye, Hanah, Coal Valley; 514 W. 15th Ave., Coal Valley; $260,000.

Reicks, Ross J. and Kacey, Ankeny, Iowa, to Maltby, Skylar, Moline; 1813 3rd St., Moline; $101,000.

Georlett, Margo L., Moline, to Ford, Steven H. and Sharon M., Moline; 3522 26th Ave. B., Moline; $250,000.

Harmening, Laurel Sue, East Moline, to Speckman, Ian, East Moline; 101 Island Ave., East Moline; $30,000.

Speckman, Ian, East Moline, to Scarff, Harry C., and Rohrer, Tracy A., East Moline; 101 Island Ave., East Moline; $15,000.

Hubbert, Jr., Bennie, estate, Rock Island, to Beechum, Deitria, Rock Island; 1514 8th St. Rock Island; $28,000.

Henderson, Paul L., and Ford, Andrea J., East Moline, to Sandoval, Jon, Silvis; 128 15th St., Silvis; $104,500.

Plumb, Bruce J., estate, Hillsdale, to The Gibson Living Trust II, Port Byron; 607 N. High St., Port Byron; $77,000.

Jarvus, Howard M., trust. to Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, Chicago; 17020 4th Ave., East Moline, farm; $390,000.

Krueger, Martin and Darcy, trust, Taylor Ridge, to Leyendecker, Dustin and Kim, Taylor Ridge; 5.49 acre tract in Andalusia Township and 5.23 acre tract in Andalusia, Taylor Ridge; $65,000.

Stovall, Cheryl, and Harrington, Cheryl, Rock Island, to Selby Enterprises, Davenport; 1209 11th St., Rock Island; $4,419. 

Kelley, Michael, Coal Valley, to Anderson, Kiley, Coal Valley; 106 W. 5th St., Coal Valley; $68,900.

Bebber, Henrietta, Rock Island, to Mue, Naw and Nwey, Rock Island; 3313 36th St., Rock Island; $131,000.

Mata, Nichole J., and Mata-Leon, Jose A., Silvis, to Hildreth, Kori, East Moline; 2215 5th St., East Moline; $137,000.

Kongkousonh, Say and Elizabeth, Silvis, to Goetz III, Norman Darren and Kelli, East Moline; 2332 5th St., East Moline; $271,000.

Cake Group, Andalusia, to Hoke, Dale A. and Renee A., Taylor Ridge; 8829 98th St. W., Taylor Ridge; $310,000.

Helling, Fred and Diana, Colona, to Scherbroeck, Renee, Moline; 2360 32nd St., Moline; $138,000.

Crotty, Kathryn Ann, Coal Valley, to Crotty, Jacob L., Moline; 2917 11th Ave. A., Moline; $135,000.

Bean, Evan, Mark, Ill., to Burke, David and Mindy, Hampton; 919 5th St. A., Hampton; $152,000.

Carpathian Capital Fund, Minneapolis, Minn., to 3D VISIONZ, Inc., Davenport; 1037 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $50,000.

Martinez, Armando and Roxann, Silvis, to Favela, Raul, Silvis; 1114 2nd Ave., Silvis; $70,000.

Apple, Steven, Dixon, Ill., to Churchill, Craig, East Moline; 2238 Oakwood Ct., East Moline; $197,000.

Song, Lisa, Bettendorf, to Nawl, Chum, East Moline; 937 36 1/2 Ave., East Moline; $82,000.

Brickner, Courtney and David, Moline, to Guy, Lachelle A., Rock Island; 1601 88th Ave. W., Rock Island; $179,900.

Weinberger, Steven and Tracy, Bettendorf, to Brickner, David and Courtney, Moline; 2729 8th St. Ct., Moline; $320,000.

Olsen, Leslie, Norwell, Mass., to Bothell, Steve, Port Byron; 2202 Larkspur Cir., Port Byron; $275,000.

Moore, Toni J., Moline, to Boyle, Daniel M., East Moline; 3318 2nd St. Ct., East Moline; $112,500.

Johnson, Jennifer, East Moline, to Magloe, Adzoguenou Foti, and Ahado, Eya Mawufemo, East Moline; 927 41st Ave., East Moline; $131,900.

Kettler, Bruce K., Nokomis, Fla., to Ford, Jordan M., Coal Valley; 106 W. 23rd Ave. and vacant lot, Coal Valley; $86,000.

Bassford Construction, Moline, to Wollbrink, Braeden G., and Haskins, Trisha K., Silvis; 1922 13th St., Silvis; $204,500.

Gengler, Cynthia A., Marco Island, Fla., to Morse, Larry L., Moline; 3721 35th St., Unit 3, Moline; $88,000.

Carpathian Capital Fund, Minneapolis, Minn., to Harris, Abigail, and Hartwick, Emily, Rock Island; 3513 12th Ave., Rock Island; $61,500.

U.S. Bank Trust, Oklahoma City, Okla., to Ellis Renovations, Silvis; 4315 26th Ave., Moline; $45,000.

ValBlaracom, Jerry D., Davenport, to The Jackson Group, Rock Island; 2737 8 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $37,500.

Maid For You Cleaning, Moline, to DeFrieze, David C., and Juehring-DeFrieze, Karen S., Moline; 2616 41st St., Moline; $128,200.

Keenan, Darlene, Moline, estate, to Keenan, Carole, Moline; 2003 3rd St., Moline; $55,000.

Boysen, Donald and Marilyn, Davenport, to Schroder, James, Rock Island; 2603 35th Ave., Rock Island; $148,000.

Wrath, David and Joan, Moline, to Bulens, Christopher and Samantha, Moline; 3613 32nd Ave., Moline; $205,000.

Toscano, Crescenciano A., and Cruz-Almanza, Maria G., East Moline, to Benson, Rashaun, Moline; 2431 6th Ave., Moline; $70,000.

Deblaey, Hanah E., Coal Valley, to Brown, Lanelle E., Moline; 822 53rd St., Moline; $169,900.

Lobur, Steven and Lindsey, Bettendorf, to Johnston, Corey and Deborah, Moline; 2500 23rd Ave. B, Moline; $192,000.

Riexinger, Steven E., Horseshoe Bend, Ariz., to Schrock, Cynthia E., Viola; 1622 18th Ave., Suite 22, Rock Island; $50,000.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Rangel, Jose, Rock Island; 1621 34th St., Rock Island; $50,700.

Advanta IRA Administration, Largo, Fla., to Woller, Fred, Rock Island; 4709 11th St. A, Moline; $59,200.

Riley, Robert J. and Gayle M., Rock Island, to Robinson, Patrick, Milan; 820 N. Ave., Milan; $125,000.

Rinnels, Jacob, Independence, Ohio, to Wells, Shane M., Andalusia; 909 8th St. E., Andalusia; $315,700.

Wietting, Wayne, East Moline, to DeVoss, Sara, Moline; 413 38th St., Moline; $35,000.

Jeans, Harry D. and Laurie M., Fayetteville, Ariz., to Ritterhoff, Eric J., Rock Island; 1340 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $123,500.

Lavin, Jeffrey D.. and Mary B., trust, Peoria, Ariz., to Kolls, Patrick and Kalyn, Milan; 1600 Jondre Drive, Milan; $299,000.

Kotecki, David M. and Laurie A., Rock Island, to Spurgeon, Amanda, and Burkamper, Alex, Rock Island; 3811 46th St, Rock Island; $254,000.

Easton, Carolyn, trust, Round Lake Beach, Ill., to Sottos, Debra, Milan; 3726 Savanna Circle W., Milan; $410,000.

Bulens, Christopher and Samantha, Moline, to Cunningham, Cody, and Scott, McKennah, Rock Island; 4525 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $135,599.

Tapia, Jorge and Rhonda, Port Byron, to Soliz, Stephanie and Kelin, Hampton; 1208 8th St. Ct., Hampton; $170,000.

Secretary of HUD, Atlanta, Ga., to Garcia, Gema, Moline; 4543 15th Ave., Rock Island; $11,000.

ABW Properties, Plainfield, Ill., to The Caldjoi Group, Richmond, Va.; 1216 Glenhurst Ct., Rock Island; $599.

Gerber, Daniel M., Kansas City, Miss., to Martinez, Ana, Moline; 1171 33rd St. Ct., Moline; $150,000.

Stewart, Sandra M., estate, Junction City, Kan., to Egert, Ryan D. and Penny S., East Moline; 2504 4th St. A., East Moline; $89,900.


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