Real estate transactions for Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019

Real estate transactions for Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019


Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Mullin, Rita M., to Timbrook, Marta J. and Thomas, 739 S. Center Street, Geneseo; $152,500.

Gehn, Kurt A., to Gehn, Matthew G. and Michaela, 21479 E. 720th Street, Geneseo; $200,000.

Welch, Gary L. and Betty L., to Kiger, Francis and Dawn, 710 S. State Street, Geneseo; $145,000.

Illinois Orion, 2880 North 1100 Avenue LLC, to TEGNA Broadcast Holdings LLC, 2880 North 1100 Avenue, Orion; $854,000.

Querry, Rodney and Nancy, to Lavine, Adam L., 805 Cypress Drive, Colona; $177,500.

Holtschult, Brean J., to McGuire, Charles, 515 Franklin Street, Kewanee; $56,500.

DeBackere, Richard D. and Teresa J., to Martin, Clayton and Danielle, 302 National Court, Cambridge; $148,000.

Johnston, Benjamin P. and Jennifer E., to DeBackere, Richard D. and Teresa J., 306 W. Center Street, Cambridge; $138,000.

VerHeecke, Robert L., to Murphy, Caroline K. and Brubaker, Terry M., 901 Monroe Street, Kewanee; $32,000.

Dixline, to Trademark National LLC, 112 N. Exchange Street, Galva; $13,000.

Whitlow, Shirleyan and Robert E., to Smith, Michael R. and Rhonda, 307 7th Avenue, Colona; $212,000.

Balmes, William T. and William J., to VanDeVoorde, Robert and Meuwissen, Jennifer, 6 Ridge Road, Kewanee; $182,000.

Carroll, John, to Carroll, James and Nicole, 8 Riverside Acres, Geneseo; $37,500.

Pennymac Loan Services, to Specht, James B. and Barbara I., 203 N. Russell Avenue, Geneseo; $155,000.

Polowy, Charles A. and Amy J., to Friedline, Ron and Heather, 16381 E. 900 Street, Osco; $170,000.

Lampo, James A. and Melissa A., to Boe, Blake A. and Amy, 2 Ponderosa Lane, Colona; $507,000.

Denzer, Teresa M./ Ross, Teresa M., to Mercer, Theodore J. Jr., and Jennifer M., 327 Lyle Street, Kewanee; $100,000.

DeReu, James/ DeReu, Jim and Alicia, to Stevenson, Willie Jr., 412 Park Street, Kewanee; $6,500.

Fulkerson, John T. II and Tabitha, to Allen, Brian and Hepner, Sarah, 1003 13th Street, Orion; $126,500.

Beam Bros, to Beam, Michael R. and Jessica J., farmground, Cambridge; $49,000.

Coppejans, Patrick J. and Katherine E., to Beam, Michael R.. and Jessica J., 9846 E. 1400 St., Cambridge and 4 other tracts of farmland; $307,500.

Bollinger, Jason L. and Tulisa M., to Priester, Patricia L., 1305 5th Street, Orion; $117,000.

Keutzer, Sarah K., to Shoemaker, Justin M. and Valerie E., 304 N.. Ward Street, Geneseo; $139,000.

Green, M. Duane and Marsha K., to Zakula, Autumn D., 100 S. 2nd Street, Cambridge; $134,000.

Dickerson, Barbara J., to Shepherd, Bailee J., 1106 12th Avenue, Orion; $92,000.

Wilson, Brian Edward and Cynthia, to Mathias, Dylan, 807 3rd Street, Colona; $42,500.


Bradshaw III, Edward and Sarah-Lynn J., East Moline, to Munoz Villagomez, Jesus, and Munoz, Blanca, East Moline; 1727 10th Ave., East Moline; $73,500.

Downing, Kenneth L. and Norma J., Sherrard, to Stannke, Patricia, Rock Island; 3318 36th St., Rock Island; $109,000.

Stannke, Patricia, Rock Island, to Schroeder, Adam, Coal Valley; 12714 92nd Ave., Coal Valley; $149,900.

Asleson, Eugene, Moline, to Baxter, Jamie L. and James R., Jr.; 4823 51st Ave., Moline; $124,000.

Lehmann, Gregory W. and Brooke A., Bettendorf, to Hensley, Dana, Moline; 4706 20th Ave., Moline; $144,140.

Smeltzer Jr., Donald H., Rock Island, to Krantz, Karla, Rock Island; 1838 35th St., Rock Island; $60,000.

Dungan, Joshua A., and Morgan-Dungan, Tiffany R., Brentwood, Calif., to Zamora, Martin and Guadalupe Rodriquez, Maria, East Moline; 404 N. 20th St., East Moline; $122,500.

Petaros Family Trust, Washington, D.C., to Skinner, David and Ramos, David, Moline; 1422 18th Ave., Silvis; $100,000.

JDH of Rock Island, Rock Island, to Lahley, Sarah E., Rock Island; 4543 12th Ave., Rock Island; $147,000.

Dooley, Louis D. and Anessa M. Colona, to Quiet Capital, Davenport; 1022 15th Ave., East Moline; $165,000.

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, West Palm Beach, Fla., to Brumbaugh, Carlara, Rock Island; 1817 9 1/2 St., Rock Island; $21,500.

HSBC Bank USA, West Palm Beach, Fla., to 2019 Castle, White Plains, N.Y.,; 2517 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $5,600.

Schroeder, David, Norfolk, Neb., to Rendleman, John and Rebecca, Rock Island; 2047 36th St., Rock Island; $63,000.

Sedam, Ronald and Sandra, Rock Island, to Begyn, Michael and Janet, Milan; 2601, vacant lot, Milan; $12,000.

Veryzer, Chad and Jennifer, Moline, to Pitlik, Tyler, Rock Island; 2324 24 1/2 St., Rock Island; $91,500.

Lauer, Todd, Mayville, to Olvera-Fout, Nicole, Moline; 5239 26th Ave. A Ct. #18, Moline; $67,500.

Bradley, Laurie R., Ocean Springs, Miss., to Garcia, Gema, Moline; 1804 17th Ave., Moline; $10,000.

Johnson, Earle P. and Jay B., Moncks Corner, S.C., to Larson, Carol Suzanne and Jodi M., Rock Island; 3704 16th Ave., Rock Island; $116,000.

Gutierrez Gomez, Martin, and Gutierrez, Susana, Moline, to Selby Enterprises, Moline; 1025 24th St., Moline; $8,780. 

Clemmons, Joyce B., trust, Milan, to Dunn, Aaron C. and Tina R., Carbon Cliff; 634 N. 2nd Ave., Carbon Cliff; $56,000.

Bermes Properties, Silvis, to Future Capital, Davenport; 963 41st St., Moline; $55,000.

Stanforth, Sheila, Moline, to Future Capital; 2330 46th St. Ct., Rock Island; $55,000.

Golden, Timothy, Rock Island, to Rock Island Housing Authority, Rock Island; 312-314 11th St., Rock Island; $36,000.

Lappin, Mary Beth, trust, Fairfax, Iowa, to Moore, Theresa A., Rock Island; 4519 25th Ave., Rock Island; $101,900.

Deblaey, Robert and Patricia, Rapid City, to Cardenas, Samantha, and Aguilar, Ramiro, Moline; 1419 18th Ave., East Moline; $5,000.

Northwest Bank & Trust Company, Davenport, to City of East Moline, East Moline; 3936 4th St., East Moline, land/lot only; $5,000.

Lammers, Catherine A. and Timothy A., Apple Valley, Minn., to Danek, Andrew and Jessica, Moline; 3110 26th Ave. Ct., Moline; $252,000.

D & R Treetop Properties RI, Dubuque, Iowa, to Smith, Dillon P., Rock Island; 617 32nd St., Rock Island; $60,000.

D & R Treetop Properties RI, Dubuque, Iowa, to Smith, Dillon P., Rock Island; 602 32nd St., Rock Island; $70,000. 

Alderson, Scott and Lisa, Davenport, to Saucedo, Moses R., East Moline; 580 Forest Rd., East Moline; $280,000.

Rock Island Development Group, Milan, to Schulte, Jason and Stephanie, Rock Island; $19,900.

Eastman, Gary, New Windsor, to Villarreal Sr., Edwardo, Rock Island; 1229 25th Ave., Rock Island; $57,000.

Ott, Thomas and Rebecca, Moline, to Ott, Kevin and Julie, Moline; 3401 15th St. A., Moline; $145,000.

Weaver, Kevin E., Coal Valley, to Riner, Tabitha, Coal Valley; 2716 W. 3rd St., Coal Valley; $140,000.

Flynn, John R. and Sherita F., Bettendorf, to Ott, Thomas G. and Rebecca, Moline; 3366 Park 16th St., Moline; $169,000.

Phipps, Billy J., Rock Island, to Future Capital, Davenport; 1543 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $25,000.

Desmet, Dennis L. and Margaret M., trust, Rock Island, to Roberts, Tori M. and Brandon L., East Moline; $272,000.

Mueller, Gary A. and Karla R., Reynolds, to Martin, Jody L., Taylor Ridge; 6321 95th Ave. Ct. W., Taylor Ridge; $160,000.

Bermes Properties, Silvis, to Pettit, Katryna, Silvis; 2309 8th St., Silvis; $85,000.

Applestone Homes, Davenport, to Carter, Davita, East Moline; 4449 8 1/2 St. Ct., East Moline; $410,151.

Mickelson, Carol E., trustee, Eldridge, to Todts, Kevin D. and Heather M., Moline; 3413 56th St. Place, Moline; $162,700.

Hendricks, Mary L., trust, Bettendorf, to Reeser, Jerry W. an David J., East Moline; 1800 7th St. #12 A., East Moline; $109,000.

Swang Kim, Sung, Millwood, N.Y., to Burkett, Rhonda, East Moline; Lots 1 & 2, Block 2, Mrs. L.N. Warner's 3rd Addition, vacant land/lot, East Moline; $10,000.

Larson, Donn R. and Beverly G., East Moline, to Simpson, Robert L. and Kathleen A., Cordova; 21504 River Road N., Cordova; $585,000.

Craig, Sharon, Bettendorf, to Hawk, Jon and Cheryl, Rock Island; 2014 44th St., Rock Island; $109,900.

Olson, Jon A. and Annette L., trustees, Saratoga, Calif., to Exposito, Norge, Rock Island; 2616 18th Ave., Rock Island; $71,000.

McMeen, Dorothy L., Milan, to McMeen, Scott A., Milan; 1013 7th St. W., Milan; $80,000.

Riner, Jamie L. and Tabitha A., Coal Valley, to Radosevich, Derek and Megan, Coal Valley; 501 E. 13th Ave. Ct., Coal Valley; $266,000.

Bennett, Jayson, Orion, to Schone, Roger and Deborah, Orion; 16425 Knoxville Rd., Orion; $220,000.

Lundeen, Nathan, and Houtekier, Jacquleline E., Rock Island, to Booth, Brett, Rock Island; 2529 19th Ave., Rock Island; $114,900.

Hatch, Guadalupe, Surprise, Ariz., to Guerrero, Francisco and Pizano, Alejandra, Rock Island; 4330 18th Ave., Rock Island; $104,900.

Pearson, Tyler J., Rock Island, to Upshaw, Phillip, Rock Island; 4013 28th Ave., Rock Island; $93,500.


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