Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Gomez, Juana, Moline, to Woller, Fred, Rock Island; 1224 37th St., Rock Island; $27,000.

Valley View Realty, Rock Island, to GMR Moline, Bethesda, Md.; 545 Valley View Drive, Moline, commercial building; $11,600,000.

Hamerlinck, Martin D. and Audrey D., Milan, to MidAmerican Energy Company, Des Moines, Iowa; 12308 14th St. W., Milan; $300,000.

Big River Investments, Silvis, to Future Capital, Davenport; 1418 5th Ave., East Moline; $53,000.

Terryberry, Fort Myers, Fla., to Future Capital, Milan; 3501 11th St., Rock Island; $48,350.

Oppenheimer, Alan C., Port Byron, to Filby, Marc, East Moline; 4643 9th St., East Moline; $90,000.

Hallett, Sheila A., trust, Illinois City, to Birmingham, Zachary M. and Brooke A., Taylor Ridge; 14106 140th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $151,000.

Ferguson, John W. and Debbie L., Foley, Ala., to Rheigans, Lori, Milan; 928 155th Ave. W., Milan; $279,900.

Hodge, Lori R., estate, Milan, to Hodge, Michael, Rock Island; 625 79th Ave. W., Rock Island; $115,000.

Ashley, Norma S., trust, Geneseo, to Bermes Properties, Silvis; 942 35 1/2 Ave., East Moline; $50,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Cuervo, Sari M. and Pedro J., Granada Hills, Calif.; 1418 5th Ave., East Moline; $70,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to BAJA Homes, Granada Hills, Calif.; 3501 11th St., Rock Island; $79,000.

Bernier, Heidi J., Geneseo, to Malmstrom, Todd and Tracy, Hampton; 326 8th Ave., Hampton; $166,500.

Sawvell, Thomas, Moline, to DeVilder, Alison, Moline; 1624 40th St. Court, Moline; $126,500.

Anderson, Irving III, Taylor Ridge, to Venker, LaDonna J., Moline; 2520 23rd Ave. A, Moline; $122,500.

Holst, Wendy, Andalusia, to Newsom, Jack and Julie, Milan; 445 E. 6th St., Milan; $95,000.

Norris, Richard A. and Cheryl K., Silvis, to On Track Properties, Rock Island; 1315-1317 13th Ave., Moline; $58,500.

Preston, Courtney L., Blue Grass, to Dunnett, Jason R. and Nicole M., Reynolds; 16704 132nd St. W., Reynolds; $250,000.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to Lundy-Jeune, Marie Phanelie, Houston, Texas; 206 13th Ave., Moline; $74,000.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to Lundy-Jeune, Marie Phanelie, Houston, Texas; 333 16th Ave., Moline; $65,000.

Maxey, Kelly L. and Kelly, Alyssa A., Port Byron, to Greer, Greg and Justina, Andalusia; 255 8th St. Place, Andalusia; $138,000.

Shoemaker, Kenn R., trustee, Silvis, to McKee, Roger D. and Virginia A., Moline; 2317 1st St. Court, Unit 31, Moline; $170,000.

Baugher, Debora Lynn Strong, trustee, Strong, Brigitte O., trust, Coal Valley, to BE2, Milan; vacant land, Milan, Blackhawk Township, 23.5 acres; $102,812.50.

Shelton, Alfred D., trust, Rock Island, to Parish, Kenneth C., Moline; 1600 8th St., Rock Island; $15,000.

Davis, Gary W., estate, Milan, to Hartmann, Scott, Rock Island; 4427 Parkview Court, Rock Island; $79,000.

Fillman, Keith, Colona, to Zuck, Robert and Rhonda, Rapids City; 908 14th St., Rapids City; $273,000.

Shaner, William F., trustee, McCook, Neb., to Iang, Zai Tha and Cem, Tuan Hei, East Moline; 603 39th Ave., East Moline; $122,000.

Milan Conservancy, Milan, to Miller, Jerry J. and Miller, Jennifer, trustee, Milan; 3717 Woodland Court, Milan, land/lot only; $17,500.

T&L Capital Management, Grants Pass, Ore., to Future Capital, Milan; 1160 26th St., Moline; $69,000.

Transformation Renovations, Grants Pass, Ore., to Future Capital, Milan; 1110 13th St., Moline; $80,000.

Cole, Charles W. c/o Wales, Tammy L., Milan, to Burns, Robert and Julie, Milan; 469 E. 4th St., Milan; $40,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Ladlus55 Investor Group, Reno, Nev.; 1160 26th St., Moline; $74,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Ladlus55 Investor Group, Reno, Nev.; 1110 13th St., Moline; $89,500.

Davies, Connie M., Bettendorf, to De La Cruz, Andrew, Moline; 1851 19th Ave., Moline; $90,000.

Welch, Troy W. and Audra L., Blue Grass, to Baker, Matthew, Milan; 5100 106th Ave., Milan; $255,000.

Mirocha, Cary M. and Darilyn G., East Moline, to Randall, Shayla B., East Moline; 1237 20th Ave. Way, East Moline; $82,000.

Farr, Donald G., Orion, to Farr, Todd D., Orion; 12909 134th Ave., Orion; $99,859.33.

Pippert, Cynthia, Milan, to JMC Remodeling, Bettendorf; 3532 12th St., Rock Island; $25,000.

Shonts, Michael S., Bettendorf, to Peterson, Alec, Moline; 4610 51st St., Moline; $124,000.

Flick Rental Properties, Coal Valley, to DeWalsche, Kevin, Hampton; 2 Riverbend Place, Rapids City; $43,000.

NIP, Rapids City, to Hoopes, Heidi and Barnes, James, Moline; 1511 24th Ave., Moline; $96,000.

Black, Delores and James, trust, Davenport, to Laroche, Christopher, East Moline; 1910 3Y Ave., East Moline; $57,000.

Vibrant Credit Union, Moline, to Wright, Derrick O. and Tanya M., Barstow; 11 186th St. N., Barstow; $24,000.

Adams, Karl, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., to Pearce, Jay and Trentz, Melisse, Rock Island; 3500 37th Ave., Rock Island; $152,000.

Schwantes, Amy J. Manner and Steven, Andalusia, to Benningfield, Kenneth R. and Sandra L., Andalusia; 503 W. 6th St., Andalusia; $112,000.

VandeWiele, Robert J. and Ruth Ann, trust, Silvis, to VanWatermeulen, Ronald L. and Sue A., Silvis; 1126 13th St., Silvis; $121,500.

Swanson, Paul and Elizabeth, trustees, Richfield, Minn., to Rangel, Roberto, Moline; 5051 48th St. A, Moline; $111,500.

Wells Fargo Bank, Frederick, Md., to McClintock, Richard M., Colona, and Robinson, Kyle P., LeClaire; 1841 27 1/2 Ave., East Moline; $53,500.

Johnson, Warren E., Geneseo, to Durham, Carl B., Rock Island; 1006 19th St., Rock Island; $58,900.

Quiet Capital, Milan, to Eyunas Asset Management, Leawood, Kan.; 1514 14th St., Rock Island; $61,000.

Black Box Equities, Milan, to Finsand, Bert and Amy, Edina, Minn.; 2323 8th St., Silvis; $79,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Today Property Solutions, Saco, Maine; 516 24th Ave., Moline; $110,000.

Grisham, Caroline S. and Scott L., Rock Island, to Smith, Tammie, Rock Island; 2506 26th Ave. Court, Unit J, Rock Island; $55,000.

Bailey, Patricia A., Davenport, to Melillo, Barbara M., Moline; 4806 44th Ave., Moline; $86,500.

Cordingley, Cheryl, Moline, to Hampton, Loren and Linda, Andalusia; Lot 73 Mississippi Meadows Add., Andalusia; $5,500.

Bautista-Kernan, Amanda K., Moline, to Bell, Donald D. and Alexandra T., Moline; 1599 34th Ave., Moline; $173,000.

Hall, Ila, Rock Island, to Black Ink Properties, Eldridge; 3035 38th Ave., Rock Island; $55,000.

Smith, Zachary C. and Megan L., Rock Island, to Roessler, Jerrod L. and Jami M., Rock Island; 3535 24th St., Rock Island; $153,900.

Wise, Thomas, Geneseo, to Bell, Bruce, Rock Island; 515-517 26th St., Rock Island; $35,900.

Smith, Tammie, Rock Island, to Raya, Marcos, Moline; 1827 15th Ave., Moline; $107,500.

Carter, Steven D., East Moline, to Mack, Craig A. and Kathryn A., Hampton; 1110-1112 12th St., Silvis; $88,000.

Terrill, John William III and Ashley Lucille, Joy, to Carpenter, Roderick D. and Laurie A., Illinois City; 284th Street, Illinois City, land/lot only; $27,000.

Hann, Darlene, Moline, to Beale, Patricia and Mary, Moline; 414 17th Ave., Moline; $72,500.

Bassford Construction, Moline, to Rojas, Guillermo Cortez, Davenport; 948 25th St., Moline; $63,000.

Frymoyer Partnership, Tipton, Iowa, to Frymoyer, Forrest, Durant; 149th Avenue, Rock Island, land/lot only, 69.81 acres; $435,000.

Shafer, Albert W. and Lori A., trust, Rock Falls, to Hamerlinck, Martin D. and Audrey D., Rock Island; 1927 88th Ave. W., Rock Island; $165,000.

Hasselbusch, James, Moline, to Ballard, Faith, Moline; 5437 10th Ave., Moline; $100,000.

Carlson, Patrick J., Buffalo, Iowa, to Smith, Barbara F., Rock Island; 844 43rd St., Rock Island; $87,000.

Hinrichsen, Jon Scott, Rock Island, to Smith, Zachary, Rock Island; 4425 42nd Ave., Rock Island; $189,900.

Future Capital, Milan, to Nelson, Jordan C., Ada, Mich.; 1118 15th St., Moline; $77,500.

Genesis Health System, Davenport, to Larsen Properties, Moline; .06 acres adjacent to 2929 41st St., Moline; $12,000.

Gryp, Gary M. and Nancy A., East Moline, to Hines, Kayci M., East Moline; 125 17th Ave., East Moline; $64,500.

Slattery, Eric M. and Erica L., Sherrard, to Harkey, Shawn and Nichols, Wendy, Rock Island; 2009 W. 88th Ave., Rock Island; $155,000.

Chumbley, Matthew, Ankeny, Iowa, to Fardi-Turkmani, Alexander, Silvis; 427 12th St., Silvis; $109,000.

Berg, Jimmy D., estate, Milan, to Bonnett, Gregory L. and Deborah L., Milan; 208 E. 9th St., Milan; $105,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Jaques, Joe and Amy, Kimberly, Idaho; 2412 W. 3rd St., Coal Valley; $155,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to Stevenson, Jordan, Bothell, Wash.; 1511 12th Ave., East Moline; $83,000.

Callaway Homes, Moline, to Ilene Sideways, Moline; 1131 8th Ave., Silvis; $153,950.

Allison, Randy and Johnna, Rock Island, to Shackleford, Justin and Mercer, Paige, Rock Island; 4314 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $89,400.

BELZ, Coal Valley, to Buysse, James D. and Rebecca M., Coal Valley; 121 E. 22nd Ave., Coal Valley; $150,000.

Dave Prochaska Construction, Bettendorf, to Carter, Tracie, Rapids City; 1002 13th Ave., Rapids City; $194,531.

Albino, Leticia, Moline, to Raya, Antonio and Rosa, Moline; 312 17th Ave., Moline; $55,000.

Slattery, Eric M., Milan, to Reger, Justin A., Milan; 301 28th Ave. W., Milan; $138,000.

Mutschler, Randal R., Aurora, Ill., to Miller, Jennifer, Milan; 3713 Woodland Court, Milan; $385,000.

Langdon, Ronald W. and Jacilyn, Moline, to Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind.; 744 20th Ave., East Moline; $45,000.

JMR Real Estate, Moline, to Owens, Mollie, Milan; 508 30th Ave. W., Milan; $75,000.

Happe, Patrick A., trust, DeWitt, Iowa, to Peterson, LaRonda and Tom, Milan; 3428 Meadow Circle E., Milan; $258,900.

Wainwright Living Trust, Port Byron, to Tom Murrell Homes, Davenport; 918 Woodfield Court, Port Byron; $38,000.

Latting, Abe and Bonnie L., Moline, to Latting, Billy, Moline; 2915-2917 17th Ave., Rock Island; $75,000.

Latting, Billy, Moline, to Premium Wholesale Building Products, Milan; 2915-2917 17th Ave., Rock Island; $125,000.

Black Box Equities, Milan, to Andersson, Emma Caroline Hurst, Chaska, Minn.; 2501 32nd Ave., Rock Island; $76,000.

Yuknis, Matthew, East Moline, to Alaniz, Stephanie, East Moline; 633 28th Ave., East Moline; $125,500.

Boswell, Todd D. and Emily, Moline, to Garcia Jimenez, Cristian O., Moline; 3230 11th Ave. C, Moline; $87,500.

Palomaki, Jonathan T. and Mary H., East Moline, to Bergheger, Jason R. and Elise M., East Moline; 2333 7th St., East Moline; $58,500.

Meegan, Elizabeth L., estate, Moline, to Sullivan, Greg and Graham-Sullivan, Lori, Moline; 3423 14th St., Moline; $97,500.

Sandusky, E. Todd and Kelli J., Coal Valley, to KI Properties, Moline; 932 38th Ave., East Moline; $64,000.

Stanley, Julian C. and Judith K., Davenport, to Roys, David, Moline; 2400 29th Ave. Cout, Moline; $219,000.

Keefe, Elizabeth M., Rock Island, to McCarty, Michael L. and Cindy L., Rock Island; 1539 28th St., Rock Island; $83,000.

Just, Tamara L. and Nathaniel D., Moline, to Parks, Bryan, Rock Island; 1531 37th St., Rock Island; $109,500.

Rosenberg, Orah J., Port Byron, to Good Real Estate, Davenport; 116 17th Ave., East Moline; $24,000.

Baugh, Eloise, Rock Island, to Evins, James H., Rock Island; 2151 Stadium Drive, Rock Island; $69,000.

Zambrano, Shawn M., Davenport, to Osborn, Mary, Rock Island; 2804 24th St., Apartment 7, Rock Island; $190,000.

Grissom, Paul Michael and Ginger LaDel, Milan, to Nelson, William J. and Katherine C., Milan; 11500 58th St. W., Milan; $128,000.

DM Investing, Milan, to Martin, William and Elizabeth, Florissant, Mo.; 4141 27th Ave., Rock Island; $115,000.

Kranz, Marilyn L., Reynolds, to Aring, Joseph R. and Megan R., Taylor Ridge; 207 Perryton St. and 109 Front St., Reynolds, land/lot only; $5,500.

Hawkins, Stephen A., Rock Island, to Young, Eric and Michelle, Geneseo; 1832 12th Ave., Moline; $60,000.

Amyette, Thomas E., trustee, Bettendorf, to Donuts and More Holdings, Davenport; 2430 16th St., Moline, retail establishment; $200,000.

Amyette, Thomas E., trustee, Bettendorf, to Donuts and More Holdings, Davenport; 1615 25th Ave., Moline; $70,000.

Deutsche Bank, trustee, West Palm Beach, Fla., to Egley, Angela G., Phoenix, Ariz.; 404 39th St., Moline; $14,000.

Perez, Francisco V. Sr., independent administrator, Colona, to Rosas, Nicholas and Miguel, Moline; 1630 31st St., Rock Island; $21,600.

Adams, Loretta E., Rock Island, to Bassford Construction, Moline; 1526 15th Ave., Moline; $20,000.

Anderson, Robert and Christine, Moline, to Varner, David M., Moline; 2502 30th St., Moline; $173,500.

Clifton, Alex J. and Barbara L., Colona, to Clifton, Justin, Milan; 445 E. 5th St., Milan; $87,000.

Bull, Dean, East Moline, to Cornmesser Properties, East Moline; 1144, 1140 and 1130 15th Ave., East Moline; $103,500.

Maulsby, Charley B., estate, Moline, to Natsis, Rebecca, Moline; 530 29th Ave., Moline; $54,500.

Colgan, Judith A., Rock Island, to Castro, Robert and Cynthia, East Moline; 4015 10th St., East Moline; $95,000.

Easter, Basil and Treva, Matherville, to Steger, Michael and Patricia, Milan; 529 W. 3rd Ave., Milan; $30,000.

Workman, Douglas H. and Gloria D., Hampton, Va., to Martinez, Conner and Vickerman, Chelsea, Silvis; 1100 16th St. Court, Silvis; $188,000.

Ballard, Faith, Colona, to Harrelson, Tracy, Rock Island; 1853 43rd St., Rock Island; $88,000.

Desplinter, Devrin L. and Lynn, Rock Island, to Toney, Bernard, Rock Island; 1409 33rd St., Rock Island; $72,500.

Margenthaler, Donald R. and Sherry V., co-trustees, Bettendorf, to Poor, Robert W. and Santina S., San Diego, Calif.; 5201 37th Ave. Court, Moline; $272,500.

Bisland, Robert, Taylor Ridge, to Jones, Meghan, Rock Island; 4511 9th Ave., Rock Island; $110,000.

May, Clifford, Sun City, Ariz., to Golden, Ronald, Carbon Cliff; 119 4th St., Carbon Cliff; $94,000.

Nicholson, Gerald A. and Lynette M., Waite Park, Minn., to Huether, Robert J., Silvis; 1818 8th St., Rock Island; $30,000.

Hai, Pervez, Streamwood, Ill., to Brockhage, Beau D., Rock Island; 4438 10th Ave., Rock Island; $25,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, Columbus, Ohio, to Beam, James, Milan; 1124 18 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $6,000.

U.S. Bank, trustee, West Palm Beach, Fla., to Vols, Margaret L., Rock Island; 2424 7th Ave., Rock Island; $13,000.

Nationstar Mortgage, Coppell, Texas, to Jensen, Christian D., Bettendorf; 927 25th St., Moline; $57,500.

Future Capital, Milan, to Kolospiks, Ramona, Calif.; 1540 10th Ave., East Moline; $79,000.

Garcia, Dante and Maria Alejandra, East Moline, to Future Capital, Davenport; 1401 13th St., Moline; $57,500.

Future Capital, Milan, to Kolospiks, Ramona, Calif.; 1833 13th St., Rock Island; $79,000.

Smith, Barbara Fay, Rock Island, to Carlson, Ryan, Moline; 3717 13th Ave., Moline; $92,790.

Dave Prochaska Construction, Bettendorf, to Plotner, Nicholas and Sara, Hampton; 712 10th Ave. Court, Hampton; $207,560.88.

Trinity Electric, Moline, to Kinetic Redevelopment, Davenport; 1436 14th St., Moline; $77,000.

Esparza, Shirley E., estate, Rock Island, to Pippenger, Joan, Rock Island; 808 18th Ave., Rock Island; $46,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Texas, to Regans Rentals, Eldridge; 1230 29th St., Rock Island; $47,000.

Bartels, James W., Brenda J. and Steven T., Moline, to SSU-QC, Davenport; 512 12th St., Moline, commercial building; $174,052.08.

B.M. Bagby, East Moline, to Chintala, Rajendar and Umarani, Moline; 3519 72nd St., Moline, land/lot only; $382,593.92.

WJA, Milan, to Deal, Merri K., Hampton; 21 Villa Drive, Hampton; $312,000.

Bash, Mary Louise and William R., St. Francis, Wis., to Gray, Robert, East Moline; 607 5th Ave., East Moline; $82,000.

Stamatoukas, Paraskevia, Northbrook, Ill., to Fadlelmula, Muna, East Moline; 3205 Kennedy Drive, East Moline; $125,000.

Buckrop, Brian D. and Susan S., Moline, to T.R. Holdings, Davenport, CTL Property Management, East Moline, and AA56, Davenport; 2102 47th St., Moline, office; $150,000.

Deutsche Bank, West Palm Beach, Fla., to Egley, Angela, Phoenix, Ariz.; 801 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $14,000.

Benson, Kim M., Moline, to Savage, Samantha P., Moline; 2325 Avenue of the Cities, Moline; $79,900.

Walsh, Pamela R., executor, Geuther, Walter H., estate, Rock Island, to Archer, Dalinda, Rock Island; 3540 41st Ave., Rock Island; $147,000.

Forret, Robert A. and Carol J., Davenport, to Bawi, Ling, Silvis; 1603 4th Ave., Silvis; $85,000.

Rhoads, Rick and Tamsin, Rock Island, to Rodriguez, Sam and Amy, Rock Island; 3508 30th St., Rock Island; $111,500.

Kern, Shane, East Moline, to Lammers, Tim and Catherine, Moline; 3110 26th Ave. Court, Moline; $238,500.

Einfeldt, Harry, Carbon Cliff, to Einfeldt, Jared, East Moline; 514-516 17th Ave., East Moline; $80,000.

Riot Renovations, Moline, to Timm, Jeremy A. and Madelin M., Andalusia; 120 5th Ave. E., Andalusia; $125,000.

Sowder, Robert M. and Katie A., Port Byron, to Baustian, Ryan and Katie, Port Byron; 3 Deer Trail Court, Port Byron; $279,000.

Cervantes, Charles and Karen, East Moline, to Jones, Trena, East Moline; 1905 5th St., East Moline; $120,000.

Hogue, Alexander, Port Byron, to Jewell, Harlan Jr., Moline; 4906 51st Ave., Moline; $98,500.

Future Capital, Milan, to Schaeffler, Edward S. and Joseph E., Wood Ridge, N.J.; 1218 11th Ave., Moline; $100,000.

Quiet Capital, Milan, to Schaeffler, Edward S. and Joseph E., Wood Ridge, N.J.; 926 10th Ave., Rock Island, and 239 15th Ave., East Moline; $131,500.

QC Rental Props, Davenport, to Simmonds, Abayomi, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 3127 Archer Drive, East Moline; $125,000.

DM Investing, Davenport, to Simmonds, Abayomi, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 2207 11th Ave. A, Moline; $80,000.

Wuerzburger, Richard and Diana, Monmouth, to Future Capital, Davenport; 1317 16th St., Moline; $36,500.

Reiling, James and Rita, O’Fallon, Mo., to Future Capital, Davenport; 131 16th Ave., East Moline; $40,000.

Hawkins, Dustin T., Rock Island, to Stevenson, Jeffery N., Rock Island; 38 Blackhawk Hills Drive, Rock Island; $87,000.

France, Margaret E. and Rieber, Shanti E., San Diego, Calif., to Pitts, Jill, Rock Island; 1216 45th St., Rock Island; $132,750.

Houtzenga, Stephen L., Port Byron, to Maxey, Alyssa A., Port Byron; 1301 9th Ave., Rapids City; $261,500.

Hoskins, Gerrard and McCall, Cathie, co-executors, Rock Island, to McCall, Earnice, Rock Island; 510 11th Ave., Rock Island; $15,000.

Hoskins, Gerrard, Rock Island, to McCall, Earnice, Rock Island; 510 11th Ave., Rock Island; $15,000.

Patsiyev, Vagif and Patsiyeva, Raziya, Glen Ellyn, Ill., to Hla, Tin and Than, Ta, Rock Island; 2807 36th St., Rock Island; $144,375.

Angel, John Arthur and Faith A., LeClaire, to Kern, Shane and Sellers, Kristina, East Moline; 2304 190th St. Court N., East Moline; $165,000.

Spriet, David and Bonnie, Rock Island, to BLW Moline, Moline; 3620 4th Ave. and 3601-3623 5th Ave., Moline; $185,000.

Vasquez, Bartolo R. and Monica N., Rock Island, to Casco, Juan and Marina, Rock Island; 2530 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $41,121.

QC Investments Property Group, Rock Island, to Foss, Natalie, Rock Island; 3237 38th Ave., Rock Island; $138,500.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Carrollton, Texas, to Miranda, Gabriela, East Moline; 448 14th St., East Moline; $31,700.

Crass, Arnold A. and Dorothy K., Watertown, Wis., to House, Monte E. and Bitner, Steven M., Rock Island; 1434 42nd Ave., Rock Island; $160,000.

DuPrey, Delores M., Silvis, to Mills, Stevan E., Colona; 17116 Route 5 and 92, East Moline; $70,000.

Nache, Joseph, Davenport, to Allen, Brian and Hepner, Sarah E., Moline; 2808 17th St. Place, Moline; $135,450.

Bultinck, Dolores, Silvis, to Campos, Julia A., Moline; 204 19th Ave., Moline; $75,000.

Find N Homes, Eldridge, to Eggers, Latasha, Moline; 3824 15th St. A, Moline; $103,000.

Smith, Thomas, Matherville, to Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind.; 1635 37th St., Rock Island; $47,500.

Ocwen Loan Servicing, West Palm Beach, Fla., to Lorenson, Alvin Lynn, Milan; 11302 17th St., Milan; $30,000.

Whipple, David and Sally, Port Byron, to Evans, Marissa, Port Byron; 306 N. Main St., Port Byron; $106,000.

Woolison, Terry and Denise, Eldridge, to Kim, Joe H., Davenport; 1303-1305 30th St., Rock Island, commercial building; $125,000.

Faulkner, Kent M., trust, Rapids City, to AV8, Davenport; 17th Street and 2nd Avenue, Rapids City, land/lot only; $51,500.

Stunkel, Aimee, Omaha, Neb., to Paxton, Sarah, Rock Island; 3919 35th St., Rock Island; $123,000.

Lohman, David J., Hillsdale, to Lofgren, Mark A. and Alina M., Moline; Timberline Drive, Port Byron, land/lot only, 1.13 acres; $15,000.

Granell, Judy L., Moline, to Future Capital, Milan; 1818 18th St., East Moline; $32,000.

QCA Holdings, Milan, to 14 1/2 Street Trust, Middle Village, N.Y.; 722 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $62,000.

Future Capital, Milan, to 43rd Ave Trust, Middle Village, N.Y.; 923 43rd Ave., Rock Island; $75,000.

Fiers, Charles P. Sr., Weldo, Texas, to Perez, Jose, East Moline; 1445 and 1447 18th Ave., East Moline, commercial building; $72,000.

Reamy, Suzanne, Hampton, to Petersen, Ruth, Moline; 1018 2nd St. Court, Moline; $151,500.

Wilmington Savings, trustee, Anaheim, Calif., to Fitzpatrick, Mike, Silvis; 908 36 1/2 Ave., East Moline; $63,000.

JLC Holdings, Iowa, City, to Anderson, Derrick J., Rock Island; 816/818 and 820/822 42nd St., Rock Island, apartment building, 8 units; $161,000.

Koehler, John H. and Dorothy, trust, Venice, Fla., to McGehee, Carolyn M., Rock Island; 3620 38th St., Unit 7, Rock Island; $114,500.

Gonzalez, Ignacio N., Moline, to Edwards, Herman K. and Robert L., East Moline; 821-823 15th Ave., East Moline; $80,000.

U.S. Bank, Minneapolis, Minn., to Sorensen Properties, Moline; 2319 31st St. A, Moline; $66,507.

Thomas, Chad and Amy, Rock Island, to Klauer, David, Rock Island; 1505 28th St., Rock Island; $60,000.

M3 Partnership, Silvis, to McGehee, James Alex, Silvis; vacant land, Silvis, Hampton Township; $150,000.

Trust 2266, Silvis, to Alla, Rakesh and Dhatri, Rock Island; 10 Windy Point, Rock Island; $1,290,800.

Hammonds, Gary, Coalmont, Tenn., to Claypool, Sergio Tyler and Lori A., Moline; 2627 45th St., Moline; $76,500.

Hennings, Rodger C., Davenport, to Dream Real Estate Investments, Moline; 5001 6th Ave., Moline; $85,000.

Bizarri, Natalie J., trust, Geneseo, to Camfield, Coal Valley; 9705 Route 150, Coal Valley; $100,000.

Bauwens, Therese, estate, Neenah, Wis., to Marsden, Tammy D., Rock Island; 2248 25th St., Rock Island; $85,000.

Lueders, Jennifer G. Reiman and Larry A., Oquawka, to Obedi, Jeanmarie, Rock Island; 2211 30th St., Rock Island; $120,000.

Goodwin, Barbara J., trust, Eldridge, to Hutt, Nicholas W., Port Byron; 705 Benton St., Port Byron; $118,000.


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