Adam Bettenhausen

WISHEK, N.D. – Adam Bettenhausen began the week of June 24 hauling sunflowers out east to Enderlin, N.D. Seasonally, it’s a great time of year to move sunflowers.

“We normally like to haul this time of year,” he said. “We have a couple contracts we’re filling. Once we fill those contracts we’ll keep hauling until we get them all moved out. Generally, this is a good time to be moving flowers.”

The strength in the soybean complex has been propping up the sunflower market a bit, so the Bettenhausens are taking advantage.

“Markets kind of move together a lot of the time, especially oil seeds so we’re moving our sunflowers,” he said.

The Bettenhausens also did their first cut of alfalfa on June 24. It’s late for the first cutting, but that’s no surprise with how the season has gone so far.

“It’s a little late, but with the weather, everything is late. It’s just kind of the way it is,” he said. “It looked pretty good and the forecast isn’t terrible, so we cut it down. We have to make a bunch of hay, so we’ll be hitting that hard over the next month.”

The Wishek area received steady rains near the end of the week ending June 21 and continued through the weekend. Adam says they received a little over three inches of rain on the farm.

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“We needed a good 1-2 inches, so it was needed,” he said. “It was a little more than we wanted in one shot. There were some spots in the fields that were a little drowned out to begin with, so it didn’t help those. But they had poor stands anyways, so we didn’t lose much. I guess I would rather have too much rain than not enough.”

Their first rounds of spraying are done, but as Adam said, “You’re never really done with spraying.”

“We have to do a pass over the soybeans and corn coming up here when the fields dry off some more,” he said. “Sunflowers will get a pass next week, and we’re still trying to decide and come up with a game plan on a fungicide pass for the wheat.”

They’re trying to decide whether they want to do a pass at flowering for head scab or if they want to do it at flag leaf.

“If we do it at flag leaf, that gives us some more options to do some foliar feeding with some micro-nutrients if we need to. We’re not sure yet,” Adam explained.

Another project on the agenda for the Bettenhausens is getting everything cleaned out and ready for harvest in the fall. They need to move some gravel and fix up some section lines and roads.

“This winter, with all the snow and rain, a lot of the roads and yards are in pretty rough shape. We’re going to try and fix them up before we have to move grain out of the fields this fall. You don’t want to have to deal with any issues later on,” Adam concluded.


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