Details for Orion Community Fire Protection District - Ad from 2022-08-02

Orion Community Fire Protection District Fiscal year 5-1-21 through 4-30-22 Revenue Summary: Property Tax-609,617.32, Replacement Tax-15,355.40, Interest-2,017.54, Sale of equipment-900.00, Fire Call Fees-70.00, Foreign Fire Tax-7,140.52, Insurance refund-471.00, Misc.-0.00. TOTAL REVENUES: $6355,571.78. Compensation Summary: Range under $6,500.00– M. Belshause, M. Blackert, J. Catour, J. Colbrese, D. Dahl, D. Dahl, J. Dahl, N. Dahl, A. DeBaillie, L. DeBaillie, R. DeBaillie, B. Doxstader, V. Emmert, J. Ferry, M. Flemming, K. Gladkin, B. Halferty, K. Halferty, J. Johnson, S. Kerker, C. Myers, D. Myers, N. Norberg, J. O’Neill, M. Parr, T. Parr, B. Peterson, B. Peterson, L. Pobanz, M. Raya, R. Roberts, G. Sheldon, D. Smutzer, P. Smutzer, S. Stocklen, C. Stropes, B. Thomsen, H. Thomsen, T. Ward. TOTAL COMPENSATIONS - $50,384.09 Expenditure Summary: Alexis Fire Equipment-5,789.98, BankOrion-139,161.78, Coal Valley FPD-255,399.96, Dinges Fire Co.-35,703.31, Fire Catt-3,952.00, First Bankcard-5,659.29, Frontier Communications- 6,488.22, Glatfelter Specialty Benefits-2,783.19, Gorenz & Associates-2,665.00, Hepner Insurance–17,654.00, Liberty Mutual-3,958.00, MidAmerican Energy-11,620.61, Orion True Value-3,004.64, Sandry Fire Supply-13,455.50, Schultze Mechanical-2,489.78, Misc. under 2,500.00-61,528.63 TOTAL EXPENDITURES $535,963.91 Summary Statements of Accounts Balance on hand May 1, 2021 $829,413.95 Beginning Balance Revenues Transfers In Compensation Expenditures Transfers Out Ending Balance Checking Savings $201,299.03 5335,421.53 0.00 50,384.09 535,963.91 0.00 $150,372.56 $628,114.92 100,150.25 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 $728,265.17 Balance on hand April 30, 2022; $878,637.73 Respectively submitted Debra S Dahl, Treasurer