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Now available in the U.S. without a prescription!

Utah Grandma Loses 34 Pounds
AfterFailing 18 Times Before
New breakthrough is ending “battle of the bulge” for
Americans who have tried everything else. Doctors are
impressed how safe and effective it is.
By Michael Plane
National Health Press
Nancy Holm of Salt
Lake City, Utah had tried
18 different diets and
diet products without
“I was so frustrated.
I was about to give up
and not even try anymore. But I really wanted to feel better, look
better, and have more
energy for my 4 grandchildren who are the joy
of my life” she said with
a proud smile.
Nancy’s lucky break
came one afternoon
while watching TV. A
news special about
weight loss was on, and
the expert being interviewed on PBS-TV was
Dr. Eric Wood, who said:
“98% of diets and diet
products fail. The reason for this is because
they do not address a
vital underlying root
cause of weight gain.”
Dr. Wood continued,
“If you read the latest
medical studies, it is
clear most people will
never lose weight and
keep it off until they fix
how their blood sugar
works. This is because
blood sugar is the key to
weight loss in so many
Nancy’s weight loss
results were incredible
after she did this. “I
lost 34 pounds without
a strict diet or exercise.
This was faster and
easier than I’d ever lost
weight before, and I’ve
kept the weight off for
over a year now with no
problem”, she beamed
The new weight loss
spray that does this and
safely melts off body fat
quickly is now available
in the United States
without a prescription.
It is sold under the
brand name CELLTRIM.
It contains an active ingredient that has been
shown in a double-blind
test to be incredibly effective for weight loss.
Scientists in Asia
have discovered a natural compound that
has been shown in a
real-life test to enhance
blood sugar regulation
and trigger phenomenal
weight loss.
Dr. Decker Weiss, M.D.
said, “This large test
showed 24.5 pounds
of weight loss was
achieved on average in
only 8 weeks with NO
change in diet or exercise. My patients have
had remarkable success
with this spray also. It is
a new, different and exciting breakthrough for
people who are overweight.”

No diet or exercise was
changed in people in this
clinical test.
Data summarized by private organization.
Functional Foods in Health
and Disease 13; 3(11):416-427.

The results seem hard
to believe, yet these
findings are supported by many everyday
people like Winston
Harrison of Randolph,
Wisconsin: “I was very
skeptical when I first
read an article about
CELLTRIM, but my doctor verified it for me, so
I gave it a try. I expected to be disappoint-

Popular Spray: U.S. doctors are now recommending new
weight loss spray because it causes fast and safe weight loss
- with no need for excessive diet or exercise.

ed again because I am
what they call a “hard
loser”, meaning it is very
hard for me to lose any
weight. But this time it
was different and so far
I have lost 32 pounds
and I feel like I am living
in a dream come true.”

and keep it off without
a crazy diet or exercise
routine”, said Dr. Eric

You press down the
button to spray the mist
into your mouth before
each meal. It has a light
pleasant mint taste.
That’s all you have to do.
“All my patients who
have used CELLTRIM
Spray have reported a
significant weight loss
with no side effects, and
all say it is much better
than any other product
they have ever tried”, reports Dr. Decker Weiss,
The main nutrient in
CELLTRIM Spray has
been awarded U.S. Patent #8,361,523. It contains polyphenols that
help enhance insulin
sensitivity. This allows
more blood sugar to be
used for energy and less
converted to fat. This is
how you become slimmer and trimmer.
Currently, the opposite is happening in your
body. In people who
are overweight, insulin function decreases,
leading cells to become
“resistant” to the action
of insulin. The result:
your insulin levels stay
elevated for longer – so
much of the extra blood
sugar is converted into
fat and stored in your
fat cells, resulting in
weight gain.
CELLTRIM Spray also
causes weight loss by its
relationship to the hormone leptin and C reactive protein. Leptin is
a master hormone produced by fat cells that
regulate satiety and appetite control— it sends
signals to the brain and
lets it know that your
stomach feels “full.” C
reactive protein intercepts the leptin before it
can make it to the brain,
and therefore, the sensation of feeling hungry
is not felt as much.
CELLTRIM spray uses
the breakthrough NutraMist Delivery System.
The spray is INSTANTLY
ABSORBED into your
body. The tiny molecules bypass the digestive tract and enter your
bloodstream ... compare
this to a supplement
pill, where much of an
ingredient is NOT absorbed due to the digestive process.
“In all my years as a
doctor, CELLTRIM Spray
is the most different and
exciting breakthrough
in weight loss that I
have seen for people
who want to lose weight

“CELLTRIM is the right
choice for individuals
who are overweight.
The test results show
this works, as do the
results of my patients.
and my own personal experience of losing
weight by using it”, said
Dr. Holly Lucille, who
has appeared on award
winning TV shows like
The Doctors, and PBS’
Healing Quest.
Spray with Your
Weight Loss Results
great for you – or you
90-day unconditional
money-back guarantee.
It is NOT sold in stores
or online. No prescription or doctor visit is
This is the official
release of CELLTRIM
Spray in the state. A
Regional Order Hotline
has been set up for local readers to call. This
gives everyone an equal
chance to try CELLTRIM
Starting at 7:00 am
today, the order hotline
will be open for only
48-hours for this special
All you have to do is
provide the operator
with the special discount approval code:
Important: Due to
CELLTRIM Spray’s popularity and recent media
exposure on ABC, CBS,
and FOX NEWS, phone
lines are often busy. If
you call and do not get
through immediately,
please be patient and
call back. Those who
miss the 48-hour special discount offer must
pay more for CELLTRIM

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