Details for FLYNN WRIGHT INC - Legals - Ad from 2019-10-10

To provide safe and reliable electric service to our customers, MidAmerican Energy Company periodically must prune or remove trees near our electric wires. This notice is to advise MidAmerican Energy customers that contracted line clearance crews working for the company will be pruning trees in and around the Illinois communities of Cable, Colona, Coyne Center, East Moline, Hamlet, Lynn Center, Milan, Millersburg, Ophiem, Orion, Reynolds, Rock Island and Swedona in the near future. This work will be completed within the next two months. Our contractor will use natural pruning techniques to prune only those limbs necessary for electric line clearance and safety. This also includes minor pruning for the service line to the house. There is no charge for this service. The debris will be chipped and hauled away. Crews will not remove trees without permission from the owner. If you have questions about MidAmerican Energy’s vegetation management activities, or to obtain a written disclosure of dispute resolution opportunities, processes, rights and remedies provided by MidAmerican Energy, call 888-427-5632, or email Customers and property owners may appeal the planned vegetation management activities through MidAmerican Energy and the Illinois Commerce Commission. You may express concerns about our vegetation management activities by contacting the Consumer Affairs Officer, Illinois Commerce Commission, at 800-524-0795. Maps of affected areas have been provided to the appropriate county board chairpersons and mayors. Wood chips may be available upon request. If you are interested or have questions regarding wood chips feel free to contact us at 888-427-5632 or

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