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PAID ADVERTISEMENT New Dosing Strategy with CBD Proves Effective for All Day Relief from Joint Discomfort Company touts new pill is positioned to take over market as new legislation around CBD could soon be passed. Makes knees, hips, and joints feel young again without doctors or over-the-counter treatments. For Immediate Release A new CBD supplier has just released their purest extract ever which is expected to command a premium for its outstanding to work on joints, muscles and the rest of the body. However, in an effort to get nationwide notoriety, they will be offering risk free supplies to our readers. This promotional period is expected to be short lived. Details outlined below. A New Form of CBD with Roots in Oregon The new formula, CannaXL, is one the few formulas to contain a special CBD extract shown to be more potent and concentrated than retail brands. The CBD is extracted from THC-Free cannabis fields in Oregon which are renown for producing some of the purest CBD inside the US. Research has found that the extract in CannaXL, known as Broad Spectrum CBD, is absolutely phenomenal for your joints, muscles and other overworked parts of the body (neck, back, shoulders, legs, and feet). It also produces a natural calming effect that helps reduce occasional tension, stress, ultimately help you get the deep sleep most desperately desire. Socially Acceptable, THC-FREE & Safe A few years ago, if you mentioned CBD in conversation, you’d receive a blank stare. But now, it’s all anyone is talking about. Doctors and laymen alike. And that’s because mounting scientific evidence suggests it can transform your health in amazing ways. Its secret? Special compounds called cannabinoids that bind to receptor sites in the brain and body. These cannabinoids target special receptor sites all over the body but are most prominent in the brain. This system of cannabinoids and the receptors that they bind to is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and science is just now unlocking its tremendous potential. The initial findings have been so impressive that it can now be found in retail stores all over the country, excluding only a few states. Some major sports organizations, like the MMA among other physically demanding sports, have also permitted its use. But for first-time (and even regular) users, there’s something you should know. And it could be the difference between having an extraordinary experience with CBD versus a horrible one. Beware of Fake, Low Dose CBD Products Online and in Retail Stores “You might have noticed CBD popping up in grocery stores and gas stations in your neighborhood. That’s because new laws have made it legal in some states in the country”, explains Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, a key contributor to CannaXL. All Day Relief via Therapeutic Dosing: The key to relief with CBD is its therapeutic dosing. This ensures that CBD gets to all the right place - including the brain - where it can maximize relief thanks to an abundance of receptors tied to the nervous system. “We urge our customers to steer clear for safety and efficacy reasons. We offer substantial discounting for CannaXL so if money is a deciding factor, anyone can now afford it”. Plus, helping maintain balance (homeostasis) in the body, CannaXL also helps to relieve occasional stress, tension, poor sleep and even promote relaxation and calm. “You might get the product a day or two later, but you can guarantee its pure, potent and it will work for you or its free. You will never find that philosophy at your local retailer where the motto tends to be “You bought it, you own it.” CBD Found in Retail May Be Harmful, Study Finds. What the makers of CannaXL are saying isn’t wrong, according to experts. Research has found many manufacturers are using way too little CBD in their formulas to produce any kind of benefit. They depend on the ever-growing buzz and cute packaging to generate one-time sales. And that’s not hearsay, it’s the truth! A recent study led by Penn State Medicine found that nearly 70 percent of all cannabidiol products sold online are either over or under labeled, causing potential serious harm to its consumers. Whether Its Stress, Poor Sleep, or Issues with Your Joints, CannaXL CBD Has You Covered Clinical studies show that cannabinoids and the receptors that they bind to are found all over your body. However, they are most concentrated in your brain, which is why it has such a profound impact on how you feel and the overall state of your body. These cannabinoids and their receptors work like “lock and key” and bind to each other triggering important biological processes. A recent study led by Penn State Medicine found that nearly 70 percent of all cannabidiol products sold online are either over or under labeled, causing potential serious harm to its consumers. CannaXL delivers 25 milligrams of pure and potent “triple tested” CBD in each softgel giving you the therapeutic dosage so you will feel amazing. Cannabinoid receptors are found all over the body including your joints, muscles, and organs like the heart and brain. CannaXL CBD extract contains Oregon-Sourced Broad Spectrum CBD. CBD has been shown to work with cannabinoid receptors and have a positive influence on health and well-being. Readers are Invited to Try CannaXL CBD Risk Free Today, we’ve explored the scientific research surrounding CannaXL’s CBD Extract. You’ve seen the clear evidence that it supports your body from head to toe and can help to replenish low cannabinoid levels in your joints and muscles and other heavily-worked parts of the body. Even more remarkable, however, is the way it works to help balance the body. So you feel better, less stressed, and totally energized. However, I don’t expect you to take our word for all of this. Instead, we’ve secured Balance the Body with a “Readers-Only SpeBroad Spectrum CBD cial” with approval of the The incredible impact cannabinoids have on your health is directly related to the primary goal of your Endocannabinoid System, which is to maintain a balance in the body, a physiological state known as homeostasis. Research shows that that maintaining your system’s balance is a key to vitality and healthy bodily function. The cannabinoids found in CannaXL can replenish levels in your joints, muscles among other parts of the body which may be low and causing you issues. company so you can try CannaXL risk free. So, for the duration of this short-lived promotional period, a limited supply of CannaXL has been set aside. A special order hotline has been set up for all local readers. To claim your risk-free supply, all you’ve got to do is call TOLL FREE at 1-800-560-4629. Please Note: Due to the nature of this risk free trial, supplies are strictly limited and will be given out on a first-come, first served basis. When they run out, promotional pricing will end and resume at full retail. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, PREVENT, TREAT OR CURE ANY DISEASE. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS MAY VARY. NO INDIVIDUAL RESULTS SHOULD BE SEEN AS TYPICAL.