Details for Dr. Lance Carroll - Ad from 2020-01-08

? KNEE OR BACK PAIN HOLDING YOU BACK Are you living with joint or nerve pain? How is the pain affecting your life and your relationships with others? Are you searching for a highly successful, less-invasive alternative to the common treatments available? Think about the things you are currently unable to do because of your pain. Then imagine how your life would change if you were able to do those things again. We are changing lives. LeArn how others Are Avoiding surgery, eLiMinAting ChroniC pAin, And throwing AwAy their pAin piLLs REGENERATIVE MEDICINE CLINIC RIGHT HERE IN THE QUAD CITIES CONVENIENTLY LOCATED OFF JOHN DEERE ROAD treatMent oPtionS aVailable loCally – no neeD to traVel to reCeiVe treatMentS! REGENERATIVE MEDICINE MAY BE ABLE TO HELP WITH: ∙ Intervertebral Disc/ Spinal Facet Joints ∙ Partial Muscular/Tendon Tears ∙ AND MORE! ∙ Hip, Shoulder, Knee Pain ∙ Elbow, Wrist, Hand Pain ∙ Ankle or Foot Pain I had back surgery done and there’s a lot of limitations and for the past 4 or 5 years I’ve been going to a pain clinic to get over the pain where I could just do daily chores and it has been getting worse. I had radio frequency in my back, I had cortisone shots – very costly to do. I wanted to try something else because none of those were working. Then I went to a seminar and found out about stem cell research and decided to try this. After I had the shots, I noticed that it was getting better shortly after that. Now I am in my 4 weeks, I’m able to stand in one place for more than 30 minutes – before it was like 10. I can do my daily chores, and for the last week now I have pretty much been pain-free. I do feel at this point that this has helped me. I’ve been suffering with a lot of discomfort in my right shoulder and my lower back for quite a time now, and other methods were used initially – medications, massages and chiropractic – but there would just be temporary relief from it. So I saw this ad for the seminars about stem cell injection – curious, wanted to learn more, and went to the seminar and got intrigued by this. So I signed up to get the injections. Four weeks ago I had the first injections – and quite an improvement in my shoulder. The movement up and down and everything is much better. The same for the lower back. So I highly recommend this method. I know it’s pretty new but it has worked well for me. ViCKy b., GeneSeo UpCOmING SemINAr: MondAy, JAnuAry 13, 2020 1 pm & 6 pm *SEATING IS LIMITED, RSVP REQUIRED* JOIN uS AT: residenCe inn 4600 53rd street, MoLine, iL CALL 309-581-2999 ∙ Peripheral Neuropathy ∙ Plantar Fasciitis ∙ Meniscus and Cartilage Tears CHuCK u., GeneSeo in our FREE SEMINAR we will DiSCuSS: ∙ Regenerative Medicine ∙ Treatment Options for your condition ∙ Stem Cells ∙ Benefits of Wharton’s Jelly (umbilical cord allografts) Moline, IL ∙ Since yesterday has passed, now is the best time to choose the path that leads to a better quality of life!