Details for IL PRESS ADV-IDEA - Ad from 2021-02-12

ESTATE SALE - LOG HOMES PAY THE BALANCE OWED ONLY!!! AMERICAN LOG HOMES IS ASSISTING JUST RELEASED OF ESTATE & ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT ON HOUSES. 4 Log Home kits selling for BALANCE OWED, FREE DELIVERY 1)Model#101Carolina $40,840…BALANCEOWED$17,000 2)Model#203Georgia $49,500.. BALANCEOWED$19,950 3)Model#305Biloxi $36,825.. BALANCEOWED$14,500 4)Model#403Augusta $42,450.. BALANCEOWED$16,500 NEW - HOMES HAVE NOT BEEN MANUFACTURED ! Make any plan design changes you desire! ! Comes with Complete Building Blueprints & Construction Manual ! Windows, Doors, and Roofing not included BBB ! NO TIME LIMIT FOR DELIVERY! A+ Rating *OFFER NOT AVAILABLE TO AMERICAN LOG HOME DEALERS*