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In MeMory

In MeMory

In MeMory

Justin c. diLLy
8/22/82 — 12/10/18

LuciLLe (Lucy)
5/19/37 — 8/26/16

darwin “Buz”
5/12/32 — 8/24/15

Today is your first birthday
since you left us. Although
you’re not here, we still
celebrate your life with the
best memories you shared
with us.
We still see you smile,
love, quick wit and sense of
humor. We still see you in the
light of the bonfires grilling
out with your dad. We hear
and see that Mustang cruising
down the street. The
excitement in your eyes
racing down the drag strip at
Cordova. The brave young
man popping wheelies on his
bike for the thrill, and tossing
that football like an All Star.
The love and attention you
gave your furry friends Ford,
Shelby, Miles, Gizmo, Junior
and Gidget.
Forever you made an
imprint on our hearts. We
miss you and keep close the
wonderful memories of your
life here with us.
Happy Heavenly
Birthday Son
We Love You!

When Tomorrow Starts
Without Me

When tomorrow starts
without me, please try to
understand, that an angel
came and called my name,
and took me by the hand. The
angel said my place was
ready, in Heaven far above,
and that I’d have to leave
behind all those I dearly love.
But when I walked through
Heaven’s Gates, I felt so
much at home, for God
looked down, smiled at me,
and told me, “Welcome
home.” So when tomorrow
starts without me, don’t think
we’re far apart, for every
time you think of me, I’m
right there in your heart.

It has been 4 years since
you had to leave me. I think
about you always and talk
about you often. I have so
many wonderful memories,
but, most of all, I wish I still
had you.
Love you forever,


Julie and Shaelyn
Jeff, Carol and Wyatt

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