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Personalized funeral services
Traditional funeral services are still the standard for commemorating the passing of loved ones. Many take comfort in timehonoured traditions when a loved one has passed. However, these ceremonies have seen a shift from sober gatherings to occasions
that celebrate and honour a life lived. As such, today’s funeral homes are now offering a full range of personalized services to serve
all tastes and budgets following a personal loss.
It’s becoming increasingly common to hold individualized memorial services to highlight and celebrate the personality of the
deceased. More and more funeral homes are displaying personal objects depicting the pastimes, passions and professions of the
recently departed. Funeral directors can also display respectful videos or slideshows as a tribute to those who’ve passed. Music,
decor, ambiance, buffets, even the releasing of balloons or doves; all these details can be arranged to provide family and friends
the ideal setting to express their emotions.
The tribute paid to lost loved ones differs from person to person and family to family. From the religious procession to the
memorial service, funeral homes offer a full range of services specifically tailored to honour the deceased.
Personalizing funeral services
is a way to honor lost loved ones.

Spirit Life

We are proud to embrace traditional values,
diversity, and innovation in honoring
the spirit and life of each person we serve.

Coping with loss and grief
The loss of a loved one triggers physical, psychological and emotional reactions that can be difficult to overcome. It’s an inevitable part of life
that will forever be a source of suffering and anxiety for each and every one of us. And although unbearable at first, pain is a sign that the healing
process has begun.
Mourning will vary greatly from person to person, but we all tend to experience common stages of grief. There’s an immediate sense of shock and
denial upon first losing a loved one. Once this disbelief subsides, feelings of anger and sadness surface as we slowly recognize the magnitude of
the loss. These emotions are ultimately replaced by a sense of acceptance as we begin to move forward and deal with the reality of our situation.
There are no set rules or guidelines when it comes to mourning because we all go about it in our own way. It’s important to be patient with yourself
and allow yourself to experience and express the full range of your emotions. There’s no set timetable for when you should start feeling better.
Some days will be more difficult than others; the pain you experience might even intensify or subside from one hour to the next. According to
specialists, a period of mourning can sometimes last for months or even years, and under no circumstances should it be hurried or forced. If the
Grieving the loss of a loved one can take months and even years.
pain becomes too overwhelming, talking with someone, writing or even drawing can help you cope with
your emotions.
Sometimes, overcoming the loss of someone dear to us seems next to impossible. And even though grief
tends to make you feel isolated, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Most neighbourhoods have
support groups that can help with the mourning process. Members will listen to you and share their
personal experiences, which can be a great comfort during the initial period of bereavement. There’s also a
wealth of online forums, chat rooms and resources that provide similar services. However, it’s important to
recognize when your pain becomes more than just grief. Consult a doctor if you begin to have symptoms of
severe insomnia, anxiety or depression.

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