Details for SODERSTROM SKIN INSTITUTE - Ad from 2019-09-08

FREE SKIN CANCER SCREENING LAST ONE OF THE YEAR! NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED SATURDAY SEPT 14TH 8AM - 12PM DAVENPORT A B C D E Coffee & donuts provided IF YOU CAN SPOT IT, YOU CAN STOP IT! * ASYMMETRY One half unlike the other half BORDERS IRREGULAR Scalloped or poorly defined borders COLOR VARIED Shades of tan, brown, black, white, red or blue DIAMETER Diameter larger than 6 mm (width of pencil eraser) EVOLVING Including stinging, itching, burning or bleeding Actual Patients of Soderstrom Skin Institute 1800 E 54TH STREET, STE B, DAVENPORT • 563.344.7546 SODERSTROMSKININSTITUTE.COM

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