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2019 Honda Insight

The all-new 2019 Insight joins
an expanding lineup of electrified
Honda vehicles that includes the
Clarity series — Clarity Fuel Cell,
Clarity Electric and Clarity PlugIn Hybrid — and the recently
These models represent the next
generation of Honda vehicles as the
company advances toward its global
initiative to grow electrified vehicle
sales to two-thirds by 2030.
The 2019 Insight is powered by
the third generation of Honda’s
drivetrain. A 1.5-liter i-VTEC
Atkinson-cycle inline-four engine
with 40.5-percent thermal efficiency
is paired to an electric propulsion
motor that produces 197 lb.-ft.
of torque for a class-leading total
system output of 151 horsepower.
Thanks to its clever two-motor
design, Insight operates without the
need for a conventional automatic
Insight helps drivers maximize
energy regeneration through the
use of steering wheel-mounted
Deceleration Selectors. Working
similar to transmission paddle
Selectors let the driver toggle
between three different levels of

Base model estimated mpg: 55/49 • Estimated starting price: $22,930
regenerative braking performance.
Tap the left selector to increase
regenerative braking, and the right
to reduce it.
Insight’s hybrid powertrain uses
power from the gasoline engine and
electric motors to accommodate
the current driving conditions,
seamlessly shifting through three
distinct drive operations. In EV
Drive, Insight is powered solely by
its electric drive motor, drawing
power from the battery. In Hybrid

Drive the gasoline engine drives
a generator motor to supply
electrical power to the drive
motor. In certain circumstances,
Engine Drive operation connects
the gasoline engine directly to
the drive wheels.
All Insight trims come with
multi-element LED headlights,
push-button start, a digital
driver’s meter and the Honda
Sensing suite of advanced safety
and driver-assistive technologies.


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