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Cities and villages --Rapids City to Woodhull

Rapids City

This Mississippi River village upstream from East Moline and Hampton was founded on July 15, 1856, as a coal-mining community. It was named Rapids City for its location at the head of the famous Rock Island Rapids, where the Mississippi changes from a north-south to an east-west river. The rapids impeded river travel for years before a 6-foot channel was blasted through the rock in the 1870s and the LeClaire lateral dam was built in 1906.

-- Population: 953.

-- ZIP Code: 61278.

-- Village hall: 1204 4th Ave.; (309) 496-2321, fax (309) 496-1203.

-- Mayor: Tom Gould.

-- Trustees: Greg Rankin, Dean Kraus, Steve Bird, Marj Dolan, Brenda Lack, and Don Ford.

The village board meets at 7 p.m. the second Tuesday of the month.

-- Emergency services: police and fire: 911.

-- Non-emergency services: police: (309) 496-9123; fire: (309) 523-2140.

-- Burn law: No restrictions on days; fires must be tended.


Rufus Walker and Meigs Wait were responsible for giving the town its beginning back in 1876. they asked a coal-mine owner to consider a railroad route from Milan to Reynolds. The first settler in the area was James Robinson in 1833, who actually settled nearer to the present site of Edgington. The first building in town was the depot -- later it became the depot for the Rock Island Lines.

-- Population: 508.

-- ZIP Code: 61279.

-- Village hall: 222 West Main; (309) 372-4600.

-- Mayor: Marvin Remrey.

Trustees: Merrill Allen, Richard Curry, Chris Rowe, Joseph DeMarlie, Nick Watson and Nicholas Bull. The village board meets at 7 p.m. on the second Monday of the month.

-- Emergency services: Police and fire: 911.

-- Non-emergency services: Police: (309) 794-1230. Fire: (309) 372-4212.

-- Burn law: Daylight until dark, yard waste only.


Roughly 1.8 square miles in size, surrounded by Bettendorf and saddled with that city's mailing addresses, Riverdale is home to Scott Community College and to Alcoa's Davenport Works, one of the world's largest aluminum-manufacturing plants. With Alcoa starting construction of its plant -- actually located on Bettendorf's east side -- in 1946, a building boom got under way, and the city tried to annex the new subdivisions in 1948. Residents objected and petitioned on Oct. 4, 1950, to incorporate as a separate city. A 3-year legal battle ended with the Iowa Supreme Court ruling for Riverdale on a technicality in 1953.

-- Population: 400.

-- ZIP Code: 52722 (Bettendorf).

-- City hall: 110 Manor Drive, P.O. Box 364; (563) 355-2511; fax (563) 355-9119 Web site

-- Mayor: Norma G. Wren.

-- Town council: Jack Franklin, Jeff Grindle, Dean Halsey, Teri Stickler, John Ulrich The city council meets at 7 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of the month.

-- Emergency services -- Police, fire, ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency services -- Police: Scott County Sheriff's Department, (563) 326-8625; Fire: (563) 355-2211.

-- Burn law: Yard waste can be burned on private property.

Rock Island

The tongue of land between the Mississippi and Rock rivers was inhabited long before Europeans came to the area. Today's Black Hawk State Historic Site was the location of Saukenuk, a large Sauk and Fox Indian village where the war leader Black Hawk lived in the early 19th century. The strategic importance of Fort Armstrong on Rock Island -- now Arsenal Island -- and the logistical hazard of the Rock Island Rapids spurred the founding and growth of the village of Stephenson in 1835. It became Rock Island when it was incorporated in 1841 and quickly became one of Illinois' most important cities, boasting 20 years later of free education at five schools, cultural opportunities, hotels, gas lighting, nine churches, telegraph services, a volunteer fire department and a daily newspaper. The Rock Island Public Library, founded in 1873, was the first public library in Illinois.

-- Population: 38,857.

-- ZIP Code: 61201.

-- City hall: 1528 3rd Ave.; (309) 732-2000, fax (309) 732-2055; Web site

-- Mayor: Mark Schwiebert.

-- Aldermen: Terry Brooks, 1st Ward; David Conroy, 2nd Ward; Dennis Pauley, 3rd Ward; Steve Tollenaer, 4th Ward; Margie Mejia-Caraballo, 5th Ward; Joy Murphy, 6th Ward; Charles Austin III, 7th Ward. The city council meets at 6:45 p.m. the first three Mondays of each month except July and August, when it meets on the second and fourth Mondays.

-- Emergency services: Police, fire, ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency services: Police:(309) 732-2677, TDD (309) 732-2539; Fire: (309) 732-2800, TDD (309) 732-2539.

-- Burn law: Legal to burn dry leaves only between sunrise and sundown on official burn days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,; call (309) 732-2876 (BURN). Fires must be at least 25 feet from structures and be attended constantly, with a hose or other water source available. Burning allowed on concrete or brick streets, but not on asphalt.


This Mercer County community, about eight miles south of Aledo, takes its name from a pioneer family in the area.

-- Population: 242.

-- ZIP Code: 61476.

-- Village Hall: P.O. Box 36, Seaton, Ill. 61476.

-- Mayor: Gary Melton.

-- Trustees:, William Brock, Kelly Wheeler, Carrie Clawson, Alicia Nylin, Robert Springer,

Cyndee Stockham.

The village board meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month.

-- Emergency services: Police, fire, ambulance, 911.

-- Non-emergency service: Police (309) 582-5194; Mercer County Sheriff's Department. Fire (309) 586-4023.

-- Burn law: None.


The village was incorporated in 1896. Sherrard boasted a large population when the town's coal mines were thriving, but when the coal played out, people moved away. Today many of the residents work in the Quad-Cities. The village does have two churches and a library.


-- Population -- 694.

-- ZIP Code: 61476.

-- Village hall -- 517 3rd St.; (309) 593-2415.

-- Mayor -- Terry Ayers.

-- Trustees -- Betty Davis, Gerri Bristow, Paula Rath, Pete Guyton, Shawn Wyant and Susan Mesa. The village board meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the month.

-- Emergency services: Police, fire, ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency service: Police: (309) 593-2512. Fire: (309) 593-2412.

-- Burn law -- None.


Silvis, originally called Pleasant Valley, was named after Richard Shippen Silvis, an original settler whose family operated the Silvis Mining Co. The city traces its modern history to 1906-07, when the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad built its general line shop there -- the largest locomotive-repair shops in the world. They were soon joined by a rail-car repair yard. Silvis incorporated as a village in 1906 and as a city in 1920. The area experienced new growth in the 2000s when the Tournament Players Club at Deere Run golf course opened. It serves as home of the John Deere Classic tournament, a PGA tour event.

-- Population: 7,341.

-- ZIP code: 61282.

-- City hall: 121 11th Street; (309) 792-4804 (mayor's office), (309) 792-9181 (clerk's office), fax (309) 792-9726; Web site

-- Mayor: Lyle Lohse.

-- Aldermen: Robert Cervantes and Kitty Lopez, 1st Ward; William Fox and Matt Carter, 2nd Ward; Paul King and Jim Cramblett, 3rd Ward; Caryn Unsicker and Robert Zesiger, 4th Ward.

The city council meets at 6:30 p.m. the first and third Tuesdays of each month in council chambers on the first floor of city hall.

-- Emergency services police, fire and ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency services: police: (309) 792-1841, TDD (309) 792-1497; fire: (309) 792-9533, TDD (309) 792-1497.

-- Burn law:Daylight burning is allowed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, unless the Silvis fire chief says yard-waste should not burn on a certain day, because of adverse weather conditions. Only yard waste may be burned; unattended burning, and burning on city right-of-ways, is not allowed. Call the Silvis fire department's dedicated phone line at (309) 792-3454 to see if weather conditions are suitable for burning. The message is updated at noon each day.

Silvis residents need to sign up for the city's yard-waste subscription program, if they want their bagged yard waste to be picked up. Yard-waste pick-up goes from April to November, or until the first measurable snow falls. Residents need to pay $70 annually in installments and sign up for the program with the city's garbage contractor, Allied Waste Services, of Bettendorf, by calling (563) 332-0050. Residents do not need yard-waste stickers, but still have to buy kraft paper bags to put their yard-waste in.


Established in 1856, Viola sits at the crossroads of U.S. Highway 67 and Illinois State Highway 17 in Mercer County. The marigold is the official village flower and residents plant them in flower planters along the two highways. Also of note, the village's United Methodist Church has held an annual chicken supper in the fall since 1901.


-- Population -- 956.

-- ZIP code: 61486.

-- Village hall -- Box 278; (309) 596-2513.

-- Mayor -- Kirk Doonan.

-- Trustees -- Connie Lindsay, Jack Carrico, Mike Nelson, Doris Hoing, Sara Young, and Sue Mulder.

The board meets the first Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

-- Emergency services: Police, fire and ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency services: Police: (309) 596-4111 or (309) 582-5194. Fire -- (309) 596-2311.

-- Burn law: None reported.


Located south of Interstate 80 about 8 miles west of the Quad-Cities, Walcott's claim to fame is being home to the world's largest truck stop. More travelers stop at the Iowa 80 Truckstop each day than Walcott has residents. The city was platted in 1854 and named the following year for William Walcott, A Chicago & Rock Island Railroad director who donated $500 for a school. The city incorporated in 1894 and three years later became the first rural community in Scott County to build a water system. In 1911 the Bankers' Journal proclaimed Walcott the richest town in the country in terms of per-capita savings. Walcott's sister city is Bredenbek, Germany.

-- Population: 1,528.

-- ZIP code: 52773.

-- City hall: 128 W. Lincoln St., P.O. Box 247; (563) 284-6571; fax (563) 284-6984 Web site

-- Mayor: Kristal Koberg-Schaefer.

-- City council: Jim Couper, Larry Koberg, John Kostichek, Stephen Smith, Verlyn Dietz. The city council meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Monday of each month.

-- Emergency services: Police, fire, ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency services -- Police: (563) 284-6672 or (563) 284-6571, ext. 14; Fire: (563) 284-6571, ext. 19; Ambulance: Medic EMS, (563) 323-1000.

-- Burn law: No burning allowed.


First known as "Heathland" and then "Leoti" -- an American Indian word for "wildflowers" -- the town was renamed Woodhull for Maxwell Woodhull, a New York City native who platted the village in 1857 in preparation for the arrival of the Air Line Railroad Co. The company surveyed the land in 1847, but the first trains didn't arrive until 1869.

-- Population: 809.

-- ZIP code: 61490.

-- Village hall: North Division Street; (309) 334-2425, or (309) 334-3230 (village clerk).

-- Mayor: Dave Holmes.

-- Trustees: Lloyd Carlson, Richard Wilson, Rabecka Jones, Mary J. Engholm, Ron Hoburg. The village board meets at 7 p.m. the second Monday of every month.

-- Emergency services: Police, fire and ambulance: 911.

-- Non-emergency services: Police: (309) 937-3911.

-- Burn law: Allow burning on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during day.

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