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The Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center

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Villa Montessori School
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1802 West Locust Street
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Eagle watching

Eagle-watching is a popular wintertime activity in the Quad-Cities. Scores of mature and immature bald eagles can be seen soaring, swooping and diving over the Mississippi and Rock rivers.

The eagles migrate in a wave down the Mississippi Valley as they leave their northern nesting areas during the winter and go south, usually in December and January, then return in early spring, generally in late February to mid-March.

The eagles move south to feed on fish found below the locks and dams on the Mississippi River. Many species of fish, such as shad, are stunned and float on the surface after going through the roller dams.

The late Elton Fawkes, a Quad-Cities conservationist, was instrumental in calling attention to the decline of our national bird and helped set aside eagle-nesting habitat near Rapids City as a nature preserve.

The eagles can always find open water to feed on fish in the dam tailrace. The best times to watch for them generally are 7:30 to 10 a.m. and 3 to 4 p.m.

Experts advise us not to disturb eagles in trees, as energy conservation is critical to their winter survival.

There are several good places to see eagles along the Mississippi locally:

  • Along the levee at the foot of Perry Street in Davenport.
  • On Credit Island in western Davenport.
  • From the Rock Island bicycle path along the riverfront.
  • At Lock and Dam 14, at the north edge of Hampton or downstream from LeClaire.
  • Near the Quad-Cities Nuclear Power Station at Cordova, north of the Quad-Cities.

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