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Posted on Just Cruisin 2, 29-Aug '14, 12:38AM

If you haven’t heard of Don Parker, we hope you remember his name after reading this. He is at the Bonneville Salt Flats with his motorcycle and has the required passes to get an average speed. His official average speed is 62.05 mph. That may not sound like much to many but it has earned […]

Posted on QC Ghost, 28-Aug '14, 9:39PM

The DOJ claims that the north Minneapolis town broke a federal law when it rejected the center in 2012."An injustice has been done," U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said on August 27. "I will not stand by while any religious group is subject to unconstitutional treatment that violates federal civil rights laws."The DOJ claims that the city violated the law when it refused the Abu Huraira Islamic Center the right to create an Islamic cultural center in the basement of the St. Anthony Business Center. The DOJ cites a violation of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act ...

Posted on QC Examiner, 28-Aug '14, 12:49PM

Back in April when I first got wind of Democrat rumblings about “Bobby Schilling had better be ready to explain why he’s brokering ‘green cards’ to Foreign Nationals” I just laughed it off after I did some research on EB-5 visas. I predicted this would not be an issue in the coming campaign and would […]

Posted on The Complacency Chronicles, 28-Aug '14, 12:15PM

When I got off work last Monday, I had no idea it would be one of the greatest nights of my life. Not until I got the text.

Once upon a Shane many moons ago, my first serious girlfriend made me a mixtape. It included a quick three-minute jam called "A New England" by the British singer/songwriter Billy Bragg. It's a break-up song, and I recall being somewhat concerned at the time about the message it was sending. Still, there was something compelling about the harsh minimalism of a thickly accented guy violently strumming an electric guitar while wailing, "I don't want to change the world; I'm not

Posted on Jame's 1948 , 28-Aug '14, 7:14AM

HEBREW HONEYCOMB William Andrew Dillard Much is heard of Israel in their present conflict with a radical segment of Arabic people. Most of the Christian world, and this writer, too, are pro-Israel. The children of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob … Continue reading →

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