Day in history for February 2, 2008

1858 -- 150 years ago
We visited our public schools in the first ward in the Baptist Church with 103 students. The second visit was on Orleans street, below the Faram House. There are 78 students. We are sure they are the model schools in Illinois.

1883 -- 125 years ago
The Milan street car was two hours in coming through this morning because of the insufferable cold.

1908 -- 100 years ago
The question of adopting a local option prohibiting the sale of liquor will be put up to the people at the spring election in April.

1933 -- 75 years ago
Mack McBride received a fracture of the spine when struck by falling timbers and rock during a cavein at a bank mine near Coal Valley. He is fighting for his life in Moline Lutheran Hospital today.

1958 -- 50 years ago
Over $1,200, mostly in cash, was taken early this morning in a burglary at the Happy Corner Tavern, Rock Island. The burglars drove away with a 700 to 800 pound safe. It was the fourth burglary in Rock Island in the past two days.

1983 -- 25 years ago
IH stock continued its strong showing on Wall Street today. The price per share moved as high as $7.50 in heavy trading. IH stock began its climb Monday, when the price jumped to $5.88 from Friday's closing price of $4.63. The stock hit bottom last summer at $2.75.

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