Day in history for January 18, 2008

1858 -- 150 years ago
The weather has been as good as can be expected for this time of year. We had some snow on Thursday, but that quickly vanished when temperatures rose to about 40 degrees.

1883 -- 125 years ago
There isn't a city of equal size in this part of the country which enjoys the exemption from fires that Rock Island does. Insurance rates in Rock Island should be so low as to be within reach of everyone.

1908 -- 100 years ago
R.A. Jacobson has returned to Rock Island to resume studies at Augustana College. For the past several months he has been traveling in the northwest.

1933 -- 75 years ago
The 23rd birthday of the Boy Scouts movement will be observed in Rock Island Feb. 6-12 with a rally of all scouts in the Rock Island Area Council.

1958 -- 50 years ago
Floyd A. Shetter of Moline announced he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for county superintendent of schools, a post he formerly held 16 years.

1983 -- 25 years ago
East Moline is suing the state for $61,576. The suit stems from the $361,576 Campbell's Island causeway improvement project of 1980. When it was learned the local cost of the project would run $61,576 above the originally projected $300,000, the state agreed to pick up the additional debt. But the state never paid.

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