Day in history for September 2, 2007

1857 -- 150 years ago
A Democratic mass meeting will be held in Rock Island Friday. Speakers who are expected for the event are Judge Douglas, John VanBuren, New York, Col. Carpenter, Chicago and Francis J. Grund, Philadelphia.

1882 -- 125 years ago
The police have been instructed to capture the horses which have been allowed to run at large on 1st Ave. at night and to hold them at the city pound.

1907 -- 100 years ago
A crowd estimated at from 12,000 to 18,000 persons attended the Labor Day celebration yesterday at Surburban Island. Mayor H.C. Schaffer of Rock Island and Mayor Andrew Olson of Moline were the speakers.

1932 -- 75 years ago
Rock Island High School students will begin registering for the fall semester next week although classes do not begin until Sept. 12. The book rental fee will be 25 cents for each book and there will be a 25 cent deposit for locker keys.

1957 -- 50 years ago
The 18th annual Rock Island Indian Powwow heads into its final two sessions of the season today. Thus far 2,113 children and 3,518 adults have witnessed the 1957 show.

1982 -- 25 years ago
A major personnel shake-up in the Rock Island County Sheriff's department will be delayed until three lieutenant deputies can be retested for promotion to captain after each failed a previous captain test.

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