Day in history for September 19, 2007

1857 -- 150 years ago
The Rock Island Rhetorical Society met last evening in the county treasurer's office.

1882 -- 125 years ago
The convention of the Illinois liquor dealers closed last night with a ball at the Armory. The majority of the delegates are of aldermanic build, indicating that their business is a good one.

1907 -- 100 years ago
The work of relaying track on the Elm St. car line is rapidly being completed. Six new cars are being built to improve service for the hill district.

1932 -- 75 years ago
'Down to Earth,' the new comedy with Will Rogers, American humorist, opened yesterday at the Fort Theater for a four-day run.

1957 -- 50 years ago
The frigid air mass which buried the Rockies and parts of the Northern Plain areas in snow yesterday will make itself felt in the Quad-City area tonight, sending temperatures plunging more than 30 degrees from a high this afternnon in the upper 80s to a low tonight near 50. Tomorrow's high will be in the middle 50s.

1982 -- 25 years ago
Frank Trapkus poses in his back yard with his half train-half plane sculpture. It has 22 propellors. Trapkus, 72, has been an artist all his life and has filled his back yard with his own sculpture. All of the art objects are made of aluminum rods, iron, wire and various 'found' objects.

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