Day in history for December 29, 2006

1856 -- 150 years ago
Yesterday afternoon a runaway horse dashed through the new bank windows of N.B. Buford And Co. and landed himself on a work bench.

1881 -- 125 years ago
E.H. Guyer was elected commander of the American Legion of Honor today.

1906 -- 100 years ago
H.G. Plummer was the host to 20 young people at a progressive tea at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F.H. Plummer.

1931 -- 75 years ago
Disposition was made of the tax injunction suit sponsored by the Rock Island County Farm Bureau in the circuit court of Judge Leonard E. Telleen. County Clerk Clarence N. Isaacson filed an answer to the junction bill.

1956 -- 50 years ago
Evading payment of parking meter violation tickets proved rather costly yesterday afternoon for an 18-year-old Moline man. He was fined $5, plus $6.40 court costs, and in addition had to pay $14 for 14 overdue tickets. Police found his car in the downtown district, and they said he had placed one of the old tickets under his windshield wiper.

1981 -- 25 years ago
A dozen peace activists were forced to leave Arsenal Island Monday after they held a prayer vigil during which they poured vials of blood on the new-fallen snow in the shape of a cross. The group left without incident after being requested to do so by Arsenal security police.

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