Day in history for December 4, 2005

1855 -- 150 years ago
The day was mild and fair, closing with a pleasant dance at the Island City Hotel and another at the Mansion House.

1880 -- 125 years ago
Ice men were expecting a greater harvest this winter than for 10 years past.

1905 -- 100 years ago
Madame Helen Modjeska, the famous actress who appeared at the Illinois Theater, viewed the great Rock Island bridge, of which her son, Ralph Modjeska, was the designing architect.

1930 -- 75 years ago
The 27th Street car was damaged yesterday in Moline when a trolley pole at 11th Avenue snapped off and struck the rear of the car.

1955 -- 50 years ago
The surprise was so complete that the sister of a Moline woman, whom she hadn't seen for 24 years, couldn't be convinced of the relationship during Truth or Consequences, a television program seen on WOC-TV. Mrs. James Barton was skeptical of the identity of Mrs. Melvin Hanson Jr., Moline, when they met face to face.

1980 -- 25 years ago
Long-delayed plans to test the Oak Glen Home water system received another setback when engineers tried to lower a new pump into the old well shaft. Part of the old well shaft apparently collapsed when the old pump was removed and the new pump wouldn't fit.

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