Day in history for June 3, 2005

1855 -- 150 years ago
A home directly behind the Rock Island House was robbed of $190, a watch and some clothes, all of which were hidden in a trunk under a bed.

1880 -- 125 years ago
The Steamer Maggie Reaney took a party of excursionists to Linwood.

1905 -- 100 years ago
The Argus printed the names of all public school pupils who were neither absent nor tardy during the school year.

1930 -- 75 years ago
A Salina, Kansas, family, while eating a chicken dinner, found in the bird's gizzard gold pieces valued at $54.

1955 -- 50 years ago
A visit to Deere And Co. this morning by 46 West Coast dealers provided an ''old home week'' atmosphere for William A. Hewitt, recently elected president of the company, who renewed old acquaintances with his former associates.

1980 -- 25 years ago
Actor Robert Young, famous for his television portrayal of Dr. Marcus Welby, is being treated for depression and high blood pressure at Rock Island's Franciscan Medical Center. Dr. Eduardo Ricaurte said the 73-year-old actor is suffering from a hereditary ''chemical depression.''

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