Day in history for March 30, 2005

1855 -- 150 years ago
A case now on trial before the United States Supreme Court involves two questions. 1. The right of Illinois to run a railroad across the island of Rock Island, which is a military reservation. 2. The right of the state to throw a bridge across the Mississippi River.

1880 -- 125 years ago
Harrison Boggess, who came to Rock Island County in 1831, died at the age of 70. In 1841 he was married in a double log cabin which still is standing in Moline.

1905 -- 100 years ago
The country roads are almost impassable and several city streets are in similar condition.

1930 -- 75 years ago
A Monmouth bulldog committed suicide. The dog had been despondent since its master died two months ago. Today the dog ''deliberately'' ran in front of an automobile and was killed.

1955 -- 50 years ago
Friday will be April Fools Day but Rock Island County barbers will not be joking when they ask $1.50 for a haircut and $1 for a shave. The prices go up 25 cents.

1980 -- 25 years ago
About 40 anti-nuclear picketers gathered outside the Davenport offices of Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Co., Saturday, joining thousands of protesters across the nation in rallies commemorating the first anniversary of the country's worst commercial nuclear accident, Three Mile Island.

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