Day in history for March 14, 2005

1855 -- 150 years ago
A bill to grant 160 acres of land to each man who has served in an American war since 1790 (or to his widow and orphans) has passed in the lower house of congress. Many an old veteran will be happy to hear it.

1880 -- 125 years ago
Kittie McParlin and Minnie Zeis will open a millinery store in the building adjoining Dart's hall.

1905 -- 100 years ago
William Jennings Bryan, former candidate for president, will lecture under auspices of the Rock Island YMCA March 21. His Rock Island subject will be ''The Prince of Peace.''

1930 -- 75 years ago
Throngs viewed Rock Island merchants' spring opening fashion show.

1955 -- 50 years ago
Volunteering their services at no expense, three Moline High School boys have installed a new fire alarm system at the school. The trio Bob Samuelson, senior; Dave Strang, junior; and Eldon Ziegler, sophomore, connected wires to the office clock and the room telephones that have been idle for several years.

1980 -- 25 years ago
Port Byron police have offered their services at Dorrance Park and Port Byron Township has offered to contribute some of its revenue sharing funds for park equipment. The county park has been closed since last fall because of alleged vandalism.

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