Day in history for December 18, 2004

1854 -- 150 years ago
Deer meat is cheaper now than beef, mutton or pork. Fresh and tender venison can be bought at 4 to 8 cents a pound.

1879 -- 125 years ago
Paulding, a tragedian, in ``The Fool's Revenge'' is the attraction tonight at the Harper Theater.

1904 -- 100 years ago
George W. McCaskrin announced his candidacy for mayor of Rock Island.

1929 -- 75 years ago
President and Mrs. G.A. Andreen of Augustana College arrived in New York on the Bremen after a six-month tour abroad.

1954 -- 50 years ago
Three new postal trucks, painted red, white and blue, were delivered to the Moline Post Office. Moline is the first in this vicinity and among the first in the nation to receive the trucks in the newly authorized colors. The top is white, the fenders, side and hood is blue, and a stripe around the middle is red.

1979 -- 25 years ago
Chief Ron Hansen says Rock Island's police department needs 10 more officers and five more civilian specialists, at an annual cost of $355,000, or else ''our level of services will continue to decline'' because of a rising demand for police action.'' Chief Hansen said calls for service had increased 41 percent, causing longer and longer delays in police responding to citizens.

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