Day in history for January 15, 2004

1854 -- 150 years ago
Governor Joel Matteson has called a special session of the legislature to act on amending the school law to provide for free public schools.

1879 -- 125 years ago
Grown people have taken to coasting just like children. The editor saw six prominent businessmen and their wives bob-sledding last night on 20th Street hill.

1904 -- 100 years ago
Because a Bridge line street car was crowded, Edward Roche rode outside the vestibule, hanging on the door handle. As the car turned from the viaduct at the Rock Island end, he was crushed against the bridge fence and seriously injured.

1929 -- 75 years ago
The Kellogg Peace Treaty outlawing war was ratified in the United States Senate by a vote of 85 to 1.

1954 -- 50 years ago
Rock Island's need for additional off-street parking, as well as a recommended rejuvenation of the city's retail businesses, will be aired in a joint city-civic meeting tentatively scheduled for Jan. 20. The meeting was called by Mayor Carl F. Bauer upon receipt of an extensive off-street parking survey report from the Metropolitan Planners, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind. Basically, the report showed the city short a minimum of 1,645 parking spaces.

1979 -- 25 years ago
The cavalry came to the rescue of travelers pinned down by heavy snows on Ill. 5 near here Saturday, as troops from the National Guard used trucks and tracked personnel carriers to collect stranded drivers and their passengers. The travelers said snow on the highway was two or three feet deep by midday, making travel impossible.

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